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17 Questions

We're always excited at Vital to learn about the vast reach of mountain biking. Retired NBA superstar for the Indiana Pacers and current TNT basketball commentator, Reggie Miller, has been tackling trails on two wheels since the early 2000's. If you follow his Instagram account, @reggiemillertnt, you'll realize that he's just as stoked on riding today as he has ever been and he has even started racing. The 3-point master was kind enough to answer our dreaded 17 Questions for your entertainment. Thanks to Serious Cycling in Agoura Hills, CA. for hosting the interview on a rain-soaked afternoon. Enjoy!

The Questions
Who were you rooting for in the Super Bowl last night? 6-feet 7-inches tall, an NBA great and loving mountain biking...how the heck did that happen?! Are you thankful for 29-inch wheels? Did you see Marshawn Lynch almost get hit by a bus while doing a wheelie? You versus him in a wheelie Wednesday contest, who wins? On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being “uhh, what is tire pressure?” and 10 being “the anti-squat properties of this suspension design are inferior,” how would you rate yourself as a bike tech nerd? Is there any truth to the rumor that you stayed with the Pacers for 18 years just so you could be within driving distance of the greatest basketball team in the history of the universe, the Detroit Pistons? Of the mountain bikers you follow on Instagram, whose posts do you look forward to most? Have you ever watched a World Cup Downhill webcast? If yes, how's Rob Warner's commentary? If you haven't watched one, we need to talk. You've raced twice now right? Are you to the point where you're mean-mugging your competitors as hard as you did Spike Lee in '94? Knock on wood. Do you ever worry about riding and face-planting right before a commentary gig? Name three people you'd take with you and where you'd go for your all-time dream bike vacation. If your son could have a basketball career or a bike career, which would you prefer? Which single piece of riding technique advice has been the most important to you? When are you going to drop the spandex, get a downhill bike and move to Whistler? Do you have an experience in your mind that stands out as your best ride ever? If you could go ride any trail right now within 1 hour of here, which trail would it be? Wouldn't you rather be riding there than answering these dumb questions?

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