17 Questions - Loic Bruni 4

Your 2015 Downhill World Champ ain't scared of a few questions or trying to bench press Loris Vergier.

Credit: mono et gordo

    2/23/2016 11:19 AM

    He's going to college, AND working as an intern, after winning senior men's world champs? Shouldn't he be quitting school, buying fast cars, rolexes and a house in Laguna Beach, and doing modeling for some lifestyle brand? DOES NOT COMPUTE

  • TRex

    2/23/2016 4:53 AM

    I second the opinion on Mono's car.

  • Pininator

    2/22/2016 9:02 PM

    Anybody that doesn't like this guy deserves to get punched in the arm.

  • Varaxis

    2/22/2016 6:24 PM

    Gotta love how easy going he is.

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