17 Questions - Eddie Masters 3

17 Questions
Eddie Masters can crush it all. World Cup DH, Enduro World Series, Red Bull Hardline, it doesn't matter, he just wants to ride, all while he travel blogs about it. Enjoy the dreaded 17 with the King of the Kiwis.

The Questions
1. How did the 29er experiment go for you in 2017?
2. Do you think the way 29ers were introduced in 2017 was fair?
3. Have you looked at the Croatia DH track yet? If so, thoughts on it?
4. Rank from best to worst: Bullet head, skinsuits, bow-legged turnbars in World Cup DH.
5. How much enduro is too much enduro?
6. E-bikes: “I’m OK with them, it’s the evolution of the sport” or “burn them before they lay eggs.”?
7. Do you ever consume energy drinks?
8. Your Insta description says you’re a Travel Blogger, Health and 9. Wellness Coach and Crossfit Champion. WTF?
9. Which racer do you like to mess with the most?
10. Why are those ilabb shirts upside down? Can you even flip?
11. Do you think by the end of 2018 that you and Rupert will have scared and/or annoyed Bernard off the team?
12. Who do you hate being beaten by?
13. Do you get offended when people seem surprised when you get a good result?
14. When you retire, do you want to be in the commentator booth with Warner (and no, we’re not confusing you with WynTV).
15. What race are you looking forward to most in 2018?
16. Do you think you could bench press Boris?
17. Wouldn’t you rather be bench pressing Boris right now than answering these dumb questions?

Eddie rides for the Pivot Cycles team which uses FOX suspension, Shimano components, FLY Racing gear and Reynolds wheels.

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