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17 Questions

One of the steeziest and nicest riders in mountain biking handles Vital MTB's 17 Questions with a smile.


1. You’ve built a reputation for being able to pedal up sections of trail that many riders wouldn’t even ride down. What drives you to continue putting out crazy clips and video parts of you climbing un-climbable climbs?

2. What is your rear tire of choice for technical climbing and what tire pressure do you run?

3. How long until you put out a video of you climbing ridiculous features on an e-bike?

4. Do you ever get nervous riding clipped in when tackling steep and exposed climbs? Do you ever ride with flat pedals?

5. Are you tired of us asking you questions about climbing yet?

6. We know you have a decorated past as a collegiate pole vaulter during your college years, but we were surprised to hear you’ve also got some mean moves on the skis. Did you ever pursue a professional freestyle skiing career or compete at a high level? Will we see you on the slopes this season?

7. We can’t say we’ve ever seen you get mad or not have a smile on your face. Do you have any pet peeves or things that grind your gears? This can be bike-related or not.

8. What motivated you to start the Boise Mountain Bike Festival? Feel free to explain what the event is for those who don’t know.

9. What was your first mountain bike?

10. If you could have one bike for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

11. Congrats on having your third child and third daughter this Fall! As a certified Rad Dad, do you want your girls to pick up mountain biking and follow in your footsteps?

12. You and Mitch Ropelato have been friends since you were groms at the BMX track. You’ve both gone on to have amazing MTB careers, but let’s hear a story from your BMX days that includes good ol Rope-a-dope?

13. You’ve got some clean and mean style on a bike and pepper in some crank flips, suicide no handers, backflips and 360’s here and there - do you have any new tricks in your bag you’ve been working on?

14. How is your ankle doing after dislocating and breaking it in 2020, followed by tweaking it again this spring? If your ankle is mostly back to normal, prove its strength with your longest standing long jump.

15. Out of all your video parts, which one are you the most proud of and why?

16. The other day we saw you at Eagle Bike park and instead of riding down one of the flow trails, you were making cutties down the gravel fire road that people climb. Are cutties more fun to you than berms and doubles? And do you fear sliding out and scrapping all the skin off your elbows like the rest of us?

17. Wouldn’t you rather be making a sick cutty track right now instead of answering these dumb questions?



Credit: gordo n schroeder

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