17 Questions: Steve Peat 9

Ho Ho Ho! Santa, I mean Steve Peat, tackles a new set of 17 questions. Ever wonder if Rob Warner lives at home with his mom? Wonder what aggravates Brian Lopes? Find out.

Credit: Scott Marshall / gordo
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  • Aryo_Indarto

    12/26/2010 11:46 PM

    Steve Peat is truly a people's champ. Way to go Peaty all the best for next season!

  • dhnomad

    12/26/2010 1:08 PM

    "Be a tasty pint, wouldn' it?" *tip*Frickin legend. Endless entertainment from ol Sheffield Steel.

  • chalky

    12/25/2010 5:08 AM

    You rock dude!! anyone else kept coming in and out of a daze looking at the tallboy, i did
    Merry Christmas

  • tmx

    12/24/2010 3:13 PM


    Thanks for taking the time champ.

  • bturman

    12/24/2010 8:22 AM

    Santa, your math needs some help Keep on rockin!

  • TomPro

    12/24/2010 7:45 AM


  • Redwoodrider

    12/24/2010 12:30 AM

    We all know Peaty sleighs it

  • Nickoli

    12/23/2010 11:43 PM

    Christopher TIngle (Peaty).... as entertaining as ever... Chuffing Hillarious... Nice one Santa (Cruz) and a Very Happy new decade....

  • NorCalNomad

    12/23/2010 10:22 PM

    Steve Peat is always entertaining to watch. First question is gold alone, and the Lopes one is good too.

    Content like this is what puts VitalMTB ontop. Keep it up guys

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