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  • Bomb Proof

    Straitline Defacto Flat Pedal

    Featured Review Bomb Proof (product review)

    The Good:

    Super glue for your feet, good looks, and durability.

    The Bad:

    A bit clunky compared to many alternatives.

    Overall Review: Function The first cool thing about these pedals is that you can break them down without any tools. Straitline did some really neat engineering on this project. You could find a rock just about anywhere that would be enough of a tool to break these down. I didn't end up needing to do any servi...

    Posted by dbodoggle on 1/22/2018 9:43 PM

  • Straitline SSC Stem Review- Burly and beautiful

    The Good:

    Stiff, durable, fairly light, nice machining, low stack height

    The Bad:

    Pricey and might be overkill for some situations

    Overall Review: Definitely one of the more pricey components I have purchased primarily for looks, but the function surprised me as well. I have always tried to purchase from smaller companies that produced products in-house instead of sending overseas, and Straitline does just that. Working for a bike manufac...

    Posted by lagocza on 9/29/2016 8:51 PM

  • Superior Chainguide / Bash guard

    The Good:

    Strong, light weight, quiet, looks legit

    The Bad:

    Had to by extra rubber guides to get the color I wanted

    Overall Review: I have been searching for a chain guide bash gaurd combo that works well for a while now. They either fit poorly, sound horrible, are too bulky, or just look like junk. The Straitline really caught my eye and from the second I got it and put it on I knew I had made a great purchase.

    Posted by NRAAZ on 8/7/2012 11:16 AM

  • pretty good

    Straitline SC Platform Pedal

    Featured Review pretty good (product review)

    The Good:

    -they are VERY durable if you keep them greased (even after 2 seasons not a bit of play
    -(re) build takes less then 3 minutes and is easy (no need for specific tools, a small flat screwdriver and grease is all you need)
    -grip is very good
    -pins don't break easily

    The Bad:

    -they need a lot of maintenance (I would say 2 times per month, especially after muddy rides)

    Overall Review: These Pedals need a lot of maintenance (cleaning and re-greasing the bush bearings on the axle), but if you do that 1-2 times a month, the Straitline Flat will last 5 years minimum.

    Posted by Kampfkoloss on 1/3/2012 6:27 PM