• The Good:

    Very Reliable, Affordable, Durable, Lightweight

    The Bad:

    No Tool-Free Reach Adjust, Not Very Powerful, Over Heat

    Overall Review: The SRAM Level T's are marketed by Sram as a lightweight cross country and trail brake. Unfortunately, I can't really recommend this brake as a trail bike as they really can't handle heat that will build up on the trail. They also are only 2-piston brakes, so the power would not be as powerful a...

    Posted by AlexTeo on 11/14/2019 8:23 AM

  • The Good:

    Powerful. Parts everywhere.

    The Bad:

    Brake feel changes. Reliability issues

    Overall Review: I have owned two pairs of these brake over the past two seasons and thought they were pretty good. Not the best brakes I have owned. Good power and any shop in the world probably stocks parts for them which is nice. The brake lever changed throughout the season even continually doing lever bleed...

    Posted by Lance_h on 2/2/2019 4:51 PM

  • When SRAM launched its single-ring, 11-speed, wide-range drivetrain in the summer of 2012 it took quite a few years for the technology to trickle its way down to the entry level groupsets, and it also took some time for the single-ring revolution to really run its course. With 12-speed Eagle, it...

    Posted by iceman2058 on 8/7/2018 6:30 AM

  • The Good:

    -Stopping Power
    -Adjustable contact points

    The Bad:

    -Finicky to alignment.
    -Could go for even quicker engagement.

    Overall Review: I am running Guide Ultimate Brakes with a 200mm front centerline rotor and 180mm rear centerline rotor on my Jeffsy 29er. These brakes have a really good combination of modulation and power. I really like a short lever throw to contact on my brakes so the adjustable contact point makes it really...

    Posted by stom0026 on 5/24/2018 12:28 PM

  • The Good:

    Old Code caliper mated to new Guide levers - I use the Guide RSC levers instead of the stock R's and it's killer

    The Bad:

    The RSC levers make a big difference

    Overall Review: I've never had an issue with my RSC lever/RE caliper setup. It's basically a refined older model Code and kicks ass on a trail bike setup. I never bothered to try and use the stock R levers but with the RSC setup it's a solid 10/10. Way better power and modulation than the Guide caliper. Would r...

    Posted by Iggz on 5/24/2018 5:56 AM

  • The Good:

    Excellent Modulation
    Good power Ergonomic lever Durable

    The Bad:

    Get super spongey when pads wear to 50%

    Overall Review: The sram Code R came stock on my aluminum Santa Cruz Nomad 4 s-kit. I have been riding the bike since October of 2017 and have definitely put it through the wringer. The majority of the riding I do is pedaling to the top and riding down, although I can't wait to take the bike to some chairlif...

    Posted by NWDommen on 5/23/2018 11:29 PM

  • The Good:

    strong brake force, adjustable, easy bleeding and rebuild, light weight

    The Bad:

    stuck pistons, the lever gap changed by temperature,

    Overall Review: would be a awesome brake if without stuck piston problem. wear out the piston for make it working good until now.

    Posted by titic999 on 5/23/2018 8:53 PM

  • The Good:

    I really like the modulation of Sram brakes these are a great example lots of lever feel. This means it's really easy to keep the wheels from locking up. They're pretty powerful and they'll stop you when you want. If you're a heavier rider I'd recommend going for something burlier though. The contact point adjust is nice to have because you can always make your brakes feel the same, it's not a necessity but I got it because I work in a shop.

    On the trail they performed awesome, the extra modulation makes it easier to brake late into corners and the power makes them easy to trust.

    Bleeding them is also really easy thanks to the bleeding edge tool.

    The Bad:

    In my experience they had some fade in hotter conditions. Anything over 90 degrees and after a moderate descent I could feel some fade. They are slightly noisy but I don't mind.

    Overall Review: Really good brakes overall especially if you are looking for something with good control and you like having a lot of adjustment.

    Posted by bbonnett on 5/23/2018 7:56 PM

  • The Good:

    When they are below 80 degrees they work ok

    The Bad:

    When the levers are above 85 degrees once you pull on the brakes they are on till you cool them down.

    Overall Review: These would be good brakes if sram could figure out how to get a working set out the door. I have warranted 2 pairs and everyone i know who has a set has exchanged theirs. Avoid at all costs. Get some zees, they are life changing

    Posted by Downclimb4what on 5/23/2018 3:48 PM

  • The Good:

    Great brakes with good feel and plenty of power when needed and not overly grabby like some Shimano’s can feel.

    The Bad:

    On really wet muddy rides the brake can feel a little sponge after, but a few blasts of disc brake cleaner to get the pistons moving again and they soon feel good.

    Overall Review: Great brake, great feel, great value.

    Posted by Samuel J Morris on 5/23/2018 2:52 PM

  • The Good:

    Slim reservoir design, pad contact and lever reach adjust, easy to bleed, decent weight, and good modulation when working properly

    The Bad:

    Average braking performance at best, inconsistent lever feel, and noisy when wet

    Overall Review: These came stock on my latest bike. Initial set up and maintenance is pretty easy. I like how easy it is to trim the lines and bleed the calipers and levers. The contact pad adjuster is a good feature; however, it sometimes gets stuck. Modulation seams on par with Hope brakes and better than Shi...

    Posted by VonR on 4/24/2018 7:59 PM

  • The Good:

    Range for days, Looks the part

    The Bad:

    Weak non-adjustable clutch can't control chain slap, numerous jams and blown jockey wheels/mech cages, sensitive B-tension. Chainring is soft as cheese. Stupidly expensive and the mech hangs down a long way.

    Overall Review: I ran X01 Eagle on my bike for three months over summer. Riding a few times each week and racing 4 one-day enduros and one 6-day trans event. I had numerous problems with Eagle. Not so much in terms of shifting. It moves up and down through the the block quickly and consistently. (Though it's ...

    Posted by DDB1 on 4/8/2018 3:15 AM

  • The Good:

    Price, Performance, Re-usable link

    The Bad:

    weight compared to high end models

    Overall Review: SRAMGX Eagle 12-Speed Chain                 This is my first 12 speed chain after moving up from the good ole’ 10 speed setup. This is the more cost efficient chain from SRAM and comes in at about $30, or about ha...

    Posted by Carraig042 on 2/27/2018 7:05 AM

  • The Good:

    Precise performance, Integrated or solo clamp, adjustable shift lever

    The Bad:

    Price tag, 7 speed specific

    Overall Review:    SRAM X01 DH Trigger Shifter Features  SRAM 1X X-ACTUATION  Multi-adjustable trigger shifter  MatchMaker X compatible  ZERO LOSS Engagement for fastest shifting  Aluminum cover and adjustable forged aluminum pull lever &nb...

    Posted by Carraig042 on 2/27/2018 7:01 AM

  • The Good:

    Cheap, Flawless performance, light

    The Bad:

    Non adjustable levers

    Overall Review:     SRAM GX Eagle 12-Speed Trigger Shifter · Weighs 122 grams  · Compatible with all Eagle drivetrains · Trigger is forged aluminum, body is plastic · Integrated or solo clamp options · Costs about $40            &nbs...

    Posted by Carraig042 on 2/27/2018 6:56 AM

  • The Good:

    Available in 2 colors, Pad contact adjust and tool free lever reach

    The Bad:

    Not consistent, squaky

    Overall Review: Sram Guide RSC Initial Impressions               These are the brakes that came on my YT Tues. I decided to give them a go instead of instantly replacing them with another manufactures’ set of brakes. They have a nic...

    Posted by Carraig042 on 2/27/2018 6:53 AM

  • The Good:

    500% range allows you to keep the same chainring on the front, compatible with other Eagle drivetrain components, half the price of Eagle XO1.

    The Bad:

    450 grams is hefty but not bad considering the XT 11-46T is 415 grams.

    Overall Review: When Sram first came out with their 12 speed Eagle drivetrain it was the cream of the crop with a hefty price tag to go with it. But, just like their 11 speed drivetrain, before long they introduced a cheaper, more cost effective Eagle option and as a result is much more appealing for the averag...

    Posted by dirtworks911 on 11/30/2017 10:55 PM

  • The Good:

    Price, color options, maintenance is low, East to Adjust, I like the cage lock for maintenance.

    The Bad:

    The shifting was a bit hard but not unbearable. I would not be against using it again.

    Overall Review: I purchased this for my Intense Tracer build. My main reason was because it was 10 speed and came in a med cage which is what I was looking for at the time mainly due to clearance issues.  I rode with this for several years and it did not give me any issues. 

    Posted by conlysm on 7/5/2017 5:26 AM

  • When you look back at the history of SRAM's 1X drivetrains, it took quite a while for all that wonderful technology to trickle down to a price point that many considered to be affordable. Three years and multiple intermediary drivetrains separated the 2012 introduction of XX1, the company's flag...

    Posted by bturman on 6/8/2017 1:25 AM

  • Travel back in time to the 2006 World Cup season and you'll see matte army green prototype Avid Code disc brakes mounted to select Pro downhill bikes, ready for testing. The brakes looked wild at the time, boasting huge calipers and large bearings in the lever that we'd never seen before. As the...

    Posted by bturman on 4/27/2017 12:26 AM

  • Review by Brandon Turman // Action photo by Courtney Steen Over the years we've seen a recurring theme coming from the SRAM camp - every product is designed with the intent to increase control and confidence on the trail. That goal was present when crafting the new ROAM 60 carbon wheels as the...

    Posted by bturman on 2/2/2017 10:28 AM

  • On a summer trip to Whistler, a few friends and I ditched the lift line in favor of the lesser traveled trails on nearby Blackcomb. The ride began just like any other - popping wheelies and cracking jokes as we made our way to the base of the mountain. Then the pitch kicked up a few notches. My ...

    Posted by bturman on 1/26/2017 9:13 AM

  • Review by Fred Robinson // Photos by Fred Robinson and @luca_cometti_photo (Action) When you buy any X0 product from SRAM, you’re obviously expecting the best in regard to performance, weight and durability. And, as the their downhill line has expanded, one thing has always been missing: an X0...

    Posted by FredLikesTrikes on 7/22/2016 12:01 PM

  • SRAM entered the wheelset market a few years ago with its ROAM and RAIL families, a light-weight and high performance series of factory built wheels. Today, it adds the all-new, updated ROAM 60 wheelset to the line-up, and at least on paper, it looks like it will tick off a lot of boxes on ma...

    Posted by iceman2058 on 2/25/2016 6:58 AM

  • Five new stoppers from SRAM dubbed Level! See which model will keep you on the trail. -gordo Press Release When it comes to braking power and control, we believe in freedom—options. We believe that there should be an absolute best solution for every type of rider and every kind of ri...

    Posted by sspomer on 2/22/2016 7:11 PM

  • The Good:

    Good Shifting, Pretty Durable, Helps With Front Ring Retention

    The Bad:

    Goes Through Derailleur Cables Quickly

    Overall Review: I converted from a 2x10 drive train over to a 1x10 short cage and changed out to one of Sram's Type 2 derailleurs to help keep the chain from slapping around and falling off the chain ring. I use a NW ring up front with no chain guide with an 11-36 cassette. It does a very good job of doing just...

    Posted by Carraig042 on 11/9/2015 5:14 PM

  • The Good:

    it spins for a while

    The Bad:

    cheap bearings, even cheaper plastic

    Overall Review: This is a PF 30 BB that should not exist, its utter rubbish. The bearings are not held by the plastic well at all. You would never use this BB on a bike your going to ride, selling a bike and need a BB would be the only scenario anyone would use one of these. This is one of the most common BB'...

    Posted by link1896 on 5/5/2015 1:00 PM

  • The Good:

    low stretch, maintains shifting accuracy

    The Bad:

    lateral stiffness might not be great

    Overall Review: I've three xx1 chains I'm using on a full XX1 drive train, after about 2000km wear on all three is great, measuring 10 links while the chain is hanging off a hook they are all at about 25.48cm.I do clean the drivetrain after every ride. I'm using the SRAM master links and a chain tool, there is ...

    Posted by link1896 on 5/4/2015 4:31 PM

  • The Good:

    Smooth shifting
    Multiple gear ranges
    SRAM/Shimano compatible

    The Bad:


    Overall Review: This came as an OEM cassette and has provided years of flawless shifting. This cassette comes in at a budget friendly price and offers great quality as well.Compatiblity with SRAM and Shimano makes changing/upgrading other components a simple task. This cassette shifts very smoothly and any sh...

    Posted by awol12 on 4/25/2015 7:12 PM

  • by Ian Collins Ever since downhill grew into it's own discipline within mountain biking, riders have been tinkering and experimenting with their drivetrains, trying to optimize them for the demands associated with pointing bikes towards the bottom of the hill and all that comes along wit...

    Posted by Ian Collins on 8/9/2014 2:17 PM