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  • Great quality, great lens but an odd fit due to the adjustment style of the nose bridge

    The Good:

    Very solid build. Easy to interchange lenses. High quality optics. Anti-fog treatment

    The Bad:

    Single "click" adjustment nose bridge limits fit.
    Very large lens covers much of the face & can get hot & steamy quick.

    Overall Review: The Smith Attack MTB went right to the top of the list of riding glasses on my list shortly after their debut. I am a full time contact lens wearer & to ride fast & loose in contacts, it's a must to have riding glasses. Grit in your eye with contacts is agony & wind can dry contacts ...

    Posted by bizutch on 6/13/2019 1:27 PM

  • Cooler Squad

    The Good:

    Good fit. Better lens options for different lighting. Excellent ventilation.

    The Bad:

    Lower field-of-view than other manufacturers.

    Overall Review: I've been dying to get the Smith Squad MTB Goggles ever since I read the reviews on a mountain bike magazine. They looked way cooler than other brands. So I asked a friend to buy one for my while she visited the US. There are lots of replacement lenses and parts if you botch yours. True to the ...

    Posted by Paracheilinus on 8/22/2018 4:23 AM

  • Smith Fuel V.2 ChromaPop Goggles

    The Good:

    Great fit and contour for the rider's face, A lens that is clearly nicer than the average, Better detail in specific lighting situations, Brings back the 80's in color.

    The Bad:

    Smaller strap wings that may limit exact fit for every helmet.

    Overall Review: Smith Optics introduced a relatively new technology called ChromaPop into a not so relatively new goggle, the Fuel V.2. With this new technology, smith claims ChromaPop enhances detail, clarity, and natural colors for those behind their lens. The real question is would it really make a differenc...

    Posted by dirtworks911 on 8/27/2017 2:54 PM

  • Great lenses in a no-nonsense frame

    The Good:

    Lenses are excellent, and look good too, helmet compatible, value is good.

    The Bad:

    Will fog in extreme conditions, no quick lens change system

    Overall Review: I bought these for downhill 3 seasons ago but started wearing them for enduro as well after getting dust in my eye racing in Rossland a couple of years ago. As someone who wears contacts, a little dust in the eye can ruin a day on the bike very quickly. I find that not only do I get great protec...

    Posted by NMK183 on 4/9/2017 8:27 PM

  • Great helmet. Great Value

    The Good:

    This is a rockin helmet. I was stoked with Smith came out with this helmet. You can say I am a little bias, but I have always been a fan of their product. Their R&D team goes above and beyond to make sure they provide quality products. From their sunglasses to their helmets, you cant go wrong with smith. First off, this helmet is incredibly comfortable.The forefront provides me with the coverage I need to ride confidently, especially in rougher terrain. I would highly reccomend this helmet to anyone who is going for comfort, looks and quality. This helmet has lasted me over 2 years now and I will continue to wear it as long as I can

    The Bad:

    Brethablity is the biggest issue for me. I sweat a lot. I mean a lot. and this helmet does not cater to that very well. I am willing to sacrifice that for coverage and safety. now, in the winter months, it is great and keeps my head nice and toasty. but the koyroyd is not suitable for good airflow.

    Overall Review: This is a great helmet with great value. I would highly recommend this helmet to anyone who is looking for something that truly wraps around your head rather than sit on top of it. The design of the forefront give me the coverage I need to confidently ride out on the trails.

    Posted by 615regular on 2/28/2017 2:17 PM

  • Best sunglasses ever

    The Good:

    Perfect fit, super stylish yet sporty. I lost these and have yet to find a good replacement. They don't make this style anymore.

    The Bad:

    No longer available. One of the arms broke, and I had to super glue them a few times because I wasn't ready to give them up!

    Overall Review: I wish I could still buy these! Greatest sunglasses!

    Posted by Susan_Westhof on 8/10/2015 12:31 PM

  • Tested: Smith Overtake Helmet
    Review by Joel Harwood // Photos by AJ Barlas and Dave Silver (BCBR) Smith has been producing eyewear since 1965, and has recently been making the move into cycling helmets. Late last summer they released the unique Forefront, for hard charging trail riders seeking innovative features and ampl...

    Posted by hurricanejoel on 9/2/2014 2:27 PM

  • Tested: Smith Pivlock Overdrive Glasses
    Smith Optics, Inc. was founded in 1965 with the creation of the first-ever ski goggle featuring a sealed thermal lens and breathable vent foam, and the company has grown dramatically ever since. Today Smith offers a huge range of sunglasses, goggles, and protective equipment for all kinds of spo...

    Posted by projekt roam on 6/16/2014 3:45 PM

  • Looking for a light, vented, and comfortable helmet? Look no more!

    The Good:

    Light, very vented, good grip on the head, crazy colors, very adjustable

    The Bad:

    Very expensive

    Overall Review: I've had the Smith Forefront Helmet for a week (after a lot time of waiting), and after four rides in hot weather here are my impressions. You can really feel the air coming in and out of the helmet shell and you hardly feel the helmet on top of your head. I was previously riding the Specialize...

    Posted by Sparky.lab on 4/16/2014 6:40 AM

  • Tested: Smith Optics Fuel v.2 Sweat-X Goggles
    Review by Sean "Griz" McClendon // Photos by Taylor Sage and Ian Collins When the team of riders using a product rips, it's usually a product that speaks for itself. Smith’s mountain bike team is off-the-hook, so the Fuel v.2 Goggles came with high expectations. Goggles are an essential tool...

    Posted by 26griz on 7/8/2013 2:06 PM

  • Tested: Smith PivLock V2 Glasses - Convenient Clarity and Protection
    by AJ Barlas A number of years ago a buddy of mine rolled up for a ride wearing a pair of glasses with yellow lenses, and as is common among our group he was lovingly mocked and given a new nickname: "Cross Country Steve." He doesn't ride cross-country, but I guess the yellow tint glasses made...

    Posted by ardor on 5/31/2013 5:59 PM