• The Good:

    Chain tool spins smoothly. Robust and smooth, you can easily rotate the tools out, and they don’t wobble, there is no play. If you notice play, the bolt just needs to be tightened.

    The Bad:

    Not enough leverage for very tight bolts. The stitching for on the sleeve wore out fast so it was too slack, but that’s easy to fix. Not as good tolerances in the bolt as with my Teng Tools bits.

    Overall Review: I had this multi-tool for several years. A few years ago I managed to bend the allen key, I don’t remember how, maybe I dropped it. I actually had to bend it back as it was so bent it was not possible to tuck it in. I had to buy a multi-tool and this was the easiest solution, but it do...

    Posted by mtbboy1993 on 6/10/2019 1:16 PM

  • Lezyne Digital Over Drive

    Featured Review Alloy Over Drive (product review)

    The Good:

    High Volume, Stellar Build, Wood Handle, Accurate Gauge

    The Bad:

    A bit pricey for a floor pump

    Overall Review: This review if for the non digital version. I have had this pump for nearly a year now. It replaced a cheaper Park Tool one that I had for some time. I was looking for a pump that would last for a very long time with a solid build, high volume, and a good chuck. From what I could find at the tim...

    Posted by Carraig042 on 2/27/2018 7:22 AM

  • Lezyne Macro Drive 1100XL Light

    Featured Review Good Helmet Option (product review)

    The Good:

    Bright, Good even light output, Finish quality, Fast charge capable

    The Bad:

    Does not come with a wall adapter

    Overall Review: Lezyne Macro Drive 1100XL · Available in Black or Silver · Weighs 195g · 1100 Lumens · Recharge in 4 hours (2amp fast charge method) · Has 7 light modes · Full aluminum body · Can be had for about $75   Initial Impressions       &nb...

    Posted by Carraig042 on 2/27/2018 6:03 AM

  • Lezyne HV Drive

    Featured Review Good backup for CO2 (product review)

    The Good:

    Small, lightweight, flex hose

    The Bad:

    Takes a while to inflate tires, assembly and disassembly

    Overall Review: I always carry two CO2 cartridges and an inflator in my pack for flats, but honestly with my tubeless setup it has not been a major issue. When I became a mountain bike trail guide however and the whole fleet had tubed tires, I knew I needed a backup pump in case I ran out of CO2 or a situation ...

    Posted by lagocza on 11/30/2017 9:12 PM

  • EUROBIKE - 2017 Mountain Bike Components (photo album)

    Posted by sspomer on 9/1/2016 11:21 AM

  • Lezyne Mega Drive Light

    Vital Review Tested: Lezyne Mega Drive (product review)

    by Monica McCosh Going into its eighth year as an engineering design house, Lezyne releases its most powerful LED light to-date, the 1400-lumen Mega Drive for 2015. The Mega Drive is a slick CNC-sculpted aluminum body featuring 3 LEDs for constant lumen output, and replaceable USB-rechargeable...

    Posted by monicosh on 1/4/2015 10:36 PM

  • The Good:

    Great quality of tools and features within the mini multitool, solid craftsmanship, durable, very compact.

    The Bad:

    For certain fixes the short tool lengths can be pain

    Overall Review: As with most Lezyne products this multitool has really great build quality, is very durable and just overall feels very solid. The Rap 13 unit features most of the popular and important tools that would be required trail side and they come together in a very small and compact little unit. If you...

    Posted by vics26 on 5/2/2014 3:47 PM

  • The Good:

    Easy to service
    Secure thread-on valve chuck for presta and schrader

    The Bad:

    Threads for chuck on pump base can get easily damaged or filled with debris when in use
    Foot peg is small which sinks in soft soils and is unstable on rocky surfaces
    T-handle is small and leads to my knuckles contacting the top of the air chamber at full compression in certain grip positions.

    Overall Review: Flats suck. This pump doesn't change that fact but it does make the process of getting back on the trail much more enjoyable. Classic hand pumps require awkward bracing to keep the chuck attached to the valve. This pump does away with that by using a flexible hose and thread-on chuck so that you...

    Posted by shredlightly on 10/23/2012 11:27 AM