• The Good:

    Comfortable, flexible, stays in place

    The Bad:

    Nwe well ventilated/hot

    Overall Review: Really comfortable knee pad. My main complain about other models I had is that they always slip down. I found this one for sale and gave it a try because of the adjustability and shin guard length... never regreted. I feel very safe wearing it and sometimes I forget they are on. The only com...

    Posted by Balog on 11/27/2019 5:14 AM

  • The Good:

    Comfortable padding, good ventilation, easy to lock and unlock the strap.

    The Bad:

    Shell size looks big for M size like a mushroom

    Overall Review: I love this helmet pretty much feels comfortable and large ventilations cool head  

    Posted by adirint85 on 7/25/2019 1:17 AM

  • Lightweight, breathable full face helmets are all the rage in the enduro and trail riding world currently, and now protection specialist Leatt is throwing its hat in the ring with the all-new DBX 4.0. Weighing in at under 900 grams, the new Leatt lid features plenty of ventilation but also lots ...

    Posted by iceman2058 on 11/20/2018 11:51 PM

  • With the mountain biking industry booming right now, countless new equipment options are available. When looking for a decent pair of riding shorts, it doesn’t take long before one is up to their helmet strap in choices. In hopes of alleviating some of the stress and confusion, we slid our legs ...

    Posted by dirtworks911 on 11/14/2018 8:56 AM

  • At the dawn of the twenty-first century, driven by the unforeseen death of a fellow rider, a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery set out to design a revolutionary neck brace. After several years of research and design, Dr. Chris Leatt (MB ChB) finally had his first neck brace in product...

    Posted by dirtworks911 on 3/23/2018 3:32 AM

  • With the rise of enduro, and more specifically the actual racing discipline, the good old helmet has found itself the subject of much attention recently. Combining near World Cup-level tech and speed on the downs with long, grueling climbs means that your helmet now has to offer full-face levels...

    Posted by iceman2058 on 9/26/2017 10:14 AM

  • The Good:

    It does what it is supposed to do

    The Bad:

    a bit pricey but isn't anything that isn't free a bit pricey and can you really put a price on your safety

    Overall Review: I purchased this because I felt that I needed some protection, at the time the market for this type of thing was NOT flooded so options were limited, it was highly recommended by others. I would see racers and other riders at the park wearing them and they were all alive at the time so I imagine...

    Posted by conlysm on 7/13/2017 10:12 AM

  • Unfortunately, crashing is part of the game when it comes to progressing as mountain bikers. When it comes to your noggin, safety is paramount. Based in South Africa, Leatt got their start way back in 2001 designing neck braces and launched the first bicycle-specific neck brace, the DBX, in 2010...

    Posted by FredLikesTrikes on 6/22/2017 9:31 AM

  • The Good:

    Keeps you from breaking your neck, Adjustable,

    The Bad:

    May not work well with larger type helmets

    Overall Review: I bought this brace after breaking my collar bone due to the chin guard of my helmet making contact with it. It thought some extra protection in general would be good. Along with it, I bought a new helmet that was a bit smaller than my previous. Once I set up the brace, it was very nice and with...

    Posted by Carraig042 on 12/28/2015 6:45 PM

  • Review by Evan Turpen Leatt, a company driven by safety, was first known for their innovative neck braces for bicycle, motorcycle and powersports. Having gradually expanded their line to include numerous other forms of protection, they now offer body armor, gloves, knee pads, elbow pads and ev...

    Posted by E.T. on 10/30/2015 3:14 PM

  • Review by Lee Trumpore // Photos by Lee Trumpore and Emily Scott Once upon a time armoring up for a mountain bike ride meant either dressing up as a ninja-turtle or just wearing long sleeves. If you're either too young or too new to the sport to remember those days, trust me, you aren't missin...

    Posted by LTrumpore on 2/9/2015 6:05 AM

  • The Good:

    The neck brace keeps your head straight and this in any crash is insanely important. When you crash and roll around, your body tends to move in ways it's not supposed, many times due to the conditions on Downhill, Freeride, Dirt Jumping or Slopestyle the neck moves the way it's not supposed to and this is when injuries happen. Totally preventive.

    The Bad:

    The neck brace limits some movement of the neck, so lessens your range of view. You definitely get used to it.

    Overall Review: This is a great neck brace, considering the price for it and the way it handles it's job, it's a great buy! It does take time to get used to, but the way it prevents injuries from your upper body is great. As your neck remains still while your rolling after a crash, your upper body basically sta...

    Posted by Paking on 5/23/2013 6:07 PM

  • The Good:

    Great neck brace, very comfortable, doesn't move around

    The Bad:

    hard to set up the rake on the back piece

    Overall Review: Great neck brace very comfortable once set up ! lightweight but lighter ones would be better. definetely worth the money !!

    Posted by Tol_Hemming on 5/23/2013 12:02 PM

  • The Good:

    Comfortable, no straps needed, its blue, removable pads, saves your neck

    The Bad:

    It broke my collar bone

    Overall Review: Ok, I know that "The Bad" sounds like a bad thing but really it's not when put into context because the thing probably did a lot to save my neck. I had a season ending crash at one of our local downhill trails near Portland OR and among the many injuries that put me in the hospital for four d...

    Posted by ryan_daugherty on 5/23/2013 8:35 AM

  • The Good:

    This brace is very light, from the first time out once I started riding I completely forgot it was there. Comfort is excellent, it doesn't interfere with you or your helmet. Leatt supplies it with three sets of sizing hardware which is very appreciated especially when there is nowhere local for me to try it on. Padding is easily removed so you can clean it. The brace has multiple adjustments that are very quick and simple so it is easy to fit it to you and your body size /type.

    The Bad:

    None so far.

    Overall Review: I will tell you this, it just works, I can attest to this personally. Recently on 5/19/13 we had a group session at our local spot. We were all hitting a jump called the ski slope. It is a large wooden feature that you double over the backside on to the lip and boost. I have done it many times o...

    Posted by ddbullard76 on 5/23/2013 4:36 AM

  • The Good:

    Light. Reliable (believe me, I have crash test dummy'ed it). Blue/Gray is a great color since it does not look dirty as easy as other lighter colored ones.

    The Bad:

    None. Mayyybe it could have some sort of enhancement where I could put the straps coming out of it from different points without having to play with the velcro inside.

    Overall Review: Great neckbrace! A+ on protection, A+ on looks, A+ on durability, A+ on confort, A+ on weight.....just a A- due to the fact that I need to do a workaround to place the straps coming out of it higher than the default design it has which makes it more confortable for me, and I have seen other user...

    Posted by lonchera on 5/22/2013 10:39 PM

  • Last fall, I reviewed the Leatt DBX Pro. Now that I have been using the brace for the nearly a full year, my opinions haven't really changed much. It's still the best thing going at the moment. Despite a few spills and normal wear and tear over the last year, the brace still looks practical...

    Posted by joshitrealgood on 7/30/2012 3:15 PM

  • The Good:

    Not overly restrictive
    Leatt brace compatible
    Not too hot
    Good protection

    The Bad:

    The sizing - I'm 75kg with broad shoulders and tried on the smallest size they had (which is meant for riders between 55 -65kg) and it fit me perfectly. Leatt really need to get a better sizing chart as rider weight isn't good enough especially seeing how completely out their recommended size was. They need to include more specific body sizes such as shoulder width, torso length and arm length (as iXS do). The back protection is of a lower standard than their full body armour (level 1 instead of level 2). Chest plate is too flat and doesn't wrap around the ribs as well as it could.

    Overall Review: Surprisingly comfortable, not too hot and fits perfectly with a Leatt. My only gripe is that the back protection is not the same level as the full body vest. Which is something I wanted in particular as I broke my back in 4 places not too long ago. However I figured I'd rather have less than opt...

    Posted by Marc on 1/3/2012 8:45 AM

  • The Good:

    Very Adjustable, plenty of movement, changeable pads

    The Bad:

    Price, straps

    Overall Review: Works great, I hardly realize its there when i'm wearing it. I started running it without the straps which are annoying and haven't noticed it riding up that much. The most comfortable and ergonomic brace you can buy right now IMO.

    Posted by DHmental on 12/22/2011 8:38 AM