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2021 Devinci Kobain SLX 12-Speed Bike
Overall Review
Today's full-suspension trail bikes are versatile, refined pieces of equipment. With blithe disregard, riders can approach ribbons of dirt all over the world on a single bike. What if we took a magic eraser and rubbed out that rear shock and pivots? If we left only the geometry and components attached to a rigid alloy frame, what would we have? Meet the new Devinci Kobain — simple, cost-effective, and heralding tidings of endless woodland fun. Vital has been rediscovering the roots of mountain biking in this wave of hardtail trail bikes and sought to find out if the Kobain makes good on its...
Posted by BHowell on 1/19/2021 11:46am
2021 Kona Shonky Bike
Vital Review
Overall Review
26ain't dead. Seriously, it isn't. The dirt jump revival is on. Look no further than your local shop or classifieds -- try to find a dirt jumper. Yes, things with COVID-19 have bike sales going bananas across the board, but even in 2019 and prior, dirt jump bikes were on the move. In towns all over the world, pumptracks are popping up like pimples. Often, they are accompanied by some sort of jump park as well. There is merit to taking your full-suspension trail bike to these venues, but nothing compares to a dirt jumper. The pumping power of a hardtail, the simplicity of a single speed, single...
Posted by BHowell on 11/24/2020 6:38am