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Finish Line

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  • Better than grease for some applications

    The Good:
    -Easy to apply and doesn't drip
    -Homogenous product stays well mixed
    -Doesn't change over time like some greases
    -Comes with a brush

    The Bad:
    -Makes permanent stains on clothing
    -More expensive than other more "general" brands

    Overall Review: I like to try new bikes and parts, but I am also looking to find the best materials to assemble parts together. I have had many kinds of grease and lubes, but I had never used copper anti-seize before this year. Often used on bolts or for some parts' assembly on titanium frames, the Finish Line ...

    Posted by mntnmrtn on 2/29/2020 4:42 PM

  • June's Top Vital MTB Member Reviewer Award
  • Not the driest lube option, but good for variable conditions.

    The Good:

    High viscosity coats your chain. Withstands creek crossings.

    The Bad:

    Attracts some dirt. Environmental concerns about PTFE.

    Overall Review: Finish Line Dry is a syrupy synthetic oil designed to evenly lube your chain. This lube is apparently formulated for dry riding conditions, but "dry" is a subjective word. On many parts of the planet, dry means it hasn't rained since last night. In parts of the western USA, dry conditions can...

    Posted by thinkbike on 6/29/2018 8:41 PM