DT Swiss

  • The Good:

    -Sturdy spokes
    -Available in silver or black

    The Bad:

    -Only available in even sizes

    Overall Review: Choosing spokes seems like an afterthought, but I like to take my time and try to pick everything on my bike for a reason. I built my last season's wheelset with DT Champion spokes even if people said that butted spokes are better. I built up a WTB asym i29 rim on a Nukeproof Neutron rear hub ...

    Posted by nature.culture on 8/31/2019 8:48 PM

  • The Good:

    Have had them for several years in 2 different wheel sets and have had no problems at all and they have seen a lot of use and some jumps and drops and rough terrain. mine have always been built with brass nipples. I had a third wheel set with straight gauge spokes and I had a bad case and broke several spokes. These seem much tougher.

    The Bad:

    Nothing i can think.

    Overall Review: Nice strong spokes i will continue to use and when I get new wheels I will use these spokes again.

    Posted by mtbschrader on 3/28/2014 9:23 AM

  • The Good:

    strong,stiff and looks amazing

    The Bad:

    Cost, unique lacing design could lead to issue in the future

    Overall Review: This particular wheel set was never on my wishlist simply because of the steep price tag associated with them but luckily I was given a sweet deal so I thought I would give them a try. You could argue that there are a lot of other options and at even cheaper prices for high end wheels but these ...

    Posted by vics26 on 9/5/2013 4:06 PM

  • by Joe Schneider The new Spline ONE wheels from DT Swiss combine several innovative features with some standby technology to create an excellent wheelset, at least on paper. From the unique Squorx nipples to the Ratchet Freewheel System, they look to be among the most advanced aluminum hoops a...

    Posted by SchneiderTrucking on 8/1/2013 4:12 PM

  • by AJ Barlas Wheels. The simple round devices that bring so much joy into many of our lives. It doesn't really matter how light, what size, material, or even whether they're perfectly round, so long as they allow us to rally down the trail with a grin on our faces most are none the wiser! Most...

    Posted by ardor on 5/29/2013 12:10 AM

  • The Good:

    Simple and serviceable
    Bombproof reliability
    That unmistakable Hugi sound

    The Bad:

    Slow engagement

    Overall Review: I have been on DT 240s for over 10 years. In those 10 years the only service that has been required is a simple regrease of the internals every year or so, depending on mileage, which requires no specialized tools. In my opinion, these hubs are the gold standard for reliability, serviceability, ...

    Posted by shredlightly on 10/23/2012 11:55 AM