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  • Doesn't hold up to New England riding

    The Good:

    Out-of-box value

    The Bad:

    Weak frame design
    Cheap hubs

    Overall Review: I have owned this bike and ridden as my primary in southern new england (where technical rock gardens and punchy climbs/decents abound) for less than three seasons. Unfortunately the lifetime was cut short when the frame broke along a weld close to the single pivot point. That is the biggest dis...

    Posted by thommyd on 6/8/2020 11:00 AM

  • 2013 Overdrive makes a great gravel bike

    The Good:

    Frame and wheelset are solid for rough roads and gravel tours. Great bike for upgrading and fun riding.

    The Bad:

    Suntour XCT fork is an abomination and stock components are bottom line.

    Overall Review: Got mine for $250 off Facebook Marketplace and that's about the max I'd pay for one. Honestly got it for the frame and wheels. I enjoy more road and cross racing but wanted to give mountain biking another try! The Overdrive is absolutely enjoyable and good enough to find the trouble you seek. A...

    Posted by krismonroe on 4/20/2020 12:34 PM

  • DB Hardtail Review

    The Good:

    For the price I don't know if you can beat what you get with this bike. For me the stand out points are: a solid, lightweight aluminum frame, a SRAM NX/GX drivetrain, a Rock Shox Reba fork (100mm travel), and the WTB Nine Line tires. If you tried to build this bike yourself and bought all the parts separately you wouldn't be able to come close to the under $1,500 price tag. It even comes with some really cool extras that most bikes don't include, like a mud guard, pedals, and a basic torque wrench and tools

    The Bad:

    There are some parts and components that the typical rider would want to upgrade after purchasing this bike. The handlebars (740mm) are not wide enough for my liking. Even though the rims and tires are tubeless compatible, the bike arrives with tubes. Tubeless stems are included and this would be an easy upgrade. The lack of a dropper post is the most evident missing ingredient, but it is understandable that Diamondback does not include one in this price point. If you plan to do any longer rides on this bike you would want to upgrade the saddle as well. The tread on the WTB NineLine tires are geared for cross-country riding. If you were to use this as a trail bike you would want to have a deeper, more aggressive tread pattern. See my list of Good, Better & Best Tires here

    Overall Review: I love reading new MTB reviews but it seems like the reviews are lacking in one area. There are hundreds of reviews of $6,000+ bikes with thousand dollar drivetrains. However, there is a lack of reviews of entry-level bikes and bikes that most people can actually afford. I just purchased a Diamo...

    Posted by Fortunept on 6/17/2019 6:42 AM

  • 2014 Test Sessions: Diamondback Mason FS Pro
    Reviewed by Jess Pedersen and John Hauer // Photos by Shawn Spomer and Lear Miller Inspired by the aggressive Mason 29er hardtail, Diamondback's 140mm Mason FS entry into the mid to long-travel full suspension 29er trail bike market serves up a rowdy looking package. Curious to see how recent ...

    Posted by bturman on 3/25/2014 8:09 PM

  • Good first trail bike but a money pit longer down the line.

    The Good:

    Very user friendly and comes with a rear lockout which I would have never thought you would get one for it being under $1000.

    The Bad:

    Like the title says a money pit. I've already had to repair it once and don't even mention the brakes(had to replace those too).

    Overall Review: I like the bike but I feel like I am going to spend more money fixing it than it is actually worth. As a first time mountain bike owner I don't think I would have chose anything else.

    Posted by ChrisandMcEvoy on 7/10/2013 9:37 PM

  • 2013 DiamondBack Response review

    The Good:

    Solid Frame - Beefy but light
    Wheels seem sound
    100mm fork is a plus

    The Bad:

    Not the best deraileurs
    the fork is not that great will need to be replaced within the year (for me)
    V-brakes are ok, but I will be replacing with disk

    Overall Review: I picked this bike up for around $220 I believe, brand new, from HUGE step up from the walmart mongoose I was riding. Very responsive (pun intended) and well built Bike.  I cannot complain too much.  I put the cons out there but really you get what you pay for, and I exp...

    Posted by hughes278 on 6/30/2013 2:58 PM

  • 2012 Diamondback Sortie 1

    The Good:

    Best bang for the buck for a 29er started/beginner.

    The Bad:

    Just a bit heavy.

    Overall Review: An awesome mountain bike for someone who is looking for a 29er that rolls better than the 26" wheels. It has decent components which is not bad at all. I've rode this bike for at least 50 miles now mostly on trails here in Colorado, and I'm still happy with the bike. I would suggest replacing t...

    Posted by miaxix888 on 4/12/2013 9:49 PM

  • 2013 Test Sessions: Diamondback Sortie 3 29
    Reviewed by Steve Wentz, Joe Schneider, and Brandon Turman // Photos by Shawn Spomer and Brandon Turman Inspired by their already existing 26-inch Sortie platform, Diamondback super sized everything in 2012 to bring it up to 29-inch standards. One year and few minor refinements later, the 2013...

    Posted by bturman on 3/22/2013 8:33 AM

  • Nicely Done and Performed well! Dont knock it til you try it!

    The Good:

    Fox Float Adaptive Logic, RP23 w/ Kashima Coat (Very Nice)
    Knuckle Box Technology
    Easton 24h EA90 XC, 26" Clincher - UST
    Easton 24h EA90 XC Wheels
    KENDA Slant 6 26x2.1 120tpi folding
    Full XTR with ICE brakes

    The Bad:

    Not much that I was able to find riding it for the 2 days i had the chance, but it does get dirty and loves to kick up dust quite a bit. LOL

    Overall Review: Rode this exact bike at Bootleg Canyon, NV the 1st week of Feb 2012. The bike was nicely spec'd with top notch parts! The Knuckle Box performed very well and was plush when it needed to be even when braking in chatter bumps! Climbing was very good and with very little bob if any. Rear shock just ...

    Posted by IntenseRdr on 2/15/2012 12:33 AM

  • Assembly and Initial Opinion

    The Good:

    Bike comes with some great components.
    Hayes Hydraulic Brakes
    RockShox with remote Lockout
    Priced lower than most other mid-range models (bought for $671 on, the $499 price is for last year's model)

    The Bad:

    Shifting doesn't seem as smooth as I would expect with 30-spds
    Stock seat not very comfortable, even for shorter urban rides (To be expected I guess)
    Had to pre-load the front fork to the max in order to get desired stiffness in the lock-out feature

    Overall Review: Assembly was pretty straight forward on this 29er. My first experience with disc brakes, front-suspension and a 29er. I am impressed by the braking feel and power and rolling over curbs, roots, etc. with these 29" is awesome. The front-suspension seems to leave al ittle to be desired as the lock-...

    Posted by BeldingsFinest on 1/16/2012 9:24 AM

  • absolutely amazing

    The Good:

    sweet colors and lines, everyone thinks its the sexiest bike at the park. Great front forks, really soaks up rough landings, the hmx-5 brake is great, incredibly adjustable to your preference, front end feels light and allows for easy manuals and wheelies, rides great on quarter pipes, and feels really light and quick. Great components.

    The Bad:

    Grips were ok, but some 8$ odi longnecks made it look snazzy, I bent the front rim (singlewall pbr) and rplaced it with a black blacksheep (doublewall) for a sweet look and more strength. nothing else could be wrong with this bike though.

    Overall Review: definitely a confidence inspiring bike. I rode some mountain bikes, but nothing gave me the feeling this bike does. Jumps and 6 ft drops off walls would have terrified me before, but this bike really give you the confidence you need to become a much better rider. I also dont like the feel of ...

    Posted by Tim_Long on 12/6/2011 10:05 PM

  • Diamondback Mission 4  2011

    The Good:

    Great parts spec...XO parts are very nice, and I really love the XO brakes. Hammerschmidt!! Fox 36 Talas, Mavic Crossmax ST Wheels...Great specs. Frame is super solid and well balanced. Smooth supsension and Knuckle Box is solid low mantaince design that works! Love the frame and it looks so killer in person. PAINT JOB is A+ Climbs/Pedals well and comes alive on the DH. This bike can do it all and loves to go downhillm Hit jumps and just plain haul,

    The Bad:

    Not much to complain about, Only detail that was off was; it came with a Talas RLC 120/160 not RC2, I like it but would like more compression adjustments, but I really like the 120/160 as I don't need to change it much and the fork feels great anyway, so no biggy for me. Changed the Carbon bars to FSA Gravity and Thomson 70mm stem. My personal choice on all my bikes....Changed tires but personal...stock tires were wire not kevlar bead, I wish this bike had a DHX 5.0 Air but I really like the RP23 XV the more I ride it.

    Overall Review: Light weight and very balanced for whatever you can do on it, The frame is so smooth, solid and pedals very well. One word to describe the frame would be "Stout". From the Tapered HT and perfect HA @67 with the option to drop it with the Talas to 120, The Knuckle Box is simple, solid, well ex...

    Posted by singletrackslayer on 4/10/2011 4:29 PM