Black Market Bikes

  • Favorite All-Mountain bar

    The Good:

    -Slightly off of the popular geometry
    -The 38mm rise version comes stock at 760mm... spot on. -Combo of upsweep/backsweep creates a magic sweetspot -Most natural balance with my 160mm fork up front.

    The Bad:

    - logo cracked and peeled off. Can't have everything.
    - never knew they were custom butted.

    Overall Review: Oh My Gold. These bars are slightly off of the popular geometry, and somehow that makes them feel great. While I've bought newer bars from other brands in the past few years, I keep coming back to these. The 38mm rise version comes stock at 760mm... perfect and pretty standard. But the combo of ...

    Posted by filmdrew on 7/25/2018 2:57 PM

  • The Original

    The Good:

    Amazing craftsmanship and welds
    Good use of True Temper steel vs chromoly steel
    Tapered seat and chainstays
    Solid stance / poise
    The best, the one that started a lot of dirt jump riders interest

    The Bad:

    Head tube ended up ovaling over time
    Downtube wall thickness too thin (dented easily)

    Overall Review: Even though this frame is no longer available, it still lives on as the Edit1. But this original is truly original... progressive geometry and smart materials. It was and still could be the best DJ bike ever!

    Posted by SCgShoeCo on 7/22/2017 2:50 PM

  • Awesome Frame

    The Good:

    Super Strong, Perfect geometry. Sexy as hell.

    The Bad:

    A tad heavy, but well worth it for the durability.

    Overall Review: I designed my own frame, and had a buddy build it for me. After I broke it (tubing was too light) I found the contraband had almost EXACTLY the same specs as my custom bike! I've been riding it for many many years, and it's performed flawlessly.

    Posted by sittingduck on 6/5/2016 1:14 PM

  • Blk Market

    The Good:

    Serious geometry, strong build, beautiful

    The Bad:

    not sure yet. Has held up great for me and I put my bike through hell

    Overall Review: I swear by Black market! I've been on these bikes for about 6 years now. Love them. The geometry is incredible. Has held up strong. I've beaten mine up pretty good and it's still in great condition. Wish I could afford to get new ones as he produces and updates his frames, but budget hold me bac...

    Posted by DHJUNKIE90 on 2/19/2014 9:20 AM

  • Absofriginlutely incredible

    The Good:

    Efficient, snappy, easy to jump, versatile, playful, stunning looks, beefy frame, Threaded BB, ISCG tabs, dropout options

    The Bad:

    Standard sliding rear drops

    Overall Review: Amazing frame! This is a perfect slope/park/jump frame that's truly versatile. If you live near local tight playful trails the option to run gears and a guide open a world possibilities. I don't have local trails like this but do have some great slope, slalom, and jump lines. If you want to stay...

    Posted by corvus1 on 1/27/2014 11:27 AM

  • Contraband: Bmx feel with mountain bike forgiveness

    The Good:

    This bike is way more versatile than the 24 inch, steel build would let on. It is light stiff and provides a completely bombproof build right out of the box. The Contraband has a short wheelbase but somehow achieves the balance needed to supply a stable feel. The bike is unbelievably playful in street and skatepark applications yet is able to feel like a 26 inch dirt jump bike on the larger, more technical jumps. The bike will simply disappear underneath the rider and supply some unreal control.

    The Bad:

    The stock tires are pretty heavy and truthfully, the entire stock build leaves some to be desired. The frame alone might be the better purchase if you are a rider who knows what they want. If you are not a rider who knows what they want, then you will notice fairly quickly what you like and dislike about the stock build.

    Overall Review: Overall this bike is perfect for BMx riders making the transition into MTB or for slopestyle riders looking to mob around the streets and skateparks with a more interactive bike than a normal 26inch DJ bike. This will serve as a workhorse on any level and certainly makes a good addition to any r...

    Posted by Billy3197 on 12/23/2013 6:18 PM

  • Good bars!

    The Good:

    They have the perfect rise you need to keep the bike in control, while the length keeps stability on shore!

    The Bad:

    They are a bit heavy.

    Overall Review: These are good handlebars for the price, the rise and length provide comfort and control on many situations, if they would be a bit lighter, they would be great!

    Posted by Paking on 6/21/2013 6:54 AM

  • Sweet Stem!!

    The Good:

    Rise and Length are spot on! Graphics are legit!

    The Bad:

    The bolts are weak, damaged 2 of them in a nasty crash!

    Overall Review: The Blk Mrkt Underboss Stem is a good stem for it's price, maybe not the lightest nor the best, but it's good looking and cheap! Will do the job if your not a weight weenie and if you're on a budget!

    Posted by Paking on 5/29/2013 6:55 PM

  • Worth it!!!

    The Good:

    Love the hammer link design. Easily accessible shock mounts & linkage area. Stylish. Easy to throw around & extremely functional.

    The Bad:

    Could use a little more travel or another area to mount a slightly bigger shock. Was told I need a medium, but would like to have checked out a large to see how it feels. Needs adjustable drop outs w/a tensioner.

    Overall Review: Handles everything you throw at it like a champ. Responsive & stylish. I can't complain. I've put it to the test & couldn't be happier. Great looking & great riding. Highly suggested.

    Posted by ParabellumShane on 4/5/2013 8:16 PM

  • Cheap, lightweight alternative to suspension forks

    The Good:

    very light, has proven quite strong, looks great, a fraction the cost of suspension, doesn't need to be rebuilt

    The Bad:

    definitely not as plush as your average suspension fork

    Overall Review: I got this fork to replace a Marzocchi DJ3 (which was essentially rigid once it got cold enough), and I love it. At only 150 USD and no service costs, it's high quality for a very reasonable price.  The difference between rigid and suspension on pump tracks and dirt jumps is amazing.  ...

    Posted by dat_sexy_jellyfish on 11/12/2012 8:03 PM

  • Killswitch

    The Good:

    its Handling is top notch, the bottomless yet stiff and popy feel

    The Bad:

    What its not designed for

    Overall Review: This Is a 100mm Slope Style Bike designed for Slope Style, 4X, dirt jump, pump track style riding and it absolutely slays ALL of the above. It can also be a pretty fun (Small) freeride bike. with the69° Head Angle makes for a really short and tight wheel base and the 16"/406MM Chainstays, 13" B...

    Posted by warganic on 10/23/2012 11:27 PM

  • So-so stem

    The Good:

    Looks pretty amazing in polished colour, kind of light.

    The Bad:

    Tiny hardware, slips like crazy, bolts strip instantly, friend of mine had the threads just rip out of the stem body.

    Overall Review: I'd be hard pressed to recommend this stem by any metric, there are lighter, cheaper, better-looking, better-performing stems out there.

    Posted by CR- on 1/19/2011 3:59 PM

  • Grippy Grip

    The Good:

    Inexpensive, easy to use and durable grips :) Run them on anything....even a scooter!

    The Bad:

    Nothing to report

    Overall Review: Excellent grip with a bad ass rider endorsement ;)

    Posted by Rida29r on 10/22/2010 11:11 AM

  • Solid Pedal

    The Good:

    Nice light unobtrusive pedal for any bike. Ride it how it was designed, or put it on a cruiser...large non slip platform is easy on your feet, and easier on your shin.

    The Bad:

    I could use one in pink? Clear will do :)

    Overall Review: Great pedal if you're not clipping in!

    Posted by Rida29r on 10/22/2010 11:08 AM

  • Great Bar for all occasions

    The Good:

    The great part for me is the rise and the color....I ride these bars on a dirt jump bike, my steel 29er AND my fixed gear road bike...they are really a jack of all trades.

    The Bad:

    No bad for me.

    Overall Review: Great bar, nice and light, great value!

    Posted by Rida29r on 10/21/2010 12:11 PM