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Maxxis High Roller Tire

“Best Downhill Tires going”

The Good:

Amazing Grip on nearly every track and environment

The Bad:

they wear out quick for me

Overall Review: Only tire for me forever and always

Marzocchi 888 RC3 EVO Titantium - 2010 Fork

“888 RC3 EVO Ti”

The Good:

good price and plush

The Bad:

heavy and the air volume adjuster clicks when the suspension is compressed. I truly think the air volume adjuster is just a gimmick cause you don't feel a difference if its all the way in or out. Mine has already been sent back n it still does the same thing.

Overall Review: If you want a heavy fork that makes a lot of noise it is perfect for you. Than again maybe i just got a crummy batch of forks

Wellgo MG-1 Flat Pedal

“If you can get the cheap, do it.”

The Good:

Light wieght
Pins are screwed in from top, not through the body

The Bad:

A little thick.

Overall Review: Although not as thin as some pedals, still one of the best deals. I love the pins. When they get damaged you can still unscrew them without damaging the body threads. You may have to use pliers but thats better than having to cut damaged pins just take them out and risk ruining the body threads. For example the trailmix pedals.

Superco Charger Hardtail Frame

“The last hardtail I'll ever own”

The Good:

I rode one of Doc's first prototypes, and within minutes I knew this was the frame I was going to own. I tried to give him cash right that moment, but he wanted to wait until the bikes were actually done. Love the clean lines, tight geometry, and smooth ride. Just awesome.

The Bad:

I originally had the regular frame, and my size 11's didn't clear the tire on barspins. Once I got the XL frame, that was fixed. If you have size 11's, and like to spin the bars, go with the XL frame.

Someone needs to give Doc a CNC machine so he can include chain tensioners with the frame. Those tight little dropouts make finding the perfect tensioner a bit tough. Doc has some good recommendations for now, but that was the hardest part of my assembly of the bike.

Overall Review: The frame is super dialed. If you get a chance to ride one of these, consider the fact, that once you have ridden it, you won't want any other frame.

Vital MTB Stack Hoody

Featured Member Review

“Vital in the hood.”

The Good:

Soft, comfy, and my sexy points went up 10 points.

The Bad:

My gfriend keeps stealing it. Had to get one for her.

Overall Review: You ain't cool, unless you pee your pants.....AND have a Vital hoodie.

FSA Orbit Xtreme Pro 1.5R Headset

“1 1/8 Version”

The Good:

Gets the job done with minimal servicing.

The Bad:

...catastrophic failure of the bottom cup.
Super shady warranty fine-print.
They have no contact number for customer service, and they won't seem to respond to the bike shop that I am dealing with.

Overall Review: For a headset whose name includes adjectives such as "xtreme" and "pro", the thing just didn't stand up to abuse like I thought it would. It has a 10 year warranty if you never use it for aggressive riding or competition. What the hell? If they stood behind their product and simply replaced it, this would have been a completely different story.

Vital MTB Stack Hoody

“hoodie goodie”

The Good:

Comfy, soft and warm. Zipper works. Be a walking/riding billboard for the coolest mtb website since Litter!

The Bad:

Ooh, Vital is forcing a negative comment in order to submit my review. I like that.

However..I haven't any negative comments about my treasured Vital hoodie.

Overall Review: "It is a hoodie, how can you go wrong!" emc2

Giro Remedy Full Face Helmet

“Good Helmet”

The Good:

It's light, you can find it on sale almost anywhere, it looks pretty good

The Bad:

The visors break easily and the paint flakes off after some use

Overall Review: Great helmet if your just getting into the sport good value to

Thomson Seatpost Collar

“Thomson seatpost clamp”

The Good:

Looks way bitchin,holds post tight.

The Bad:

Kind of pricey

Overall Review: This clamp screams class.I have one on a bmx bike and it always get a comment.(warning)Thomson isnt kidding with the touque specs,don't over tighten the bolt.

Thomson Elite Seatpost

“Thomson seat post”

The Good:

Light,strong,one piece base.

The Bad:

none at all

Overall Review: The best post you can buy.