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Schwalbe Racing Ralph Evolution Tire

“One hell of a tire”


The Good:

I've been riding with the Racing Ralph (2.1 x 29) for almost 6 month now, and I have to say its a really good tire, I got them in my Giant anthem x 29, and since the first ride i noticed the good grip, of this tires, when climbing it has a really good traction and keeps a fast rolling speed... when it comes to hitting down the trials I was really surprised, they have a really good grip when going down, I've tried them on dusty trails as well in moody ones, and they work really good

The Bad:

Well its hard to find a negative thing about this tires, I will say it might loose grips sometimes in really fast corners, and the wear-out fast.. in the last 6 moth I've changed the back tires twice and the front once ( I ride my bike 6 times a week, around 30km each day)

Overall Review: <p>The Racing Ralph its and excellent all round tire, its will keep the traction while climbing without compromising the grip when you hit the trails....Its probably one of the best tires i've tried I will completely recommended to any one out there... totally recommended to a friend... In addition I can say I've tried otherSchwalbe tires, like the Muddy Mary, in my DH bike and its a REALLY good tire.... thumps up forSchwalbe, keep doing great tires </p>
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Vital MTB member betoc
17431 betoc,17431/all 07/29/12 2 1

Banshee Spitfire V2 - 2013 Frame

Vital Review

“Tested: 2013 Banshee Spitfire V2 - Get Aggressive”


Reviewed by Evan Turpen // Photos by Brandon Turman For the longest time Banshee Bikes were well off my radar. In 2007 I was a professional downhill racer and at the time their products represented heavy, overbuilt, and technologically lacking machines built for the “huckers” amongst us. That all changed in 2008, though, when they introduced the Legend MK1 downhill race bike and their unique approach to new product development. They released 50 frames to a select group of riders, racers, and engineers who all provided feedback that eventually went into the production frames. Banshee then went on to release many other Read More »

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Vital MTB member E.T.
699 E.T.,699/all 08/31/09 4 8 1 5 47 13

Spank Spike 777 Bearclaw Handlebar

Vital Review

“Tested: Spank Bearclaw Signature Series Bar & Stem”


Reviewed by Andy Holloway Where to begin with the Spank Bearclaw Signature Series? How about one word: precision. Spank took the popular Spike 777 EVO handlebars and Spike Race Stem and sprinkled some of the Claw's magic into his Signature Series of Spank components. Bearclaw Signature Series 777FR Handlebar Highlights 31.8mm diameter 15 or 30mm rise 777mm (30.6-inches) width, perfect for that aggressive stance and confidence inspiring at speed. 8-degree backsweep and 4-degree upsweep, placing the bars pretty similar to other big brand’s dimensions. Dual XGT (Extreme Gradual Taper) allows for Read More »

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Vital MTB member 970biking
307 970biking,307/all 08/03/09 4 39 12 2134 1 16 1 116 11 10

Bell Drop 2011 Full Face Helmet

“Great! good fit overall just great!!!”


The Good:

it fits great even though i got it a size to big! It's gone through multiple wipeouts and all you can see of them are just a few scratches.... and a broken visor =P

The Bad:

Dont get it ran over by a car.

Overall Review: <p>the bell drop helmet has been great for me even though i had to replace it because it was ran over by a car but other than that it fits great and it hardly hurts when you get slammed into the groung after a wipeout! </p>
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Vital MTB member dalton.williams.733
24194 dalton.williams.733,24194/all 05/07/13 1

Troy Lee Designs D3 Carbon Full Face Helmet

“TLD D3: Outstanding So Far”


The Good:

- fit is excellent
- shell finish is second to none
- vents pretty well
- liners are comfortable and easy to clean
- extra visor
- safe, safe, safe

The Bad:

- expensive, you get what you pay for I guess
- rubber/foam material around the chin area delaminates easily
- XL/XXL shell is HUGE (preference)

Overall Review:

I have been using the D3 pretty much from the get go when I started riding downhill a little over 2 years ago (had 2 other helmets for a couple of months before). I have been on both composite and carbon offerings and immediately I noticed upon picking up the helmets, is weight. I did feel quite a difference, the carbon being a little lighter. I did not put weight as a plus or minus for the helmet because I believe it is quite relative. Guys coming from moto say it is super light, and vice versa for riders coming from XC or AM. Finish is amazing on my Pinstripe blue D3.The helmet looks sick. I can't think Read More »

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Vital MTB member boylagz
10336 boylagz,10336/all 08/29/11 6,10336/setup 20 1

Giro Remedy CF Full Face Helmet

“Great comfortable, protective helmet”


The Good:

Comfortable (for most heads)
Works comfortably with Leatt

The Bad:

Not so bling?

Overall Review: <p>I've been riding remedy helmets for probably 10 years. I just keep picking them up as they can be had relatively cheaply and I know they fit my head.  I've had my fair share of bad wrecks and can't fault the helmet for anything.  It stopped a pointy stick that was headed for my head, and has worked well with my Leatt when I took an awkward OTB head bounce fall.  I've never found it super hot or super cool.  I do take it off on the lift usually.  What can you really say about a helmet?  It is protective, works with my other gear and there are at least some palatable graphics each year.  No one will drool over it like they will a D3 but for half the price, I'm fine with that.</p>
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Vital MTB member SuboptimusPrime
8648 SuboptimusPrime,8648/all 06/04/11 1 36 5

Giro Remedy Full Face Helmet

“2011 model - Excellent Helmet”


The Good:

well built in and out, paint job strong and well done, removable liner and cheek pads are simple to use. quick release chin strap, size it once and forget it and you can engage and disengage the quick release with gloves on.

The Bad:

if you have a pretty oval head, the helmet may be a bit loose side to side. but not enough to be a liability in a crash. I only say this because I am used to full face motorcycle racing helmets which fit significantly more snug than a full face mtn bike helmet.

Overall Review: <p>overall a great helmet, would buy again. only wish helmet description included what type of head this helmet fits. This hlemet seems more designed for a round shaped head not an oval shaped head. </p>

Fox Racing Rampage Full Face Helmet

“practical and affordable”


The Good:

This helmet is pretty cheap. just over $100 and is a pretty good helmet for that price. Goggles fit easy and stay in place. Design on the helmet looks really cool.

The Bad:

Does not like to fit well with a leatt brace, the helmet hits the brace and pushes your head down sometimes. It also has somewhat of an uncomfortable fit. The liner also likes to slide down on the top brim of the helmet.

Overall Review: <p>If you are looking for a good looking cheap helmet, this is the one for you. Itdoesn't cost much and is all you need if you are not racing DH every weekend. It does have some problems, but i guess you can't have your cake and eat it too. i would suggest it for an amateur or intermediate rider that just needs something to wear when they go to the bike park every once in a while. Not for an every weekend DH racer </p>
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Vital MTB member konakid911
4505 konakid911,4505/all 09/16/10,4505/setup 13 2

Troy Lee Designs D3 Carbon Full Face Helmet

“helmet = D3”


The Good:

ventilated, comfortable,safe and the best looking.

The Bad:

only it's price.

Overall Review: <p>If you are looking for a new helmet you have no other choice than the D3, there's no other helmet out there that is as well built and good looking out there. Before my Troy Lee Design's pinstripe black i have had 2 helmet's, one carbon too. This helmet havealready saved me in various hard crashes, and apart from some minor scratches and the paint in the visor crack a little it's like new. If you ride downhill , free ride, slop style or enduro it doesn't meter, it's still the best helmet on the market and i', sure it only will appear a better helmet when troy lee launch the D4 :) </p>
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Vital MTB member tmano2
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Evil Undead Frame

Vital Review

“Tested: Evil Undead - Makes Faster Easier”


Reviewed by Fred Robinson // Photos by Ian Collins // Studio shots by Fanatik Bike Co. After riding squishy bikes made out of aluminum down bumpy hills for several years, I had no real desire to try any other frame material for my downhill bike. I was happy with aluminum - no real complaints from me. That was until the day I saw a photo of a matte-black plastic Batmobile on two wheels and instantly thought to myself "I need that in my life, right now." There was nothing wrong with my current bike, it had modern geometry, bad ass suspension, and could ride faster than I ever could, but I just wanted to try something new all of Read More »

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Vital MTB member FredLikesTrikes
18548 FredLikesTrikes,18548/all 09/14/12 7 789 63,18548/setup 33 238 74 61 1