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Alex Rims Supra30 Rim

Vital Review

“Tested: Alex Supra30 Rim”


Review by Fred Robinson // Photos by Ian Collins We're sure you've heard of Alex Rims - they're one of the more popular OEM rim choices for a quite a few bicycle manufactures out there. But when you finally torch said rim, you're likely to purchase an aftermarket alternative to replace it, and where is Alex Rims in that market? It seems they have finally noticed a shortcoming here and have set their sights to expand further into aftermarket sales, specifically in North America and Europe. We were given the chance to lace up one of Alex's latest gravity offerings, the Supra30 rim. With an external width of 30mm and weight Read More »

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Vital MTB member FredLikesTrikes
18548 FredLikesTrikes,18548/all 09/14/12 7 789 63,18548/setup 33 238 74 61 1

X-Fusion RV1 HLR Fork

Vital Review

“Tested: X-Fusion RV1 HLR Fork”


Review by Ian Collins // Photos by Fred Robinson and Ian Collins Over the last decade or so downhillers haven't exactly had an excess of stellar options when it comes to forks. There were the two solid options that everyone knows about; the RockShox BoXXer and the FOX 40. Marzocchi and Manitou have won a few hearts over the years and despite some struggles they've remained alternative contenders as well. It's only in the past couple of years that the competition has really started to heat up with the arrival of companies like BOS, DVO and even SR Suntour. Under the Pivot Factory Race Team, X-Fusion has spent the time, money Read More »

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Vital MTB member Ian Collins
140 Ian Collins,140/all 08/01/09 6 154,140/setup 2 6 149 14 2

2014 Scott Genius LT 700 Tuned

Vital Review

“2014 Test Sessions: Scott Genius LT 700 Tuned”


Reviewed by Evan Turpen and Steve Wentz // Photos by Shawn Spomer and Lear Miller For 2014, Scott went back to the drawing board with their do-it-all Genius LT. The redesigned bike has been reduced from 185 to 170mm travel, but gains a new suspension design, 27.5-inch wheels, revised geometry, and a simple lever designed to enable you to pedal it up just about anything you'd like to rally back down. While it may look similar to the Genius 700, the Genius LT 700 is a big-mountain tamer with extra travel to back it up. The latest version looks clean and means business, so we were excited to put it through the wringer at the Read More »

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Vital MTB member bturman
109 bturman,109/all 08/01/09 1116 96 6155 944,109/setup 277 1332 2338 169 41

Loaded Precision AMX Signature Titanium Flat Pedal

“Incredibly thin and light”


The Good:

light, strong, color options, thin, grips well

The Bad:

price but you get what you pay for...incredible quality

Overall Review: <p>Probably the lightest pedals I've ever ran. I threw these on my dh bike since I've been trying to lighten it up for racing. I absolutely love the. Super thin, lightweight, but still just as sturdy as any other pedal. Used to run deity and vp but I preferred the design of the ti loaded ones. Haven't slipped. Beyond grippy with 5tens. I also put the anodized colored red pins to match my frame and they look legit </p>

Loaded Precision AMX Signature Wheelset

“Amazing wheelset”


The Good:

Strong, hold up for DH riding, niples and spoke color choice, excellent make, light weight

The Bad:

no 36 hole available

Overall Review: <p>This rim has been incredibly strong! I use it on my intense 951 and also on my am bike. It has a few nicks in it, but with all the stress and riding, I am surprised of how the color anodizing has held up great! I'm not disappointed. Definitely worth the investment. It's light weight without the expense of strength. My only wish is that they made a carbon 26" rim for my dh bike. I'd for sure run that. Loaded has never let me down! </p>

Loaded Precision X-Lite Seatpost

“Amazing post”


The Good:

strong, sturdy, colorful selection, price

The Bad:

needs to add orange into their color selection

Overall Review: <p>I've been running this seat post for over a year. It's held up strong for me. Easy installation for my SDG saddle. No complaints! Loaded does a fantastic job in it's designs </p>

2011 Black Market Contraband

“Blk Market”


The Good:

Serious geometry, strong build, beautiful

The Bad:

not sure yet. Has held up great for me and I put my bike through hell

Overall Review: <p>I swear by Black market! I've been on these bikes for about 6 years now. Love them. The geometry is incredible. Has held up strong. I've beaten mine up pretty good and it's still in great condition. Wish I could afford to get new ones as he produces and updates his frames, but budget hold me back. Excited for the latest edit. Hoping to build one up soon! </p>