RockShox Vivid Rear Shock



RockShox Vivid Rear Shock
Riding Type
Enduro / All-Mountain
Freeride / Bike Park
Spring Type
External Adjustments
  • Adjustable Hydraulic Bottom Out with five compression settings
  • 20 clicks of Rebound adjustment
  • Available Sizes
  • 165x37.5
  • 165x40
  • 165x42.5
  • 165x45
  • 185x47.5
  • 185x50
  • 185x52.5
  • 185x55
  • 205x57.5
  • 205x60
  • 205x62.5
  • 205x65
  • 225x67.5
  • 225x70
  • 225x72.5
  • 225x75

  • 190x37.5
  • 190x40
  • 190x42.5
  • 190x45
  • 210x47.5
  • 210x50
  • 210x52.5
  • 210x55
  • 230x57.5
  • 230x60
  • 230x62.5
  • 230x65
  • 250x67.5
  • 250x70
  • 250x72.5
  • 250x75
  • Weight
    1 lb 7.2 oz (657 g)
  • TouchDown R damper features sensitivity and suppleness off the top while remaining stable and supportive throughout its travel. With added Adjustable Hydraulic Bottom Out to resist harsh hits, this position-sensitive damper combines reliable performance with energetic responsiveness at every position in the travel.
  • TouchDown R damper offers only Rebound adjustment.
  • The most coil-like air spring we’ve ever built featuring the latest in DebonAir technology, Vivid’s air spring maximizes fine-tuning potential, allowing riders to match positive air volume to any bike. Increased mid-stroke support and off-the-top suppleness create an unparalleled ride feel out on the trail.
  • Adjustable Hydraulic Bottom Out has five compression settings at your fingertips to customize the amount of bottom-out resistance in the last 20% of travel.
  • The Rebound Knob pulls out to reveal a 3mm hex wrench that can adjust both High Speed Compression and Hydraulic Bottom Out.
  • Maxima Plush Dynamic Suspension Lube reduces friction, lasts longer, and enhances suspension performance, ride after ride.
  • 20 clicks of Rebound adjustment offer a wide range of tunability to accommodate all riding styles.
  • Service intervals are now boosted to 100 hours of ride time, thanks to an updated dust wiper seal design and increased oil volumes.
  • Rebound Tune : R25, R55
  • Compression Tune : C26, C30, C34, C37
  • Lockout Force : N/a
  • Shaft Eyelet : Bearing, No Bushing, No Bushing - 90 Deg Rotation, Standard, Standard - 90 Deg Rotation
  • Body Eyelet : Bearing, No Bushing, No Bushing - 90 Deg Rotation, Standard, Standard - 90 Deg Rotation, Trunnion
  • Damper Type : R Adj. Hydraulic Bottom Out
  • E-Bike Approved
  • Weight Based on 230x65, Standard/Standard, No Hardware
  • RockShox Model ID : RS-VIVD-BSE-C1
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