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Spank Oozy 26AL EVO Complete Wheels (discontinued)

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Oozy Wheelset (complete) black
 Spank Oozy 26AL EVO Complete Wheels  Spank Oozy 26AL EVO Complete Wheels  Spank Oozy 26AL EVO Complete Wheels  Spank Oozy 26AL EVO Complete Wheels  Spank Oozy 26AL EVO Complete Wheels  Spank Oozy 26AL EVO Complete Wheels
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Tested: Spank Oozy EVO Wheelset - Light & Affordable

Rating: Vital Review

by Lee Trumpore

Due to the added benefits of reduced rotational weight, wheel selection has always been given special attention by riders looking to lighten or liven up their ride. With the increasing popularity of light, aggressive, and ~160mm travel all-mountain frames, the demand for equally capable parts often finds riders in a bind trying to balance cost, weight, and durability. These bikes are capable of keeping pace with DH bikes from not so long ago, yet they are light enough to be comfortably ridden up thousands of vertical feet. This has ushered in a new generation of wheels light enough for climbing, but strong enough to take repeated downhill abuse. This luxury comes with a hefty cost from many brands, so it is was exciting to hear that Spank Industries has been developing a 1650g complete wheelset aimed at the all-mountain and enduro racing crowd for just $600.

For the past few months they have been mounted to my Banshee Rune v2 and put through their paces in all types of riding in the mountains of Taipei to see if they are truly up for the task.


Spank Oozy 26AL EVO Highlights

  • Hand laced and hand built
  • 420g Spank Oozy EVOAL 26 rim - 26mm OD, 21mm ID, 19mm height
  • Dynamal alloy construction with Spanks patented OohBah profile
  • Triple butted, straight pull Sandvik spokes (2.0/1.8/2.0) *tested with 2.0/1.6/2.0
  • 1 spoke length used throughout the complete wheelset
  • Tubeless compatible
  • Beadnip design to help prevent ‘burping’ and pinch-flatting
  • Quad bearing rear hub with 27 point, 3 pawl engagement available in 135/142/150mm spacing
  • Front available in 15mm (stock) an 20mm (end caps sold separately)
  • Powder coat black and polished silver colors
  • Available in 28 hole 3-cross lacing in 26”, 650b, and 29” diameter
  • 1650g complete (26”)
  • $600 MSRP

Spank uses a unique Dynamal alloy that is claimed to be 20% stronger than 6061 aluminum to build their Oozy rims, while their patented OohBah profile is designed to add increased structural strength and stiffness while allowing for much thinner walls. While the inner channel of most rims curves down to match to general outer profile of the rim, the OohBah’s curves up. The corrugated profile also adds additional rigidity much the same way a corrugated sheet metal roof can be walked across while flat sheet metal can be bent by hand. Proprietary forging and drilling profiles allow the rim to be constructed without point-loading the spoke nipples and thus eliminating the need for heavier eyelets. Combined with straight-pull stainless steel spokes, this equation should add up to a light, stiff, strong and durable wheel.

I recently had the opportunity to visit the Spank factory to see how their wheels are made. This tour will provide some additional insight into what makes them roll:

On The Trail

I tend to judge wheel performance based more on what they don’t do, because other than carbon rims that have distinct ride characteristics, most wheels I’ve ridden all more or less function the same. With few complex moving parts, most riders make their choice based on technical specs and hope that the wheel does its job as trouble free and as long as possible. Sticking with that philosophy, I went with a set-it-and-forget-it approach: no tensioning, no truing, no special attention other than standard washing, and no lubrication other than the through-axle.

I mounted both cross-country tires and dual ply 2.35" wide Schwable Muddy Mary tires (more like a 2.7" on the Maxxis Minion scale) to confirm their fit and profile. However, actual riding was done entirely with a standard single-ply Maxxis Minion DHF 2.5" front and 2.35" rear combo with thin tubes. Pressures were in the 25 to 32 psi range. Fully suited up, I probably weigh in the neighborhood of 165+ pounds. While not the heaviest rider in the world, as a once-upon-a-time Pro downhill racer and occasional World Cup pack filler I can still put a proper beating on a set of wheels.


I used these wheels for everything from downhill racing on my all-mountain bike, standard cross-country rides, a nine mile climb to the top of Neng Gao Shan, and repeated local trail riding and shuttle runs on the steep and rocky trails around Taipei. In the course of testing I blew one rear shock and chewed through a set or rear brake pads in the belt-sander that is Taipei mud, but the wheels remained 100% trouble free. While I never specifically tested flat resistance, I experienced exactly one flat tire while jumping onto a sharp rock slab at full tilt. The single ply tires and low pressure surely deserve some of the blame for that one.After two months the hubs are as smooth and quiet as new, spokes are still evenly tensioned, there are no dents or cracks in the rims, the front wheel is arrow straight, and as the video clip below shows, the rear is just a few millimeters off (the result of a two hour shuttle run over the weekend).

Things That Could Be Improved

The BeadNip certainly does as it is intended and locks the bead solidly into the sidewall. While I don’t run tubeless, I can see this being a huge positive for anyone who has had trouble with burping in the past. The negative is that you most definitely need to use tires levers to get tires on and off. Though I was able to remount new tires a second time without the lever, I wasn’t able to get them off without one. Even after completely unseating one bead and removing the tube, I often needed to use the tire lever to get the second bead off the rim as well. As someone who has long been able to quickly mount/dismount tires easily with my fingers, this was annoying, and something to keep in mind for the aspiring enduro racer if you are one to switch treads often during an event. Not a deal breaker by any means, but certainly something to keep in mind. Spank is also aware of this being a potential issue and is working to find a more optimized balance of tire security and ease of mounting.


What's The Bottom Line?

Simply put, these wheels were everything they appeared to be on paper. Out of the box they were certainly light and extremely stiff, despite my pre-production wheels running thinner 2.0/1.6/2.0 spokes. On the trail they did nothing to draw attention to themselves by way of flex, loss of spoke tension, or unusual pinch flatting. I’d recommend them highly to anyone looking for a light, stiff, and durable all-mountain or enduro racing wheelset at a reasonable price. At $600, these wheels are a steal considering the cost of their same weight peers. Carbon might drop another 200 grams, but it'll cost you another $1000. That's a lot of Taiwan beer. They won’t be coming off my bike any time soon.

For more details, check out

low quality shiny wheelset

The Good:

Looks good

The Bad:

Bad welds, i.e. not possible to run tubeless. Bad rim tape, does nothing in terms of tubeless readiness. Freewheel came off after a few rides.

Overall Review:

The worst downgrade I have ever purchased for my bike. Due to this poor choice of judgement I sit around off my bike because it is always some trouble with the rims or something else to do with the Spank Oozy 26 AL wheel set.

First thing, they are not that tubeless ready. You have to install rimstrip (Joes or Stans) or similar to run them tubeless.

Second thing, the weld got broken which also means yo have to use rimstrip. Otherwise it will burp every turn through the weld.

Thirdly, when the above was finally fixed the free hub body got loose.

I do not like this product.

My previous Mavic SX was tubeless and they worked, I wish I would have bought the yellow 27.5" Mavic Enduro wheel set.

Reasonable wheels for the price.

The Good:

Light, strong, tubeless ready, many axle sizes (as long as you spend extra)

The Bad:

Not fully compatible with many axle sizes or tubeless out of the box an no valves or rim tape, alloy free hub.

Overall Review:

Lots of riders use different axles, not their fault, just how the industry has moved. So if you manufacture wheel-sets it would be great to include most common hub adapters, 100x20mm, 100x15mm, 142x12mm and 134x10mm are pretty standard. Then soon we'll need these annoying SRAM Boost options. So it would be great if wheelset makers included these extra axle adapters or one or two others in the box. Also if you want to sell something as 'tubeless ready' you might like to include rim tape, valves and tire sealant, otherwise that makes your product not tubeless ready.

That rant over, the actual wheelset is pretty good and fairly durable and will last most riders a season or two, the lack of eyelets and feel of the alloy make them feel cheap, although very sturdily made, seems the manufacturing processes have worked some magic, but the material component is actually quite cheap. I got through 2 wheel bearings and a spoke in more than two years of abuse. However I've put them aside because the free-hub is alloy and has gotten pitted, plus I've got other wheels that are better.

For the same price and about the same age and weight I have Fulcrum Red Zones, made in Italy, and really much better made than the Spank wheel-set, only one lost spoke over a similar time period, same weight and steel free-hub. The Spanks have gone on my commuter. All in all a solid wheel-set but even at this price point you can still get better stronger wheel-set. These wheels are kind of brash and impressive over a shorter term, but long term abuse shows their weakness.


Product Spank Oozy 26AL EVO Complete Wheels
Riding Type Trail
Wheel Size 26", 27.5" (650b), 29"
Rim Material Aluminum
Rim Oozy 26AL EVO, 26mm Outer Width
Inner Rim Width 21.5mm
Hole Count 28 Hole
Tubeless Compatible Yes
Rear Hub Oozy 28 Hole, Straight Pull, 9/10-Speed, Alloy Freehub, 12mm x 142mm, 27 Tooth Engagement, 3 Pawl, 4 Bearing, QR Adapter Included, (10x135mm Adapters Sold Separately)
Rear Axle 12mm x 142mm
Front Hub Oozy 28 Hole, Straight Pull, 15mm, QR Adapter Included, (20mm Adapter Sold Separately)
Front Axle 15mm x 100mm
Disc Mount Type 6 Bolt
Spokes Triple Butted, Sandvick T302 Steel
Nipples Alloy
Colors Polished Black or Silver
Weight 3 lb 10.2 oz (1,650 g)
Miscellaneous Available in 26", 27.5" and 29" the Oozy EVO is the newest wheelset from Spank Ind. Built on the proven Oozy 26AL EVO rim platform, the new Oozy EVO wheelset is a step forward for trail/enduro riders worldwide. Using a customized straight pull 28H hubset, with oversized modified flanges to allow for the use of a single spoke length right/left~front/rear, the Oozy EVO wheels are not only incredibly light, but ultra convenient, special for a light weight straight pull system which remains adaptable to 135/142mm rear and Qr/15/20mm front. Oozy EVO Wheels are perfect for the modern trail rider or Enduro competitor, looking for stiff and responsive performance, but a trim profile and ultralight weight.
Price $599
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