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Park Tool Rotor Truing Gauge

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Park Tool Rotor Truing Gauge

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The Good:

Better angles to see bent rotors, Connects to the truing stand, Finely threaded bolt allows micro-adjustments, Locking ring to lock bolt in place.

The Bad:

Still lacks some accuracy, Round head of gauge struggles with some types of rotors (Shimano IceTech)

Overall Review:

Disc brakes can be a real beast. There are, what seems to be, endless possibilities for them not to work properly. One of the most common issuethat causebrake problemsisabentrotor.The space between disc pads is about, throwing in a 2mm wide rotor and you don't have that much wiggle room for awobbly rotor.

Park Tool understands this and have answered by offering a wide range of tools to get those rotors straight. An excellent one actually is in the form one of theirtruing stand accessories, the Rotor Truing Gauge.

Out of the Box:

This tool is pretty. It mounts to a pre-existing hole on the truing stand and can be adjusted to work with tinyXC 140mm rotors all the way to themonstrous 203mm DH ones.  With ultra-finethreads, you can slowly twist the bolt closer to the rotor until you're able to find the high spot and get it straight. What if the high spot is on the other side of the rotor? The head of the bolt has an overlying lip. Just adjust the gauge so that lip is on the other side of the rotor and lowly bring back the bolt. It's super easy to use.


Personally, this rotor truing gauge does a good job at showing where the bends are (certainly better than just keeping the wheel on the bike) but if you are as OCD about keeping things mint, the Park Tool Dial Indicator is exactly what you need. It costs about $40 (just as much as the Rotor Truing Gauge) which could be a deal breaker. Being able magnify bends in the rotor from the naked eye to a 1/100th of a millimeter on the dial really takes theguesswork out.


The only majorcomplaint I have with the Rotor Truing Gauge is that the round head of the bolt can stick into some of the larger holes of rotors like Shimano's Ice Tech, which can cause a little frustration when trying to make the rotor perfectly straight. This was an even larger issue with the Dial Indicator I currently own but has been fixed with a larger surface on that latest model.

Bottom Line:

It is possible to true a bent rotor while keeping the wheel on the bike and seeing where the rotor hits the brake pads. It's difficult, especially if there are multiple bends. If you already own a Park Tool truing stand, spending a few more bucks for the Rotor Truing Gauge will be much easier and quicker to use. In my opinion, it is totally worth the money. The Dial Indicator is an upgrade that is absolutely worth the money if you are serious about getting, and keeping your rotors perfectly straight. (Note: You will need to purchase the Rotor Truing Gauge in addition to the Dial Indicator to be able to attach the Dial Indicator to the stand.) I would recommend both of these tools to any home mechanic.


Product Park Tool Rotor Truing Gauge
Tool Type For the Garage
Miscellaneous Park Tool Rotor Truing Gauge. Tools. Accurately gauge the straightness of disc brake rotors while the wheel is mounted in a TS-2 Professional Wheel Truing Stand. The DT-3 features an infinitely adjustable, finely threaded indicator gauge. Works with any diameter brake rotor. .
Price $39.56
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