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Park Tool Professional Cable And Housing Cutter

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Better than dikes

Rating: Featured Member Review
The Good:

Cuts crips and clean most of the time, Comfy handle, Jaws open super wide (6.90mm), Crimping feature for end caps/ferrules

The Bad:

Not the most secure locking feature, Came loose on me and never cut the same since

Overall Review:

In regards to tools for us self-titled “home mechanics,” housing and cable cutters may not be the mostly used tool, but they certainly need to function the best. Spending $10 on cheap cutters can get the job done but often times with frayed cable ends. Dropping $50+ on hyper nice cutters may be a little overkill for the average cyclist who is too cheap or independent to have the work done at their LBS. In search for the best valued cutters, I purchased the Park Tool CN-10 cutters. After 5 years of use, here are my impressions:

Out of the Box:

The Park Tool CN-10 cutters look and function very well right out of the box. Not sure if you could find a smoother pair of cutters for under $40. They are made up of cold forged, heat treated steel handles and ultra fine chompers that could eat up any cable or housing piece I could throw at it. These jaws open up to an impressive 6.90mm wide which is by far wide enough to get around 4mm or 5mm housing and even large zip-tie heads.


The CN-10 cutters also came with an integrated crimper for cable ends and housing ferrules which is a nice additive if you don’t have pliers or dikes handy. Personally I don’t use the crimpers because I find them a little awkward for things as small as cable ends but nevertheless a nice feature to have.


The CN-10 also come with comfy plastic covers to the steel handles that for the most part stay in place. Sometimes one side will slide up or down a bit on the handle but isn’t a complete deal breaker. If this happens, slide the entire plastic cover off, drip some drops of superglue into the handle and then slide it back onto the steel handle. Should be as good as new. Last thing worth mentioning is the wire locking clip on the end of one of the plastic handles. Most importantly, it does its job of securing the cutters closed for storage but they aren’t the best designed system for such a job. They are made of medium stiffness wire which can have a tendency to bend or fall out. Mine personally haven’t fallen out but I have seen a few that have.


Once that flimsy wire is gone, the CN-10 cutters become extremely awkward to store because they can’t be closed and locked. Not the best design if you ask me.

Long-term Durability:

About a year ago (after 4 years of use) the nut that holds the cutters together came loose. I quickly retightened them after having the cutters botch a few cables and housing pieces. Before this happened, the CN-10 cutters cut clean and crisp every time but now I have to be slightly careful on the size and angles I cut things now or they wont come out at clean and I would like them to.


Bottom Line:

For the first 4 years of use, I have been very pleased with the Park Tool CN-10 cutters. After they started getting loose on me, they have never been the same. They still cut alright as long as I am careful but given the reputation of Park Tool and only using them to cut cables and housing, I would have expected these cutters to last much, much longer without any issues. At retail price of $38, I feel there are less expensive, better designed cutters that will last just as long if not longer than the CN-10. If you find these on a killer deal or are OCD about keeping all your tools one brand, these cutters will do the job but if you are open to different brands, I would recommend the Pedros Cutters over these.

Pretty bad

The Good:

Look nice, I guess

The Bad:

These are pretty bad cutters. We ordered a batch for our shop. about half wouldn't cut all the way through a cable and housing right out of the box. When we called park, they said it was our fault for not adjusting them before use- which seemed a little ridiculous to me. The half that worked out of the box wore out within a few months.

Overall Review:

I expected better out of park. Most of their tools are OK but these were bad and it was horrible for them to say we need to adjust their cable cutters. Stick with Felco or really anything else.

Anything else is better!

The Good:

Solid feel in your hand....otherwise nothing!

The Bad:

Everything. As a professional bike mechanic for years my work benches have always been primarily PARK TOOLS (including my home work bench) because PARK makes the best version of most bike tools out there. PARK cable cutters are the exception! Most other brands are superior to the park cable cutters. They get dull; they bend the housing; fray cables when cutting; plastic handles slide off over time, and basically just SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even Dykes work better in most cases.

Overall Review:

Ice tools, Pedros, Spin Doctor, any other generic brand of cable cutters are better than these!


Product Park Tool Professional Cable And Housing Cutter
Tool Type For the Garage
Miscellaneous Park's Professional Cable And Housing Cutter is specifically for use on derailleur and brake cables and housing. It even makes quick work of hard-to-cut shift-cable housing. Its cold-forged, heat-treated-steel handles won't bend and its precision-ground jaws cut perfectly every time. Its dual-density molded grips are specially contoured for superior comfort and control. Plus, there's a built-in cable-end crimper and a forming hole for reforming housing ends.
Price $39.99
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