Park Tool Park SR-1 Chain Whip

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A pretty good piece but could be improved.

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The Good:

Gets the job done
Removes cassettes and freewheels
Mostly indestructible (see the bad)

The Bad:

Has a tendency to rust if placed in a damp/wet area (but what doesn't?)
The chain links can break and can be quite difficult to get put back together
Could have a few extra links to the whip

Overall Review:

The Park Tool SR-1 Chain Whip came with a “starter” tool kit that I purchased as I got into biking more than 10 years ago. That being the case, Park Tool hasn’t changed much since (which could be viewed as a good and/or bad thing.)

It’s designed as a sprocket (freewheel) remover / chain whip, yet I have only used it as a chain whip on my mountain bikes.

At the other end of the this tool there is a 1” (25.4mm) box-end wrench. I use this to tighten the cassette with the FR-5G cassette lockring tool and it works very well. The cool thing about this box-end wrench is that it will work with pretty much any other Park Tool sprocket remover tools.


Functionality wise, the Park Tool SR-1 is built pretty darn well. It comes with a comfortable handle and the steal material is rugged and strong. It shows little signs of wear on that aspect of the tool. The thing that is most noticeable on my SR-1 is the rust it accumulated, relatively easily, while temporarily being stored in a damp place. Granted I should have taken better care in storing my tools but nevertheless, was slightly surprising.

Initially, I doubt any performance has been lost but I wouldn’t be surprised if the chain whip would become weaker and apt to break down the road. Which leads me to my next concern. Although it hasn’t happened to me, I have a few friends that have had the chain pins which connect the chain to handle snap. Once this happens, it is very difficult to get the the pin pushed back correctly (chain breakers don’t really fit in well to get the job done.) What my friend ended up doing was replace the broken pin with a new shimano one and tediously installed it, using a vice. The only other concern I have is with the advancement of 11 speed and 12 speed cassettes. Although stated as a 5-10 speed compatible chain whip, I have used the SR-1 countless times with my 11 speed cassette. I’m not sure if it will damage these types of cassettes or not and it would be nice if Park Tool would include that information with this product. With larger cassettes with more teeth, it would be nice to have a few extra links on the whip so you can get a better grip when removing the cassette.


Although not perfect, the Park Tool SR-1 does get the job done. Make sure you store in a dry place and that you are careful not to tweek the links of the whip and you shouldn’t have any issues. And if you do, I’m sure Park Tool would help you out with their limited lifetime warranty. If you are looking at getting one for your 11 speed or 12 speed set-up, I would do a little more research to make sure it’s truly compatible with that speed of cassette before pulling the trigger on this one. With all this said, I am pretty pleased with my SR-1.

Must Have for Any Home Mechanic

The Good:

well built, priced right, does what it is supposed to do, built in hex for use with park cassette removal tool (handy)

The Bad:

not made out of carbon fiber (I don't know, grasping for straws here)

Overall Review:

I am not sure what to say, its a cassette removal tool, it works. I feel the handle is just the right size to be able to apply the right amount of leverage without being overkill.  You should get one and then come here and write your own review, sheesh. 

SR-1 a quality tool, but nothing too special

The Good:

Does the job as advertised, nice length and grip for extra leverage and comfort

The Bad:

End for cassette tool isn't very useful, not quite as effective as new plier style chin whip

Overall Review:

The SR-1 Chain whip from Park tool is a quality piece of kit. While not as fancy as some of the new plier style chain whip tools, the SR-1 simply works. It has a nice feel to it, with a nice rubberized blue wrap, KMC chain and an end that fits most cassette tools.

I bought this tool when my cheaper whip from Nashbar broke, I probably could have just replaced the old chain that had snapped, but i wanted something of a higher quality and I knew Park Tool would be that. I have used this tool on everything from a 6 speed steel road bike to my 11 speed sram drivetrain. The tool fits each width fine and as long as it is used correctly, I have not had issues with the tool slipping or twisting. The tool is long enough that you can get alot of leverage on it, for extra torque breaking loose stubborn cassettes. The rubber grip makes it so the tool will not slip, and is comfortable when applying torque.

The end that is designed for fitting various cassette tools is nice, but you can only use it for tightening the cassette as the tool is holding the cassette in place when loosening. Since I already have the ratchet out for taking the cassette off I use the same ratchet to tighten it too, instead of

the chain whip. It is a nice touch, but not all that functional. Quality tool from Park that has yet to let me down. This tool is one of the essentials in my opinion no matter the size of the shop, and the SR-1 has the quality and functionality that will make the average mechanic happy as well as the professional in the shop.


Product Park Tool Park SR-1 Chain Whip
Tool Type For the Garage
Miscellaneous This combination chain whip and freewheel/lockring remover wrench is heat treated to prevent bending and flexing. It also features pins to keep chain in place and a comfortable handle. Works with Campagnolo 10 speed cassette. How to use this product, or related technical information: Removing Rear Cogs
Price $21.40
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