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Park Tool CT-3 Chain Tool

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A must-have for the home mechanic

Rating: Featured Member Review
The Good:

Easy to use
High quality materials
Has the potential to last forever

The Bad:

Push pin can bend or break if not careful

Overall Review:

I purchased my Park Tool CT-3 over 10 years ago and I do have to say, it has been fantastic! Below are my impressions:

Future Proof:

The best thing about it is that it has been able to keep up with the times, as if it's 100% future proof. When I picked it up, I was running a 9 speed chain, since then I have moved up to 10 and more recently to 11 speed. The best part about these changes, besides the obvious increase in gears, is that the CT-3 works for each chain type. Although Park Tool states that this tool is only compatible with 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 speed chains, I have been able to use it just fine on my 11 speed drivetrain. I'm sure it will be compatible with Sram's new 12 speed "Eagle" chains as well.


The CT-3 chain breaker has impressive driving force. They is probably thanks to the bolt's vast amounts of threads running, seamlessly through the base of the tool. At no time have I ever felt like these threads were going to strip or that the tool was near failure. It's pretty much built to last. Helpful tip: Fully unthread the driving bolt of the chain breaker and throw some high quality grease on the threads and then thread it back into the base plate. Doing so will make breaking chains even more effortless.


The materials are very high quality and Park Tool also vinyl dipped the handle of the driving bolt which makes it very comfortable to use.

One thing to watch out for:

One thing to keep an eye out is that the chain is sitting flush and centered while in use. Having the chain not centered can cause the pin to push unevenly which will cause the pin to either bend or break. Personally this has never happened to me but I have had a few friends who have broken these pins by being careless. If for some reason it happens, these pins can be replaced at a very reasonable price. (they are currently only $1.49 a piece online.)


Bottom line:

If you are a home mechanic or just can't reason spending $10 at your LBS to replace a worn out chain, I would strongly recommend getting the CT-3 chain breaker by Park Tool. It's high quality and is built to last forever. At less than $30, you'll be glad to have this tool.

Shop quality chain tool, own it for life

The Good:

Strong, durable, replaceable pins

The Bad:

CT-3 may not work on 11 speed chains. The newer CT-3.2 works on 5-11 speed chains.

Overall Review:

I've used this chain tool for over 15 years without fail. So far, I have replaced one pin.  The steel construction and fine machining is both durable and smooth.   The rubber coated handles are also a plus.   This tool also works loose kinks in the chain.  Not much more to say than buy this tool and you will own it for life.

works how it should

The Good:

Works exactly as advertised. I have replaced multiple chains and it has been perfect. Even the dreaded shimano link pops in very simply. I thought it was worth the price.

The Bad:

I have no bad issues with this. As of now no problems whatsoever.

Overall Review:

I would recommend purchasing this item. I always think it is worth it to have quality tools in your arsenal.

Quality chain tool

The Good:

Solid feel, fits nearly all chains

The Bad:

Probably too big/overkill to take in your pack

Overall Review:

You might be tempted to try and save a few bucks and use the little chain tool on your fancy multi-tool for home bike repairs, but this tool is much better. I am of the philosophy that the fewest times you have to replace pins and "brake" your chain, the less likely you are to have problems on the trail with it. Park's tool here gives you the best chance at keeping your chain in proper order and offers a big enough handle to transfer the nuances of pin pushing to your fingers. My favorite feature is that you can easily tweak any stiff links without resorting to the bend-the-chain technique.


Product Park Tool CT-3 Chain Tool
Tool Type On Trail, For the Garage
Miscellaneous Park Tool CT-4.2 Master Mech Chain ToolThe CT-4.2 will work with 8, 9, 10 and 11 speed chains. Also fits the asymmetrical Shimano chain designs such as Dura-Ace 7900.Specially designed to work with the tight tolerances and narrow profile of 10/11 speed chains and most high quality derailleur chains. The CT-4.2 is a powerful, precise tool designed to quickly and accurately remove and install chain pins. Without a doubt the most accurate chain tool Park has ever built! Integrated Link Pocket to ensure precise alignment during use Replaceable, rotating pin Perfectly contoured cushioned handles Precisely machined investment cast body and components Note: The CT-4.2 is NOT compatible with Wipperman chains.
Price $26.96
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