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Park Tool P-Handled Hex Wrench Set

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A mega must-have for any home mechanic

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The Good:

Functional durable, Never dents, Excellent finish, precise fit, comfortable handle

The Bad:

A blue handle broke on me

Overall Review:

If you are looking into getting, or just building up your home mechanic tool kit, Having a P/T handled hex kit is a MUST. That being said, you have tons of options: Anywhere from Harbor Freight, Amazon, department store brands like Sears, bicycle specific brands like Park Tool and Pedros, and then the ultra expensive, high-end brands from Europe....tons of options.



When I decided to purchase a set of Hex wrenches, I decided to go with Park Tool, because I already had a large amount of their tools, and also because I have been very pleased with how they have kept over the years. For the most part, the most important part of tools (functional durability) I have been extremely impressed. I'm super OCD with all my bike components so if something isn't perfect, I fix it. That means I use this hex set almost every night. That being said, they have shown very little signs of wear on the finish. Even more impressive, if I could somehow re-plate the finish on them, they would appear to be brand new. They have no signs of dents and bends that can happen ever so often when working with stubborn of seized bolts. When it comes to overall functional durability, the Park Tool P-Handled Hex Wrench set offers amazing quality without costing a huge amount of mula.


While working with this hex set, the first thing I noticed was how comfortable they were to handle. Some sets can feel bulky or awkward in hand, this Park Tool set feels completely natural. Before owning this set, I was constantly stripping out hex bolt heads. I have been very impressed with the precise measurements of this set and after I started using them, I have never stripped out a bolt since. The last thing worth mentioning is the ball head found on the end of the long side of each wrench. I use this end of the wrench all the time. The ball head allows me to get into super tight areas that I would normally never be able to get to with a regular head (Front derailleur bolts, bottle cage bolts, etc). Although you can't really crank bolts down with this side of the wrench, I feel I can easily reach 5-7 nm of torque and that is plenty for those types of areas of the bike. This set also comes with a wrench holder that can be screwed into a wall or peg-board that really helps in making them accessible in the middle of tough projects like fork overhauls.


The only bad thing I have experienced with these wrenches is the plastic handles found around the bend of the wrench.


While loosening some crazy over-torqued pivot points of my friend's DH bike, I heard a huge "POW" and thought I broke his bolt in half, I looked down and saw that the plastic handle of the 8mm wrench broke off. A pure manufacture defect and should be covered under their lifetime warranty but to be honest, it's that that big of an issue and I haven't gotten around to contacting them yet (you would think after writing such a detailed review I would, haha, it's whatever). Aside from this happening, these wrenches have been flawless.

Bottom Line:

Every home mechanic should have a set of P/T handled hex wrenches. It makes working on common components parts so much easier. There are a tone of options to choose from. I went with the Park Tool P Handled and am glad I did. Aside from the plastic handle breaking on my 8mm wrench, I would recommend this set to anybody!


Product Park Tool P-Handled Hex Wrench Set
Tool Type For the Garage
Miscellaneous Park Tool P-Handled Hex Wrench Set. Tools. These thoughtfully designed P-handled hex wrenches fit the task at hand, as well as hey fit in your hand. The long shaft of each wrench is fitted with a Bondhus Balldriver for those hard to reach bolt heads. The short end of the wrench is neat .... .
Price $61.16
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