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Park Tool AWS-9 Hex Wrench Set

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High quality steel tools in a compact composite package

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The Good:

Hex wrenches are made from high quality steel

The Bad:

No complaints on this tool

Overall Review:


The Park Tool fold-up hex wrenches are made from high quality steel bolted to a composite frame. The AWS-9 has three hex wrenches (4mm, 5mm, 6mm), a flat blade screwdriver and a Philipps screwdriver. There is also an AWS-9.2 that substitutes a T25 torx wrench in place of the Phillips screwdriver. I have the AWS-9 and AWS-10 and actually prefer the AWS-10 in the photo which has seven hex wrenches (1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm) and nothing else. All of these fold-up tools are properly designed and perform well for both trailside repairs and in the shop. If you are looking for more than basic wrenches, Park Tool also manufactures a full line of more complex multi-tools with the MTC prefix in their model number. 

When you are looking at more advanced multi-tools, all of those wonderful pieces are tightly meshed and wrapped in the smallest package imaginable. This is a great selling point for the LBS employee showing you all the possibilities on the showroom floor. And it is almost impossible to resist the appeal and logic. "Wow, I can get 27 tools in a 120 gram package!" The honeymoon ends when you have your first trailside repair. Stumpy tools are difficult to handle and often can't reach important, hard-to-reach bolts. Poorly designed tools made from substandard metals can instantly become rounded and useless. It is a sad moment to find out your new $35 tool is essentially a beautiful fishing weight. 

This is the exact same moment when your basic Park Tool hex wrench will shine! It may not have the chain breaker, spoke wrench, leather punch, or scissors, but when it comes to turning hex bolts and screw heads, this is the one you want. All of the wrenches are 2" long at a minimum and made from industrial steel which has been hardened and tempered for long life. The length and design makes it possible to turn even the most intricately positioned bolts. The blue composite body keeps the weight down and has more than enough strength to handle any torque you can throw at it.

I would recommend that riders own a high quality basic hex wrench like this before you buy a more complex multi-tool. 4.5 stars for the Park Tool fold-up hex wrenches!

Simple tool, but use for certain tasks

The Good:

Simple, provide more leverage than a smaller tool, long hexes

The Bad:

Not as good as a t handle wrench

Overall Review:

This tool is dead simple, but handy every once in a while out on the trail. I will say that this may be one of my least used tools in my tool box, but it does have its place. 90% of the time I am using my t handled park tools in the shop, or my small multi tool when out on the trail. WHere this shines is the extra length of the bits and leverage it can provide out on the trail. I always have this in the bottom of my pack for those situations where my tiny multi tool just will not cut it. Tightening suspension bolts for example, or on my brake calipers where my multitool can only make 1/10th of a turn, or tightening a square taper crank bolt, this tool works better than my multi tool.Since it is a Park Tool, I have not had issues with the keys being too small or too big on bolts, and the ends have not rounded off like cheaper wrenches can. I was weary of the composite body at first (feels like plastic) but I have really put some force into this tool and it has not broken or cracked. I think that it is a great additional set of allen wrenches, but the lack of a chainbreaker, spoke wrenches, and screwdriver, means it will never be my primary tool.


Product Park Tool AWS-9 Hex Wrench Set
Tool Type On Trail
Miscellaneous Park's Hex Wrench Set includes the most-needed Allens (4, 5 and 6mm), plus a Phillips and flathead screwdriver, all in one convenient fold-up unit. The tool tips are chamfered for a positive grip and the one-piece fiber-reinforced-resin handle is light, comfortable, slip resistant and 40% stronger than steel.
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