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Lezyne Rap Tools (discontinued)

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Rap-20 (red/black)
 Lezyne Rap Tools  Lezyne Rap Tools  Lezyne Rap Tools  Lezyne Rap Tools  Lezyne Rap Tools  Lezyne Rap Tools  Lezyne Rap Tools  Lezyne Rap Tools  Lezyne Rap Tools  Lezyne Rap Tools
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Multitool with robust steel chain breaker.

The Good:

Robust steel chain breaker.
due to the length you get better leverage than with a small tool like Sv10

The Bad:

I don't have anything to say here apart from Teng Tools have slightly tighter tolerances on the tool hex bits than this tool has.

Overall Review:

I got this tool in 2019, because Sv10 did not have enough tools. But later I discovered the Sv10 had a weak chain breaker, it was made of aluminium and had a light weight construction. Rap 14 has a much beefier steel construction. and the tool is longer so you get better leverage.

Lezyne Rap14 with the sleeve off.


due to the amount and type of tools, and size of the side plates and the much more robust steel chain breaker this tool is quite heavy, but not overbuilt.

Lezyne Rap14 with the sleeve on.

The multi tool comes with this sleeve, keeping the tools secure so they won't pop out, this protects the tools and other things the tools might damage.

You should keep the cover on when you put the tool in the backpack, to prevent the tool causing unnecessary wear or damage to the tool compartment, and to keep the tool as clean as possible.







Here is the Rap 14 Multi tool using a 8mm hex key with Park tool BBT-16 16mm hex tool

This picture shows the tool in the palm of my hand, my hand has ca 9 cm knuckle width , and 21 knuckle diameter, I use medium Poc gloves, I use 34mm grips.



Some examples of me pretending to tighten bolts:

Lezyne Rap14 clearance on BIke Yoke Divine 185mm.


No issue with clearance with this tool and dropper post, I don't know if a dropper post with absurd bolt placement exist, but this one is not that, and the tool is not overly bulky so this is not a problem, same for the TRP Spyke brake, but this brake requires me to lift the swing arm to make room for the tool.


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Original review

This tool has all the tools I need from a Multi-Tool, but I needed different tools too, a Multi-Tool with all tools you might need does not exist, but some tools offer more than others, but at the time of this review I have Wolf Tooth pliers for example, and Dyna Plug tyre plug kit, but the Wolf Tooth pliers I have used several times to tighten then valve cores, because they can loosen up, it happen several times But Lezyne offered a Rap20 which has more tools.

But in the process of writing this review Lezyne's new Rap II series was released.

you can see Lezyne's video below



Product Lezyne Rap Tools
Tool Type On Trail
Features Ergonomic forged aluminum side plates.
Forged, wrapped Center-Pivot CrV+ anti-corrosion bits.
Chrome Vanadium steel fastening hardware.
Cast stainless steel chain breaker (Rap-20 and 14 only).
Three spoke wrenches integrated into chain breaker.

Rap-6 Tool
- Hex 3, 4, 5, 6mm
- Star Shaped T25
- Phillips Head

Rap-14 Tool
- Hex 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8mm
- Star Shaped T25, T30
- Phillips Head
- 9/10/11-Speed Chain Breaker
- Mavic Mtv, 3.22, 3.45 Spoke Wrenches

Rap-20 Tool
- Hex 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8mm
- Star Shaped T25, T30
- Phillips and Flat Head
- 8/9/10/11-Speed Chain Breaker
- Mavic Mtv, 3.22, 3.45 Spoke Wrenches
- Open End 10mm Tire Lever
- Open End 8mm, Bottle Opener, Disk Brake Wedge
Miscellaneous Weight
Rap-6 Tool: 74g
Rap-14 Tool: 149g
Rap-20 Tool: 178g

Rap-6 Tool: 25W × 67L × 26H (mm)
Rap-14 Tool: 51W × 67L × 27H (mm)
Rap-20 Tool: 54W × 81L × 21H (mm)

Color Options
black, red, blue, and purple.
  • $14.99
  • $24.99
  • $29.99
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