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Finish Line Grunge Brush (discontinued)

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Finish Line Grunge Brush
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The Finish Line Grunge Brush

Rating: Featured Member Review
The Good:

Works very well, versatile for other drivetrain parts, removable bristles which are very durable.

The Bad:

Not a thing.

Overall Review:

There’s a constant fight in the biking world between keeping a chain lubed and gunk-free. With all the experimentation one goes through with lubes and picking the one that works best in their environment, there is one tool out there that will help you though it all. It’s the Finish Line Grunge Brush. I’ve owned mine for 3 years now. Here are my impressions:


Out of the box:

The Finish Line grunge brush comes with 4 high quality detachable bristles (3 short ones on one end and 1 long one on the other). These bristles are removable so you can put the short, stubble ones on the single bristle side for specific projects like cleaning hardened much from a chainring. When all 3 short bristles are installed on the triple bristle side, it creates an incredibly tight passageway that is perfect for sending a chain through to remove unwanted dirt and mucky build-up; after all this brush was designed to do just that. What I’m really trying to get at is that the Grunge brush does an amazing job at cleaning a chain.




When cleaning the chain, I leave the chain dry when to get all the dirt and mud off and drip a little bit of Citrus Bike Chain Degreaser on the chain to completely remove built up grease. It does an excellent job at this but when using degreaser, the chain can quickly make a mess on the pullies of a derailleur, cassette, or chainrings. If your drivetrain is a complete mess, it is usually best to run the dry chain through the brush, remove the chain, cassette, and chainrings and clean those separately. But for a simple and quick clean, the Finish Line Grunge Brush is all you need.



After owning my grunge brush for 3 years now, I do have to say I have been very impressed with how the bristles have held up. If any of them start to get frayed out, I turn the bristles around and it pretty much goes right back to its original shape.


Bottom Line:

For what it is, the Finish Line Grunge Brush is outstanding. It’s a quick and simple way to clean a dirty chain while leaving it on the bike. The bristles are removable which makes it great for other drivetrain components as well. The brush is easy to use and has shown amazing durability. If you hate gunk buildup on your chain or love riding your bike rain or shine, this brush is a must have. 5 Stars.


Product Finish Line Grunge Brush
Tool Type For the Garage
Features Horseshoe shaped bristles at one end to clean all four sides of the chain. Use the long bristles on the other end of the brush to clean components like sprockets, derailleurs, cranksets, brakes and pedals. Can be used dry or for deep cleaning action.
Price $12.99
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