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Birzman Zama Shock Pump

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Birzman Zama Shock Pump
 Birzman Zama Shock Pump  Birzman Zama Shock Pump  Birzman Zama Shock Pump
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Birzman Zacoo Zama

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The Good:

Highly packable and light.
Robust and precise.

The Bad:

Too shiny for my photographic skills

Overall Review:


Scratched up and with gunky shaft (Whoops), but the hose and valve head are still intact and fresh.


I own and regularly use this pump for 6 years. It was purchased in a local sports goods shop.I just dumped most of my college paycheck on a new bike and realized I have no way of inflating the suspension to my liking. So I went ahead and bought the cheapest shock pump I could find around.


Little did I know in that moment, that this little gem will still work as well as new those 6 years later. It's lovely to work with, the pump head does let very little air out when unscrewed, so screwing in and out (whoops) is a nicely controlled way of finely adjusting pressure trailside. Just about 3 psi with each go. Speaking of trail, I take this pump with me all the time, it’s so minuscule that it will make way into the smallest of backpacks or hip packs.

The obvious disadvantage is the lack of gauge. Or is it? While adjusting suspension by pressure is possibly more precise, and easier to get your head around. Once, you find you perfect setup, adjusting by SAG can make your ride consistent, whether you go for a lightweight rip or heavily packed for all-day epic. Not so obvious advantage is that there is no gauge to brake. So if you forget (or you are plain lazy like me) to unscrew the pump all the way while jumping up and down on your bike trying to set up SAG, you have no dial to ruin with excessive pressure. Inner shaft did develop some play but it did not effect its ability to pump.


Highly packable, attractive, robust, and precise piece of kit, that is a joy to work with year after year. Cheap too. If you are willing to make your life harder by not having a pressure gauge, it will actually make your life much easier.


Product Birzman Zama Shock Pump
Tool Type On Trail, For the Garage
Features Capacity: 300 psi / 20.7 bar
Head: Air-Lock threaded valve head (to prevent air loss when disconnecting the valve from the shock)
Handle: CNC machined aluminum
Miscellaneous Size: 20 x 2 x 2cm
Weight: 57g
Price $30
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