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Direct-to-Consumer Tires: Versus Mountain Bike Tires Long-Term Tested
New tires from a new brand. They were 'Made to Challenge' and we can confirm Versus has pulled it off. Dig in for our impressions after several months of testing.
Vital Review
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Another tire company?! Yes. Versus Tires is a direct-to-consumer brand hitting the ground running with great pricing on fresh rubber. While Versus is entering a well established market with some dominant brands, they're coming at it from a unique angle with an excellent product. Versus reached out over eight months ago with the chance to ride some prototypes and then the final version. Our extensive testing proved that these are not simply catalog tires with fancy branding, these are well-thought-out, premier level tires. We have no doubt that Versus is coming into the mountain bike tire world with the right attitude at the right time to shake things up.



  • An excellent tread pattern for nearly every type of terrain
  • Fast rolling
  • Excellent cornering feel from an innovative tweak to the design of the cornering knobs
  • Climbing and descending are both excellent, on par with the best of what you're familiar with
  • The right casing options
  • The right rubber compounds for grip and durability
  • Direct-to-consumer sales and pricing
  • The Trail casing can be a little tricky to seat with its folding bead
  • Doesn't self-clean well in sticky mud conditions
  • Yellow splatter option is a slightly firmer rubber compound


  • Direct-to-consumer at ~$65 USD per tire
  • 29 x 2.4-inch sizing (27.5-inch planned for summer 2020)
  • Single-wall Trail casing: Folding bead, 60 TPI, dual-compound tread (63/59)
  • Double-wall Gravity casing: Wire bead, 60 TPI, dual-compound Grip tread (58/52)
  • VERSA Woven Layer: Bead-to-bead, rubber-impregnated mesh layer for durability and air retention
  • Side Knobs: Engineered fold line on the leading edge and a solid trailing edge
  • Designed for ~30mm rim widths
  • Colors: Black // Yellow splatter Trail option
  • Weights:
    • 29" Trail, Black: 1,130g (2.5 lbs, claimed) // 1,159g (2.6 lbs, actual)
    • 29" Trail, Splatter: 1,030 (2.3 lbs, claimed) // 997g (2.2 lbs, actual)
    • 29" Gravity: 1,300g (2.9 lbs, claimed)

From a technical perspective, there are a few things that help Versus stand out in the crowd. The first is the clever triangular siping on the cornering knobs, which gives a noticeable improvement in feel and grip. There is also a bead-to-bead rubber-impregnated mesh layer that gives the casing added puncture resistance and durability. The rubber mesh layer has a second benefit as well, it holds air better! Our bikes with Versus tires on them would go much longer in the garage without needing to be pumped up.

Look out gum-wall tires, neon splatter is back!? The splatter yellow tire option is going to be polarizing, but it makes your bike stand out and will match your Pit Vipers. Shy riders rest assured, you have a standard black option available as well.

Initial Impressions

The Gravity casing is stiff and sturdy, like a cross between a Maxxis Double Down and DH casing. This casing definitely felt tough and strong. The Trail casing is very compliant and much lighter. It compares to a Maxxis EXO to EXO+ casing range in terms of feel and flexibility.

Mounting the Gravity casing tire was a cinch and they paired well with our 155mm travel bike park/enduro shredder. The Trail casing was light and compliant with its folding bead, but a bit trickier to seat on carbon Santa Cruz Reserve and RideFast Hotwire rims. A compressor and some special mechanic tricks were required, including soap spray on the bead before inflating. On our Stan’s and Mercury Alloy rims this struggle was less, but a compressor could be a handy tool. We mounted another Trail set with CushCore without any trouble.

Inflated to 25psi on 30mm internal width rims, the tread measures 2.34-inches while the casing at its widest point is 2.4-inches. A hair narrow but pretty bang on.

On The Trail

There is nothing quite like rolling out on a fresh set of tires. All the pebbles that fling up and all the confidence provided by razor sharp knobs makes it a joy. We'd argue that fresh rubber is one of the most important and easiest ways to revitalize your bike.

These are quality mountain bike tires with tech that matches up against any other.

Long Term Durability

In our testing period we had zero flats with and without rim protection installed. As the tires wear there is not any significant undercutting of the cornering knobs and braking surfaces. They did round out a bit and chunk a little, but the overall structure of the knobs was intact and still more supportive after months of use than some other tires we've ridden. The dual-compound tread helps ensure better life. Overall, we believe you will be completely satisfied with the life of Versus tires. They hold up as well as any other high-end mountain bike tire.

What's The Bottom Line?

Every version of the new Versus tires impressed us. They are premier-level products for people who ride often, with all the qualities we look for in proper mountain bike tires. There is some innovation in the triangular siping on the side knobs, they hold up well, and are offered in Trail and Gravity casing options. Most of all, they make us confident when schralping turns.

As a direct-to-consumer company, Versus will be able to offer incentive programs, referral discounts, and/or bulk-buying options that make things more affordable – something very enticing for a type of product that wears out over time.

Keep an eye on for more details. The brand launches May 1st.

Vital MTB Long-Term Rating: 4.5 stars - Outstanding

About The Reviewer

Matt Fisher - Age: 39 // Years Riding 25: // Height: 6’0" (1.82m) // Weight: 190lbs (86.1kg)

Matt discovered mountain biking in 8th grade. It was a welcome escape from becoming an overweight, TV-addicted adolescent statistic. After a long, slow climb through the downhill racing ranks as fitness and skills improved, he landed in the Pro class and was able to make a go of it for 8+ years, winning some local and regional races and qualifying to race as pack-fill in the World Cup Series. In addition to a lifetime of riding and racing bikes, he has worked his entire career in the bike industry, starting as a shop rat sweeping floors at age 15. From there he has held jobs as a mechanic, salesperson, sales manager, global warranty manager, tech manual writer, demo team manager and more. Now he is a trail rider who doesn’t turn pedals against the clock very often, instead choosing to spend his time seeking out new trails and adventures wherever he happens to be. He'll never give up on going fast and playing in the margins.

Photos by Marc Bergreen


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Amazing tire
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Grip amazing
Effortless Tubeless installation
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Nothing I have encountered
Overall Review:

I’ve been running versus for a year now after I got asked to test the prototypes. I rode them just about everywhere up and down the west coast including whistler, park city , mammoth and Squamish . I rode all summer on one set of tires and they held up beyond my belief !! Solid tires and my new go to! 


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Versus Tires
Riding Type
Enduro / All-Mountain
Freeride / Bike Park
Wheel Size
27.5" (650b)
Tire Width
2.4 inches
Tubeless Compatible

Trail tires: folding

Gravity tires: wire


Trail tires: dual-compound tread (63/59) with VERSA

Gravity tires: dual-compound Grip tread (58/52) with VERSA


Trail tires: Single-wall 60 TPI Trail casing

Gravity tires: double-wall 60 TPI Gravity casing

29" Trail: 2 lb 8.9 oz (1,159 g)
29" Gravity: 2 lb 13.9 oz (1,300 g)
Colors: black, yellow splatter, or blue splatter
Designed for ~30mm rim widths
VERSA – bead-to-bead rubber-impregnated woven mesh layer for durability and air retention
Engineered side knobs fold line on the leading edge and have a solid trailing edge
More Info
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Free shipping on orders over $50 (continental U.S. only).
International shipping available. Some exclusions apply.
Free shipping on orders over $50 (continental U.S. only).
International shipping available. Some exclusions apply.

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