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Specialized Slaughter GRID 2BR Tire

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Slaughter the trails

The Good:

Fast rolling tyre, value for money, easy to install, good longevity

The Bad:

Less grip in muddy and loose over hardpack sand,

Overall Review:

My go-to rear tyres on long rides during dry season here in the Philippines. Good, fast rolling tyres for the trails I usually go to (e.g. hardpack sand, fire roads). Great value for money. Traction is a bit iffy in loose sand over hardpack especially on steep, technical terrain.

Great Rear Tire - Enduro/All Mtn

The Good:

Fast-rolling, lightweight, plenty of grip in all terrain except for mud. Slick enough to slide when you want but still grips in the corners with the side lugs.

The Bad:

Can wear faster than others. No real traction in mud.

Overall Review:

Great all around rear tire for fast rides and different terrain. Sidewall is tough enough for lots of edgy gnar but still light enough to be nimble and fast.  I’ve ran 10 different combinations on my current rig and keep coming back to this tire and the Maxxis Aggressor. Nothing else compares to these two for fast rear tires. The slaughter let’s you drift easier though. 

Great value!

The Good:

Lightweight, minamal rolling resistance, super sturdy sidewalls, slow wear and max grip

The Bad:

If the trails get muddy or you encounter wet tree roots then traction turns terrible. After side lugs start to wear/tear the tire is gone in terms of corner traction.

Overall Review:

EVERY bike shop will always have this tire in stock, making it a great option for the times you just need a rear tire while you wait for your order DDs to arrive in the mail. 


The center has short standing lugs spaced tightly together. While the tire is on the center lugs it'll feel extremely rough but will provide tons of traction on hard pack terrain. The same center lugs will cause the breaking point of traction occur earlier but after some time on the tire it becomes very predictable and feels rather playful. 

The side lugs stand in a very aggressive stance, square profile and directional. On hard pack these lugs will do nothing but slip. As the trail tears from hard pack to loose then these side lugs start to show great amounts of traction in yet again predictable breaking points. 


Don't run low tire psi! This is an AGGRESSIVE tire and only comes to life when ridden fast. Higher tire psi is needed since the center lugs are tiny and provide zero cushion against rock/rim strikes. This tire will outlast your front tires! Once the side lugs start to rip apart the tire will drift at random times compared to that fresh feeling, this takes a rather longer period of time when compared to other tires. 


It's a trail tire with thicker sidewalls. Once again run higher psi to prevent the casing from slashing. 


Great value! Easily available! Rides fast! Super fun! Most people will hate this tire because it's unlike most tires you'll ever run. Love it at bike parks, long alpine climbs, enduro races, traveling and everywhere else. Runs wonderful in PNW loam and if it rains then put your cowboy hat on cause it's gonna be loose! On slabs and hard pack it's great for going fast and slowing down quickly in control. Definitely not as comfortable feeling as knobby tires but that's a given sacrifice for the party. 

Tire combos: 

Run this tire with a square profile front tire with aggressive fast responsive knobs such as the maxis highroller


Product Specialized Slaughter GRID 2BR Tire
Riding Type Freeride / Bike Park, Downhill
Wheel Size 27.5" (650b), 29"
Tire Width 2.3 inches
Tubeless Compatible 2Bliss
Bead Folding
Durometer 50
Sidewall Black Skin, 60 TPI
  • 1 lb 15.9 oz (905 g)
  • 2 lb 1.7 oz (955 g)
Price $60
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