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Schwalbe Hans Dampf Addix Tires

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Schwalbe Hans Dampf Addix Speedgrip
 Schwalbe Hans Dampf Addix Tires  Schwalbe Hans Dampf Addix Tires  Schwalbe Hans Dampf Addix Tires  Schwalbe Hans Dampf Addix Tires  Schwalbe Hans Dampf Addix Tires
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Great overall tire

Rating: Featured Member Review
The Good:

Great traction, low weight and dependable

The Bad:

Knob wear and side knobs give too much on hard packed corners

Overall Review:

The Hans Dampf is a great tire. I ran the 26x2.35 SnakeSkin TrailStar compoundon the front of my bike and was rewarded with great traction and low weight. Tubeless setup was simple, with no problems. The HD was a giant step up from my stock tire; insane amounts of grip and confidence. The only issues I found with the HD was on flatter hard packed turns, the side knobs would give a bit earlier than anticipated which was usually not pretty. The general consensus on the HD is the wear rate on the knobs, which I would agree with. They wear quickly, but as long as you go into the game knowing that, its not really a big deal. I'm curious to see the difference between the Super Gravity casing and the HD I used. I've been on a Super Gravity Magic Mary for most of this season and I really like the strength of the casing over the non SG casings. I'll have to give a Super Gravity HD a whirl next season and see how it goes.

My first choice for rear

The Good:

All round good grip in most situations. Weight.

The Bad:

Short life span.

Overall Review:

I have run this on the rear of my bike in both 2.25 and 2.35 widths. With the Schwalbe Magic Mary up front. If find this tyre very sure footed and a good overall weight so not too harf to get up to speed. Though don't go doing skids on the trails or it will wear quick. 

My go-to mountain bike tire

The Good:

- Fast and smooth rolling, for the size of the tread lugs. I like keeping my speed and not feeling bogged down.
- Great sidewall protection so far. I haven't cut any sidewalls yet at my local trails (Pacifica) but I have with other tires.
- The bead usually seats nicely first try.

The Bad:

- I run the middle thickness Snakeskin casing. But the thicker DH casing is usually difficult to find.
- 26" options seem more limited so freeride crushers buy them while they're still here!

Overall Review:

In the past, I rode everything on lower profile tires. Trails to dirt jumps. I just didn't want the lag and the weight of a burly tire on my bike.

But a few years ago I tried out a Hans as a knobbier front tire, and it was great. Not too heavy, and lots more grip. So then I got a rear tire, and then 2 more for my other bike. It's a great all-around tire with multiple rubber compounds and sidewall options, to meet your specific needs. Mine have not only lasted, but haven't blown up or torn either.

I actually just switched my friend over from Mtn Kings too!

Still looking for MY tires, these didn't hit the mark for me.

The Good:

Predictable, light weight (somewhat), multidirectional tread makes installation easy

The Bad:

Price, Durability and sidewall protection

Overall Review:

Coming from a bontrager tire, these Hans Dampf'swere a godsend and saved me from the treacherous XR3's that came stock on my remedy. However, as the season went on I become less and less interested in them. My friend who had the same remedy as me, also got the Hans and those were shredded just by riding down some stairs after having them for a few weeks. Mine tires got a sidewall puncture 3 times in a row when I went to the local bike park which got frustrating real quick. I have ridden these tires as a tubless setup only so it really was down to the weakness of the tire that caused me to hate this company. 

I have had not one problem while riding these tires on trails in the north shore but as soon as I take them to a loose bikepark setting they scare me. The price is something to be considered when shopping for tires as well and these are usually higher in price than most of their competitiors. So, (now that I don't work in a bike shop anymore) I will never buy this brand again based on that alone. I think WTB will be my next try and besides, why take a chance on a tire that you know could fail you? I rode the trailstar compound in the 2.35 inch width and had them on my Cannondale Jekyll and Trek Remedy to give you an idea of the setup I had going. The only good point I will mention is that they are multi-directional so installing them is idiot-proof. 

Hans Dampf vs Minion

The Good:

Braking traction, high volume, weight, cornering grip

The Bad:

Not much wrong to be honest

Overall Review:

I've done about 1,000 kms on this tire, all in the dry and with it on the front only, enduro style and set up tubeless with Stans (Evo Pacestar 2.35x26). Personally I rate Maxxis Minion as a benchmark and I think the comparison will helpful guide for other riders, I usually use a Minion FR 2.35 EXO maxxpro for reference (old style, pre TR).

HD vs Minion

  • Rolling resistance - Similar
  • Braking traction - HD superior
  • Off-camber grip - Minion Superior
  • Fist sized rocks on trail composure - HD superior
  • Light over cornering/carving - Minion Superior
  • Dry ruts - HD Superior
  • Weight for size - HD Superior (700g is sweet) (single ply pretty narrow older Minion 2.35 also 700g, HD physically much larger)
  • Carcass/volume - HD Superior (it's massive like a balloon)
  • Higher pressure traction (32psi and over) - similar

If someone could genetically clone the HD carcass but put a Minion tread pattern it with whatever makes the HD stop, it would be a real winner. Also Maxxis need a talking to, their new TR Minion FR 2.35 is too heavy for real trail work, mostly suitable for freeride/DH, handing the market to Schwalbe. Dear Schwalbe have our goose that lays our golden eggs, love Maxxis. All being said if you carve hard the Minion slips less and bites harder, however the braking grip of the HD can save your neck. Both are great tires with no clear winner. On trails and running tubeless I prefer the HD, if was doing a day with an uplift service then Minion.

Enduro in it´s maximun way

The Good:

Cornering, weight, rolling resistance, comfort, predictable

The Bad:

Wear, not recommendet for muddy terrain, price

Overall Review:

I have mounted the snake skin tubeless version on my Cannondale Jekyll and the result coudn´t be better, the first thing i noticed descending in rockie singletracks is the great confort even rolling fast, is easy to keep the confidence when cornering because is a predictable tire thanks to a soft knobs, big volume it also helps in a way, i compared with a Conti Mountain King 2.4 and the difference is visible to the naked eye.Despite its appearance when pedalling it behaves even better like some trail tires, so your legs gonna apreciate.

The main enemy of this excellent tire is the mud, the small space between the knobs don´t help at all, i broke my head several times triyng to evacuate the mud. It also the wear, you can see in just few week, but isn´t somethint worriyng .Thereinforced folding bead is another thing, i discovered a 2 cm cut probably made by something very sharp and i have to put a patch inside the tire to make sure this orifice wouldn´t get bigger.

Good tire for real enduro biker, if you can afford it.

Rocking tire for the Rockies

The Good:

Bloaty tire volume without the weight. Super grippy in the corners. Tubeless setup with little effort and holds the pressure well without burping at lower pressures.

The Bad:

Price and long term wear. After 1000 miles trail riding I noticed the side knobs were tearing off from hard cornering:(

Overall Review:

Lots of great things to say about these. I ran them for the first part of the season front and rear at 2.35 width on a Transition Covert 29er. they are well spec'd this way from Transition as the stock tire. Great job Transition! They hold corners, roll fast and climb well.  I can say enough about the volume of the 2.35 it is huge huge huge compared to Maxxis Minion DHF 2.5.  Yep they are bigger! Plus they are 200 grams per tire lighter.  I will be going back to these next season after I put some more miles on the Minions.  The TrailStar compound is the real deal.  I liked its fast rolling middle and grippy edges.  The tire has a great round profile with no gaps in tread to leave you hanging as you drop the bike into the turn.  They drift in a very controlled and predictable way.  With qualities like these...LIGHT, GRIPPY and HUGE BLOATY VOLUME you start sprinting into the void without being choosy about which line.  Great All Mountain or Aggressive XC tire but I might not go as far as DH tire as the casing is nowhere near as beefy as the Minion DHF.  I ride lots of rocky trails and haven't had any problems of sidewall failure or punctures.  I should have mentioned that earlier.

Next Generation Enduro/Downhill Tire

The Good:

Fast Rolling, Light Weight (compared to 2 ply DH tire), Tubeless Ready, All around tread pattern

The Bad:

Price. All around tread pattern not the best for loose conditions.

Overall Review:

The Super Gravity Hans Dampf (26in x 2.35) tire is an evolutionary step forward in downhill tire construction. The innovative carcass, reinforced folding bead,  snakeskin protection and tubeless ready design creates an enduro/dh tire that is 250 to 300 lighter than a comparable 2 ply tire.  I was eager to find out if this tire was tough enough to handle real world downhill trail conditions.

I've ridden these tires (Trail Star Front, Pace Star rear set up tubeless)  on rocky, loose downhill trails, super fast single track  and bike park jump lines.  What I noticed right away was how fast these tires rolled compared to my 2 ply 2.5 Minions!  The reduced rolling resistance is remarkable.   I was also impressed with the durability and stability of the Hans Dampf SG tire.  The tire did not squirm under hard cornering or burp out tire sealant on hard landings or rocky sections.   So far, the lighter construction has not compromised performance.

If you need an all around tread pattern tire  for enduro, dh or aggressive trail riding, I highly recommend the Hans Dampf Super Gravity tire.


Product Schwalbe Hans Dampf Addix Tires
Riding Type Downhill, Enduro / All-Mountain, Freeride / Bike Park, Trail
Wheel Size 26", 27.5" (650b), 29", 27.5+, 29+, Other (24")
Tire Width
  • 2.35 inches
  • 2.6 inches
  • 2.8 inches
Tubeless Compatible Yes, Tubeless Easy (TL Easy) versions available
Bead Folding

Addix Speedgrip (blue identifier) – the universal compound. Good for XC, AM and Trail. Replaces the previous PaceStar compound.

Addix Soft (orange identifier) – The compound is used just as often in demanding all-mountain and trail riding as in the enduro and downhill world. It has good rolling characteristics and at the same time outstanding damping, both of which are also evident at low temperatures. It’s also ideal for e-MTBs.

Addix Performance – very durable, very versatile. Like Speedgrip it's a universal compound, but these tires are not as light and fast as tires from the Evolution Line.

Dual Compound – two different rubber compounds for optimal performance. The center tread is friction resistant for longer life. The sides are a soft Silica mixture for maximum adhesion.

Sidewall 67 TPI casing with additional protection options:

SnakeSkin Tubeless Easy (TLE) – monofile SnakeSkin fabric for cut resistant sidewalls and easy tubeless conversion, folding bead cores

SnakeSkin TLE with Apex – reinforced sidewalls (2 layers of carcass) special construction for lightweight tires in Plus sizes offering more stability at low pressure, folding bead cores

Super Gravity – quadruple ply casing makes the sidewall stable and safe, tread remains flexible and grippy with a two ply casing, all around SnakeSkin provides protection against cuts

  • 1 lb 11.2 oz (770 g)
  • 2 lb 10.2 oz (1,195 g)
Miscellaneous 2017 product year Addix compounds introduction
Evolution Line Folding version tires come in either SnakeSkin or Super Gravity casings and black or classic skin sidewalls
Performance Line Folding version tire comes with Addix (Performance) rubber and Performance protection
  • $92
  • $103
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