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Maxxis Larsen TT Tire (discontinued)

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Awesome rear tire for dry hardpack conditions.

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The Good:

Super fast rolling and great grip in it's intended conditions combined with low weight make it one of my go-to rears when it's dry. Not to mention they can be had for dirt cheap.

The Bad:

The trade off for the fast rolling speed is decreased braking traction as with any similar tire. The braking edge on the center knobs doesn't last as long as some tires given how short and low the knobs are to start with. The range of conditions the tire works well in is rather narrow.

Overall Review:

While originally designed for XC racing Maxxis's Larsen TT is also available in a 2.35" with a single-ply casing making it an awesome rear tire for All Mountain or Enduro style riding. It's tightly spaced, ramped center knobs provide awesome traction on hardpack dirt and fixed rock while offering very little rolling resistance. Grip is achieved from having so much surface area in contact with the ground rather than the knobs actually digging into the dirt. Braking traction is comparable to other similar designs although it can suffer when the conditions get "marbley". The tire's light weight is also a major plus, making the already fast rolling tread feel even faster.

Of course there are some trade-offs as the small knobs have trouble hooking up when the soil gets softer as it has a tendency to pack up. Because the center knobs start off so much shorter than a traditional tire their wear can seem exaggerated. The tire does continue to perform even when worn, hooking up on hard ground and drifting predictably when there is some loose on top.

While not "tubeless ready" I have had no problems running this tire without tubes. Some people might be leery of the single-ply casing but I have found those concerns to be unfounded. I have countless hours on this tire in the rockiest of conditions with no problems as long as I kept the pressure around 30psi. I've found that a tire of this style generally works better with slightly higher pressures regardless of casing. I believe the low weight of the single-ply casing is well worth having to run a few extra psi. (Edit: I should have knocked on wood...The next ride after writing this review I had a small rock roll up and tear my sidewall..I was running my psi on the low side..It was kind of a freak thing as I usually dont have problems)

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Fast and fun tire for rear

The Good:

Fast, inexpensive, fun, matches up well with other narrower than measured Maxxis tires

The Bad:

Not tubeless ready enough, puncture protection can be poor depending on version used

Overall Review:

I used this tire years ago, I found it was very fast on dry trails, the only complaint I had was that it was punctured too easily (with middle weight tubes) and unsurprisingly not super confidence inspiring on the front, compared with more aggressive tires.

Inspired by seeing what the pros run in the enduro championships I'd love to get this tire again in about a 2.35 to match up with a Minion in dry conditions, but I'm too concerned that it's not tubeless ready enough and might be a PITA to run tubeless. I hope Maxxis get their tubeless ready technology sorted like Schwalbe have so I can run this as my 'go to' enduro/AM/trail dry condition rear tire in the future, the sooner the better!

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Product Maxxis Larsen TT Tire
Riding Type
Wheel Size
Tire Width
Tubeless Compatible
Weight N/A
Miscellaneous Redesigned in a 2.35 by Steve Larsen at the request of Brian Lopes and Mike King who both raced on the 2.00 TT but wanted larger a tire volume for more contact patch (i.e. control). The 2.35 offers the same great ramped square knob design and butyl protected sidewalls. Ideal for use on Hardpack, loose-over-hardpack, or medium soil. Type: Front or Rear Weight: 640 grams Pressure Rating : 35-65 PSI
Price $28.02
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