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Race Face Turbine Dropper 1x Remote (discontinued)

Average User Rating: (Excellent)
Race Face Turbine 1xLever black
 Race Face Turbine Dropper 1x Remote  Race Face Turbine Dropper 1x Remote  Race Face Turbine Dropper 1x Remote  Race Face Turbine Dropper 1x Remote  Race Face Turbine Dropper 1x Remote  Race Face Turbine Dropper 1x Remote
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Race Face Turbine Dropper 1x Remote

Built to Last.

Rating: Featured Member Review
Race Face Turbine Dropper 1x Remote
The Good:

Looks great, burly and strong, excellent ergonomics, overall excellent lever

The Bad:

A bit on the heavy side at 60 grams, can't integrate (bolt on) to brake levers

Overall Review:

In the world of mechanical seat post droppers, there tends to be an endless list of options which grows with each manufacturing year. Many of these options come with everything you need to have it fully functional while others only include the post itself, like the Fox Transfer post. If you’re in need a mechanical lever, there are quite a few options out there. One of the most popular aftermarket levers is the Race Face Turbine X1. I got my hands on one and with several months of riding on it, here are my impressions.

Key Specs

Constructed from 6061-T6 aluminum

Bearing assisted lever pivot

Two mounting positions for custom placement

Increased leverage ratio over universal mounts for easy activation

Texturized thumb pad for increased grip

Works with Race Face, Easton, and many other posts (11mm max cable pull)

Barrel adjuster for proper tension

Quick disconnect handlebar clamp

Comes in multiple colors (BLACK, RED, GREEN, BLUE, ORANGE, PURPLE)

Out Of The Box

The first thing I noticed when getting the Race Face Turbine X1 lever in my hand was how stout it was. Made completely out of metal, this lever will most likely be the last thing that bends, snaps, or breaks off your bike in the event of a crash.


With the construction being full metal, the Turbine X1 lever isn’t necessarily the lightest weight lever on the market. Coming in at a hefty 60 grams, it nearly doubles the weight of other levers.


Getting the Turbine X1 lever rolling on you bike is fairly simple and adjustments are quite easy. Unlike some levers, the Turbine X1 comes with a quick disconnect clamp so you don’t have to remove your lock-on grip and brake lever just to get it mounted. This saves quite a bit of time and is a very nice feature to have.


In addition to this, Race Face offers two bolt locations so you can really customize the location where you want the lever to be. On a side note, this lever isn’t Sram, Shimano, or Hope compatible which means your cockpit will be slightly more busy than other options.

Lastly, the Turbine comes with a solid barrel adjuster so you will have plenty of play for getting the tension perfect in the shop and on the trail. 

On The Trail

The Turbine X1 lever delivers quite a bit of performance compared to others on the market.

First, the design of the lever mimics a front derailleur knob which give the rider a balanced wheel while making gearing and seatpost adjustments simultaneously.

Second, the large lever offers a large leverage ratio which makes activating the seatpost effortless.


Lastly, the thumb pad of the lever is texturized which offers good traction even in wet and cold conditions.

Bottom Line

There was quite a bit of through that went into the Race Face Turbine X1 lever. Being constructed completely out of metal, it’s quite hefty but built to last. It offers most everything a rider wants in a lever but lacks the ability to be connected directly to Sram, Shimano, or Hope brakes. The ergonomics and function of the lever are spot on however. If weight and how integrated a lever is are top on your list, I would look elsewhere but if you want a well functioning, durable lever, look no further.


Product Race Face Turbine Dropper 1x Remote
Riding Type Cross Country, Enduro / All-Mountain, Freeride / Bike Park, Trail
Seatpost Type Remote Lever
Interface Other
Remote Adjustable Shifter-paddle style dropper post lever for Race Face, Easton, and many other cable operated posts
Diameter N/A
Travel N/A
Length N/A
Tilt N/A
Materials Forged and machined 6061-T6 Aluminum
Colors Black clamp and cable guide, with levers in black, red, green, blue, orange, and purple
Weight N/A
Miscellaneous 11mm of cable pull max
Lever pivots on precision bearings
2 mounting positions
Increased leverage ratio for reduced actuation force
Textured non-slip thumb pad
Cable tension adjuster
Quick disconnect from handlebar
Price $59.99
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