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Hope Technology Seat Collar (discontinued)

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Hope Seatpost Clamp Review

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The Good:

Great looking seatpost clamp that adds a bit of style and color to your bike

The Bad:

A bit heavier than other offerings (not a big deal to me), aluminum bolt makes me a bit nervous, but seems ok as long as you torque it correctly

Overall Review:

When it comes to my bikes, I like to keep things simple, a black frame with small pops of color is jam, and Hope makes parts in a crazy assortment of colors and styles perfect for those looking for small upgrades on the bike that stand out from the crowd. They are known for their quality, and nice aesthetics and this seatpost clamp does not disappoint. This clamp replaced my old black seatpost clamp, and while a touch heavier, it has much nicer machining and is larger than my previous clamp.


I got the blue color to match my chainring and my new Chromag saddle and the color matches up nicely. Anodized parts are usually slightly off from each other and I hate seeing bikes with a million shades of the same color. Hope seemed to do a good job though getting a nice blue color that is in the middle of the spectrum and matches my other parts well. Installation was easy (its a seatpost clamp for peats sake), but the aluminum bolt made me a bit nervous, I used to go a little crazy with tightening bolts and broke a few. I torqued the bolt to spec though and have not had any issues with creaking or moving, and the bolt has been fine.

If you are the rider that wants a little extra bling on your bike, and high-quality bling at that, Hope has you covered. The price is definitely a bit higher than some other companies offerings, but I think it is worth it. A seatpost clamp is definitely a fit and forget part for me (especially now that I leave my saddle height the same with my dropper) but that pop of blue on my bike looks sweet and definitely gives me the urge to upgrade a few other parts of my bike.

Hope Tech seat post clamp - long-term review

The Good:

the bolt turns smoothly it fits precisely on the seat tube.
Lovely Laser etching
even surfaces, well made, no sharp edges, but it has a tiny texture to it, which also can bee seen, which some might like, you can clearly see it's CNC machined.

The Bad:

The bolt has worn significantly, quite fast. I have two of these so I had to switch I did not want to round the bolt off, and end up with loose seat post.
the hex key does does not fit as tight as I wish it did, I have tried Park Tool Hex keys and Teng Tools bits which are even more precise than Park Tools Hex (Bondhus) keys. I noticed it was not good tolerances between the tool first when it the first use, with a park tool multi tool (Bondhus). I don't know who makes the bolts.
Bolt can loosen up fast in big temp changes. Even with Loctite 243 the bolt has loosened up every time I took the bike out from the room temperature indoors to cold winter outside, few minutes and it was loose, so if you plan to ride with extreme temperature changes and ride hard it will eventually come loose and seat post will spin, this is also be common issue with seat rail clamps on many dropper post, or seat posts. Of course how fast it will depend on material combo and load, vibrations it gets, also had issue with loose bolts on Shimano brake levers clamps, and race face stems, but for secure stem Renthal Apex is has worked well for me, but for seat post clamps I don't know which are the best, this was my first aftermarket seat post clamp.

Overall Review:

Seat post clamp bolt wear_20181129_090959Edit

I bought these in august 2017, and used them since to now, 2019.Wear on bolt for Hope Tech seat post clamp

Wear on bolt for Hope Tech seat post clamp

Wear on bolt for Hope Tech seat post clamp

i have Hope _1581

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Get the QR version

The Good:

Works well and well finished

The Bad:

A child could strip out the extremely weak alloy bolt and even snap it

Overall Review:

In my opinion an aluminium alloy is just the wrong material to use for a bolt in this application, the weight savings are just minuscule, it's just too weak, I stripped out the bolt with very minimal force, which is pretty disappointing from a manufacturer like Hope.

However the collar part of the product is well finished and nicely anodised and has lasted for years, after I switched out the bolt for a steel version. I also use the QR collar and have never had a problem, so I'd recommend buying that instead.

Simple and solid

The Good:

reliable, light

The Bad:

nothing so far

Overall Review:

Whether you're building up a bike from the frame or swapping out the standardquick release clamp that comes with most complete bikes, a nice seat tube collar is in order.  I went with this one based upon brand reputation, the simple design and the reasonable price. 

Nothing fancy here, the clamp just plain works. This is one of those components that you really don't want to think about too often. I have had two of these now, a blue on for my bottlerocket years ago and now a black one for the dh rig.  I have moved it to a few different frames depending on which one has the dropper post on it and have had no problems with it working as expected.


Product Hope Technology Seat Collar
Collar Type Standard
Weight 0 lb 0.7 oz (19 g)
Miscellaneous Hope's seat collar utilizes a CNC machined aluminum clamp with oversized alloy bolt to securely hold your seatpost. Measure the outside diameter of your seat tube to determine the proper size.
Price $9.99
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