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WTB Silverado (2015-2019) Saddles (discontinued)

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WTB Silverado Team
 WTB Silverado (2015-2019) Saddles  WTB Silverado (2015-2019) Saddles  WTB Silverado (2015-2019) Saddles  WTB Silverado (2015-2019) Saddles  WTB Silverado (2015-2019) Saddles  WTB Silverado (2015-2019) Saddles  WTB Silverado (2015-2019) Saddles  WTB Silverado (2015-2019) Saddles  WTB Silverado (2015-2019) Saddles
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Flat and narrow with good flex in the shell

Rating: Featured Member Review
The Good:

Narrow and long profile promotes changing positions while riding. Doesn't catch shorts, and has softer foam with a conforming shell to be a very comfortable saddle.

The Bad:

Slightly flexible rails.

Overall Review:

Looking for a replacement for a worn out WTB Laser V, I mounted up a WTB Silverado Team to my dropper and never looked back. It's slender profile provides an long area to sit allowing the rider to slide up on the saddle for those steep climbing efforts. When descending, the narrow rear of the saddle stays out of the way and is round enough to not catch your shorts. The foam is of a lower density of some of their other models which I found to work well in conjunction with it's firm, but compliant shell.  The saddle cover itself is a leather replacement kind of material that offers enough grip for you to maintain your position on the saddle but still slick enough to allow you to slide without pulling your shorts around. Reinforced corners also come in handy in the high wear areas on the rear of the saddle, showing almost no wear after 6 months of riding.


Areas for Improvement

On one of the bikes I tried this saddle on, I run the saddle farther forward, gripping the rear portion of the rails. This left the front of the saddle to be cantilevered out and with the longer saddle, I did put a slight bend in the rails. I have had this happen before with WTB saddles with both Cro-Moly and Ti rails. It doesn't affect the overall comfort of the saddle but it does limit adjustability if you swap your saddle to another bike later.



The WTB Silverado saddle is an excellent choice of saddle for someone who fits better with narrower saddles and tends to move around the saddle while riding. If you do run your saddle forward on the rails, be aware that you might bend the rails if you come down hard on the nose while riding.

A good all-around saddle

The Good:

Can move around on it easily, cover is durable and doesn't absorb water, long nose to get forward on the climbs

The Bad:

Flexy rails, after long rides can be a bit uncomfortable

Overall Review:

Hop on the Silverado and take it for a ride around the parking lot and you probably won't have much to complain about. It feels like a very generic mountain bike saddle to me, which is a good thing. The nose is longish and curved down so you can get forward on steep climbs. The cover is synthetic and doesn't absorb water. This keeps it clean and fresh when you need it, and is a breeze to clean. It also keeps it from chaffing when it gets sweaty. I would definitely get a bit sore after long rides, and would chalk it up to "that's just what happens after long rides" except that after switching to the WTB Volt and then the Ragley Tracker, I don't find I'm as sore as I was with the Silverado. But then again, everyone's bum is different.

Good value, good durability, and good comfort. Recommended.

It's.... Pretty Good

The Good:

Thin, attractive shape, good looking

The Bad:


Overall Review:

Alright here is the deal, I have had a lot of saddles over the years, and WTB seemed to be the most popular brand for me until recently. I bought one of these saddles for my downhill bike about a year ago; I was going to use this saddle for my race season, and  as you can probably tell from my tone it did not go so well. First the good, the saddle is light, has a thin profile which is good looking IMHO and felt good when I was on it... I also got a great deal ($55) so it was a win win. That is until my second lap when I took a pretty gnarly header over the bars, I got back up and continued my lap, but it wasn't until I got to the bottom of the hill I realized I had bent the left side rail... after two laps! To make matters worse I couldn't straighten it either, so now it sits in my car waiting for an emergency because lets face it, a bent saddle is better than no saddle. The only way I would recommend this product is if you get a smoking deal as I did.

A Saddle that suites all Riding Styles

The Good:

Light, great shape, comfortable, simple design and color scheme, wide rear platform, rounded shape does not snag shorts

The Bad:

Weak rails

Overall Review:

I really liked this saddle, until a single fall ended its career by bending it WAY out of shape. I now have a Fizik Tundra and its taken the same sort of spill with no damage. It has a nice shape and design to work with any build. really comfortable when you need it, thanks to the wide rear and flat front. Does not snag shorts. Really nice saddle, apart from the weak rails. If you do anything other than Dh and Extreme Trail, this is the saddle to buy.


Product WTB Silverado (2015-2019) Saddles
Riding Type Cross Country, Enduro / All-Mountain, Trail
Rider Unisex
Interface Railed

Carbon: Carbon rails, microfiber cover, carbon shell, DNA padding

Team: Titanium rails, microfiber cover, flex-tuned shell, DNA padding

Pro: Chromoly rails, microfiber cover, flex-tuned shell, DNA padding

Race: Chromoly rails, microfiber cover, flex-tuned shell, standard padding

Comp: Steel rails, vinyl cover, flex-tuned shell, standard padding


Carbon: Black/Gold

Team: Black/Black

Pro: Black/White

Race: Black/Red

Comp: Black/Grey

  • 0 lb 6 oz (169 g)
  • 0 lb 6.9 oz (197 g)
  • 0 lb 7.2 oz (204 g)
  • 0 lb 7.7 oz (218 g)
  • 0 lb 7.8 oz (221 g)
  • 0 lb 9.5 oz (268 g)
  • 0 lb 8.9 oz (251 g)
  • 0 lb 11.1 oz (315 g)
  • 0 lb 10.5 oz (299 g)
Miscellaneous Sizing: narrow (133mm x 274mm), medium (142mm x 274mm)
Long, tapered nose and flatter platform
Broad lower wale of the outside shell
Slight rise
Carbon version only available in 133mm width
2015-2019 model years
  • $249.95
  • $129.95
  • $89.95
  • $59.95
  • $39.95
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