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WTB Rocket V SLT Saddle (discontinued)

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Outdated and Over Appreciated

The Good:

Price, Shape

The Bad:

Shape, Build Quality

Overall Review:

Like most of the users on this site, we have all at one point or another fallen prey to the saddle trap that is the Rocket V. Was it at one point a great saddle? no doubt, but recently the saddle game has progressed and left the Rocket V in it's dust. Sure the SLT has titanium frame rails and is fairly light, but it is also way over priced for it comfort level. Maybe an over priced uncomfortable and ugly saddle is just what you are looking for, if so then this is the saddle for you. However if you are like most of us, there are thinner, lighter, and more comfortable saddles currently on the market... buy one of those! WTB makes great products but this one has seen it's day come and go; unless you can get a real great deal on this bad boy... highly doubtful steer clear!

Good Shape, Hard Foam

The Good:

Shape is very neutral
Durable cover
Strong rails

The Bad:

Stiff foam
Longer break-in period

Overall Review:

After multiple years of riding a WTB Laser V saddle, it was finally time to accept that a replacement was needed. Unfortunately, WTB ceased to manufacture this model of saddle. In pursuit of a replacement, the WTB Rocket saddle was purchased and mounted up.

The Rocket was recommended as a replacement as the shape was similar. However, the foam was changed and the overall saddle ended up being much stiffer than the Laser V it replaced. After multiple rides, the saddle hadn't become the comfortable replacement that I was looking for. Rather, it retained it's stiffness and caused numbness in the lower extremities on longer rides. Again, it wasn't the shape that was the problem, but rather the foam density. It provided too firm a platform to provide pressure point relief.

Some riders may like the shape and be comfortable with the way it supports but it was not a good fit for me.


Product WTB Rocket V SLT Saddle
Riding Type Cross Country, Trail
Rider Unisex
Interface Railed
Materials Leather Cover, flex-tuned Shell, DNA Padding
Colors Black
Weight 0 lb 7.4 oz (210 g)
Miscellaneous WTB Rocket V SLT Saddle '10

The Rocket V is WTB's most popular high-performance saddle both on the road and in the dirt. The uniquely contoured pad shape helps increase power output by properly angling the sit bones.
Comfort Zone Love Channel
Narrow X Mid-Length (127mm X 258mm)

Price $68.26
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