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WTB Devo Saddle Nicro Rails OE (discontinued)

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XC saddle that handles DH with comfort and durability

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The Good:

Super comfortable, versatile for all types or riding, durable.

The Bad:

Not as soft as most other DH/Freeride saddles

Overall Review:

When I was purchasing my DH bike the one part I thought I would be swapping out immediately was the saddle. The Devo came stock on the bike and it just looked too skinny and sleek to be able to handle the abuse that comes along with DH riding. Even looking at the WTB website, the description about this saddle said the following:

USAGE: Elite Road / Cross Country Racing

But at the same time it said the following as well: The Devo combines firm DNA padding, a smooth leather cover and a very supportive moderate-width shell. It is the saddle of choice for two-time DH world champion Fabien Barel of Team Subaru Mondraker.

With all that in mind this just seemed like a very unlikely DH saddle but after the first couple of rides I changed my thoughts. The saddle does have a very XC feel, the leather is very firm and the shape is very sleek and it just looks and feels a lot different from most soft/burly DH/Freeride saddles but just because this one looks different it doesn’t mean that its not good. Saddle comfort is personal preference and everyone likes different things but this saddle is definitely the most comfortable seats I have ever used.

So this saddle is comfy but what about durability. Well after two seasons of riding along with several crashes and sketchy landings it still looks like new. The leather is still in pristine condition, there are no rips, tears or skuffs and the rails are still straight (I have the cromo rails). The bike has been ridden in rain,mud and snow and the leather is still no showing signs of wear.

Overall I am very satisfied with this saddle and would strongly recommend pretty much for all types of riding, minus dirt jumping or slopestyle as the saddle is a bit firm and unforgiving to be landing on with the twigs and berries.

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Product WTB Devo Saddle Nicro Rails OE
Riding Type Downhill, Freeride / Bike Park
Rider Unisex
Interface Railed
Materials NiCro rails
Colors White
Weight N/A
Miscellaneous WTB's Devo saddle utilizes an ultralight shell that is firm and supportive for excellent pedaling efficiency and NiCro Tubular rails for minimal weight. The saddle has smooth curves for maneuverability and a minimalist design making it the perfect gram-shaving saddle. Plus, the rear Comfort Zones alleviate sit-bone pressure and better disperse rider weight for long-distance comfort.
Price N/A
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