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Chromag Lynx DT Saddle

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Lynx DT
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Chromag Lynx DT Saddle Review

Rating: Featured Member Review
The Good:

Good width, cool graphics, comfortable nose for climbing, Nice amount of padding, not too little, but not too much

The Bad:

Not the lightest offering out there, may be a bit pricey for some.

Overall Review:

Chromag is one of those brands recognized for making durable, quality products and if you look at many of the slopestyle riders bikes, or freeriders bikes many will run Chromag parts.They sponsor riders like Logan Peat, and Brandon Semunuk and have that laid back, anti-corporate vibe going on. That durability and style has made them a recent favorite for All mountain (Enduro) riders as well and I have seen Chromag parts on a ton of bikes here in Colorado. When it comes to saddles, keep in mind just how personal saddle choice can be, what works for me might suck for you. That being said though, the Lynx DT seems to have a width and shape that will suit a fairly wide range of riders and riding styles. This is one of the reasons i selected the saddle, I wanted to make sure I didn't drop the dough on a saddle that left me uncomfortable and frustrated. My previous saddle was a super lightweight saddle more road oriented than mountain bike oriented, but I liked the flex in the nose and it looked pretty sweet on my bike. The issue was that it was far too narrow for my sit bones, creating pressure points and though the nose flexed a bit,  climbing was not very comfortable.


My first ride out with the Lynx DT was surprisingly comfortable, generally new saddles take a bit of time to adjust to (new shape, pressure, etc.) but this saddle felt awesome right off the bat. I do wear a chamois  everytime i ride, which helps a bit, but unlike my old saddle, I finished my ride without any soreness. One of the standout features to me is the extra padding on the nose. Colorado is filled with long extended climbs, but there is also punchy more techy sections where you need to still be in the saddle, but you slide forward to keep the front end down. The extra padding definitely cut down on any soreness or pain that can come from riding on the nose (if you know what I mean).

As far as durability goes, I have yet to crash in a way that has tested the saddle out in this way, but the quality seems second to none. Nice stitching, durable material on the wings where a crash might occur, etc. I have broken/ torn a few saddles in my day though so only time will tell how this holds up, but given the brand reputation and the quality I have observed I am not worried. The grey color is nice and thus far has not gotten dirty or shown wear, and the pop of blue matches some of my other components well. Definitely a comfortable and stylish saddle and something I would recommend to others.

Quality saddle if it fits you

The Good:

Quality cover, good color options, unique style

The Bad:

Doesn't fit everyone

Overall Review:

This saddle came on a DH bike that I bought and decided to try it on my trail bike. The first ride I had to turn back and put my old saddle on about 20 minutes into the ride. The 2nd try I toughed it out the whole way, but only because I wanted to give it an honest go. I REALLY wanted to like this saddle, the color matched my trail bike way better than the one I took off, but I just couldn't get on with the shape. Just sitting and peddling on it was painful and it got worse as I started to climb steeper ascents.

For comparison's sake, I've ridden the WTB Volt, WTB Silverado, and Ragley Tracker saddles over the past two seasons and have always found them to be comfortable. I've used narrow and medium width saddles and they've always been relatively comfortable for multi hour 3000+ foot ascents.

For whatever reason, I just couldn't get this saddle to work for me. It has nothing to do with quality and might work for someone else, but I would recommend trying one before buying.

Quality and Comfort

The Good:

Amazing construction
Looks perfect
Comfortable and relatively light

The Bad:

Absolutely nothing

Overall Review:

After many positive experiences with Chromag products, I expected nothing less with the Lynx DT. The material used is extremely high quality and the decals looks great. The seat is very comfortable even for AM use and feels very solid. There isn't anything I can find wrong with this amazing product.


Product Chromag Lynx DT Saddle
Riding Type Trail, Freeride / Bike Park, Downhill
Rider Unisex
Interface Railed
Materials Seamless, synthetic top, Narrow platform with soft nose padding
Colors Available in: black, Black/Tight Orange, Black/Tight Green, Black/Red, Black/Cyan
Weight 0 lb 9.2 oz (260 g)
Miscellaneous Our most versatile saddle is excellent for light, all-mountain setups, yet the low profile design is also popular with freeride and downhill riders.

The Lynx DT features a synthetic top and Chromo rails for added durability yet it weighs in at only 292g. The narrow platform is firm while the soft nose compliments body english for those situations where the front of the saddle is used for traction and control.
Price N/A
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