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Troy Lee Designs Moto Shorts (discontinued)

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TLD Moto Short - Caustic Blue
 Troy Lee Designs Moto Shorts  Troy Lee Designs Moto Shorts  Troy Lee Designs Moto Shorts  Troy Lee Designs Moto Shorts
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Heavy Duty Shortpants

Rating: Featured Member Review
The Good:

Thick and durable. Comfortable- stretches in all the right places. Good pocket size.

The Bad:

Thick and heavy. Warm up fast. Pockets can lint up your phone screen if you get sweaty (Oh wait, no I forgot my Whistler lift pass in the pocket and they went through the wash. This is paper pulp on my phone. Nevermind.)

Overall Review:

These have been the go-to DH shorts for a long time, and there's good reason. These guys have held up to abuse for two years and are still going strong. With multiple crashes (and rocky ones at that) cleared without a scratch, I recommend these shorts for any downhill rider. There are a few reasons why that stand out.

The outer material of these baggies is a very heavy fabric that very visibly explains the shorts' friction-fighting properties. Ever rub sandpaper on sandpaper? Me neither, but I assume you get two smooth surfaces fast. The black yoke you can see on the front of the shorts is where the comfort magic happens, and where the flexibility comes from. The inner material is sort of an inner-net, like what you find in swim trunks. However this net is meant to let the South breathe, and to isolate your pale thunderthighs from the gritty and harsh world out there. And it does a great job. My thunderthighs never once felt uncomfortable in the two years they've been hiding in these shorts.

The pockets can easily hold a larger phone, a wallet, a multi-tool, your bike pass, a patch kit, a pocket bible, a bag of trailmix, a bigger wallet, or whatever you want. There's a zipper and a velcro-equipped flap that folds over said zipper. Genius.

The only issue I've encountered with these shorts is heat buildup and walking comfort. My local downhill tracks require something like a 4 mile hike. I usually strap my knee pads to my backpack just so they don't get sweaty on the way up. The issue is the bottom line of the shorts are not the most comfortable thing to have rub the inside of the back of your knee. For 4 miles. If your trails are set up this way then look for something more lightweight or higher on the leg. If you're riding the chair, there's no issues at all.

Troy Lee Designs Moto Shorts

The Good:

Extremely durable, Knee pads fit good under shorts, Zipper pocket

The Bad:

Just a bit bulky

Overall Review:

The TLD Moto shorts are great for DH use as they are as close to indestructible as you can get. I bought the all black ones so I would have no worries riding in the rain on race days and for the simplistic look of them. They run pretty true to the rest of the TLD lineup and have an adjustable cinch strap up front to help with minor sizing adjustments. They also do come with a set of thin hip pads which I know have helped a little bit in the many wrecks I put these shorts through.

Image from TLD website

They also feature a four way stretch in the crotch and rear end to aid in your movements on the bike. All of the stitching has held up and there are not seams that have come undone after multiple years of on and of use with these. They are a bit bulky being made from 600 denier polyester material, but not really noticeable while shuttle runs. I recommend these to anyone looking for a durable pair of shorts that wants to keep them for a long time and not necessarily buy new ones every season.

These are DH shorts through and through

The Good:

Abrasive resistant material, flexible crotch gusset, dialed fitting, last forever.

The Bad:

Warmer than normal shorts.

Overall Review:

The Troy Lee Design Moto short is made from a super durable polyester for the ultimate protection against nasty fall. At a glance they're a great short but really its the finer touches that really make these things shine.

If you're not familiar with them then this is what you need to know. I've been using these shorts since 2006 and as a whole they haven't changed too much. The material their made from is the almost the exact same if not the same. These things are tough but feel a bit rougher than you're typical riding short. That's because they're made to last after repeated abuse. Don't expect to be sending these in for a JRA warranty because they're not ripping unless you come at them with some power tools. The rougher feel quickly gets forgotten about though while you're riding. In 2006 they didn't hinder movement and now in 2013 they provider even more freedom. TLD added a few years back a stretch crotch yoke to flex in all directions without it getting snagged on your rig.

The crotch yoke is just the start of the little details that put these shorts on the top of the podium. Other features that are must haves are:

1. Ratchet fitting system: This kicks ass. Velcro straps on other shorts get gunked up with lint or wear out over time. This thing is robust and dials in a super secure waist fit.

2. Zippers suck. Especially if you're wearing gloves and a neck brace. TLD knows this so what did they put together? A magnetic cargo pocket. It's a cinch to grab a fiver for a hot dog at Zoggs without having to completely derobe.

3. The mesh liner has been improved. Although these shorts still get hot. In the last 7 years they've gotten plenty more breathable. Thanks TLD.

All in all these things are amazing. At first they seem expensive at almost $90.00 for a pair but you're going to have them for at least 7 years and they'll probably be around still after you've turned into dirt.

TLD moto shorts

The Good:

Sizing, Adjustability, Pockets, Strength

The Bad:

Maybe a bit heavy duty for more AM/XC type riding

Overall Review:

I am very impressed with these shorts. They have survived multiple crashes into trees/rocks/roots/other riders with no sign of any wear or tear. In fact, they almost look new still after over a year of use!

There are two things I love about these shorts.

  1. The pockets. Yeah, pretty simple but I am always surprised to see how many MTB shorts have pockets without zips! Zips are vital (no pun intended) if you are mountain biking in my opinion! Luckily the TLD ones have three such pockets, one on each leg and another (that I have never actually used) at the back. Each pocket also has a flap that is secured by a popper to cover the zip,presumably to stop the water getting in. Have kept phones/keys/etc in the pockets in torrential scottish rain with no problems.
  2. The waist adjuster. This consists of a ratchet type system that allows you to adjust the waist size by a small amount. It works brilliantly to give perfect long as you pick the correct waist size in the fist place.

The shorts also include removable padding (attached via velcro) to protect your thighs. Not too sure how much difference this really makes, but its nice to have it! The pads can get a bit churned up if washed with other bits of velcro so best to remove them before washing and wash separately.

The only down point about these shorts is that they are a bit heavy and hot for AM riding. They are, however, designed as a DH short and so this is not really a problem if used the way they were meant to be.

Overall, brilliant and a worthy investment that I can see lasting years!


Product Troy Lee Designs Moto Shorts
Riding Type Freeride / Bike Park, Downhill
Rider Unisex
Shorts Type Shorts
Material 600 Denier Polyester Material
Ratchet System Waist Adjustment
Full Mesh Liner
Pockets Cargo Pockets on Leg
Vents None
Size Men's 30-38
Colors Caustic Blue or Caustic Green - $95
Black or Grey - $90
Price $90
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