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Scorpion Bike Stands Scorpion Stand

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The Red - Scorpion Stand
 Scorpion Bike Stands Scorpion Stand  Scorpion Bike Stands Scorpion Stand  Scorpion Bike Stands Scorpion Stand  Scorpion Bike Stands Scorpion Stand  Scorpion Bike Stands Scorpion Stand  Scorpion Bike Stands Scorpion Stand  Scorpion Bike Stands Scorpion Stand  Scorpion Bike Stands Scorpion Stand
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Next best thing to an actual work stand.

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The Good:

Holds bike very stable, No weight limit, High quality material, Plenty of colors options

The Bad:

Not compatible with all bike (cranks), Kinda pricey

Overall Review:

I purchased one of these for my Santa Cruz Nomad and loved it so much I got another one for my Trek Session. Compared to other bike stands out there, this is much more stable and durable. Working in the industry for many years now, I've seen horror stories about temporary bike stands and customers bikes. The stands might be poorly designed, need a trick to get the bike to set completely in it (like smashing the rear tire into the rails), or might just get worn out and loose over time. Whatever the reason is, I've seen customers, kids, and just gravity throw $4000+ bikes straight to the ground, or even worse, onto other bikes. The thing I love about the Scorpion Moto Style Bike Stand is that it's straight forward. You don’t need to guess whether or not the bike is placed properly. The stand also has a very wide base plate which means your bike is less likely to meet the ground. One of the neat things about this stand is that you can also work on the bike and make adjustments with it's stable platform.

Note: Not my Nomad and photo taken from VitalMTB.


I have only seen a few issues with the Scorpion stand. First off, the stand is only compatible with oversized, thru axle style cranksets. If you have a standard three-piece, better think about upgrading before you order one. The stand can be kinda bulky if storage is limited. Scorpion offers a two-piece bolt together version that is currently on sale at Last of all, if you intend to use this stand as a work stand, it can leave markings on the inside of your crank spindle. I know that’s not where most people look at when looking to buy a used bike but it could be a deal breaker for an OCD cyclist (We all know at least one.)

Bottom line:

I love my Scorpion Moto Style Bike Stand and would highly recommend it to anyone. It is a little expensive for a stand but once you get it in hand, you'll understand why. It's very high quality. Check to make sure your crankset is compatible with this stand before ordering make sure to ask JensonUSA for free shipping. ;)


Product Scorpion Bike Stands Scorpion Stand
Stand Type Repair Stand
Features Stands Allow for Washing, Maintenance, and Storage of Your Bike // Cranks are Able to Spin with Clipless Pedals // One Stand Fits all Wheel Sizes and 3 Different Crank Hole Diameters from 10mm to 3/4 // Comes Standard with 10mm Stinger Welded On and Two Adapters That Slide Over Stinger to Accommodate Larger Crank Holes
Miscellaneous High Gloss Black ($69.99), High Gloss White ($69.99), High Gloss Red ($72.99), High Gloss Orange ($72.99), High Gloss Flo Green ($72.99), High Gloss Flo Yellow ($72.99)
Price $69.99
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