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Park Tool Professional Wheel Truing Stand

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Pretty much the best money can buy.

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The Good:

Strong, high quality build
Plenty of useful accessories
You'll never spend money to get your wheels trued again!

The Bad:

$250 is a lot to spend at first, but I promise it's worth it.

Overall Review:

Everybody has one on their shop related tool wish-list but it’s usually the last thing anyone actually buys. At least that was the case for me when I purchased my Park Tool TS-2.2 truing stand. Spending $250 on something that only makes your wheels straight is something difficult to justify until a bike shop charges you $12-$20 per wheel to do it. I’m not trying to persuade anyone from supporting their local bike shops but why feed a man one meal when you can teach him to fish? Justifying that I would most likely spend far more than $250 on wheel trues, I manned up and bought the TS-2.2.



The reason why I purchased the Park Tool TS-2.2 specifically was because every single bike shop in the valley I live in uses it. That means it’s built to last and after owning it for over three years, I can testify it is! It’s made from nickel chrome plated heavy gauge steel. This means if it were to fall off your work bench, would should be more worried about what it lands on rather then the truing stand itself. The only thing make of plastic are the oversized adjustment knobs which I have yet to see break. Enough about the durability, lets move onto function.


Another reason why I chose the TS-2.2 over all the other truing stands is because of it’s impressive adjustability. From a 12” kids’ bike to a 29” fat bike, the sturdy uprights and tall calipers will accommodate most any wheel-size. This is a huge improvement from the older, previous model where you needed to add extension arms for fit anything larger than a 27.5 mountain tire. With the larger uprights, compared to the previous version, you can true any wheel with a hub width range from 80mm all the way to 175mm. Last of all, this stand comes with removable composite caliper tips which protect the finishes of alloy and composite rims (although I have never used them because it dampens the sound while truing.)



An amazing plus to this truing stand are all the accessories and extras that you can put on it. Personally, I have fallen in love with the Disc Rotor Gauge because it guides you, up to a 10th of a mm, in straightening a bent rotor; which is ever so common in my life.


In addition to that, here are a few other accessories that make this stand even more useful:

DIAL INDICATOR GAUGE SET FOR TS-2.2 AND TS-2 TRUING STANDS: A dial indicator bracket and set that measures a wheel’s lateral and radial run-out to .01mm.

TRUING STAND BASE: It allows for adjustment of the truing stand 20 degrees forward or backward for comfortable use at any bench height.

Personal Set-up

Because I like to bring my truing stand with me on all my trips/racing events, I opted not to mount it to a work bench like many people decide to do. Instead, I went to a home-improvement store, found a round wooden disc, and mounted the stand to it. I had to bevel out the bottom so the bolts wouldn’t scratch any surfaces but outside of that, it was very easy to do. I would recommend anyone to do the same unless they plan to only use it on a work bench.


Bottom Line

$250 is a lot to spend on a tool that is only used a handful during the riding season. But if you are sick and tired of spending $12 here and $20 there, there is not better solution than to buy the Park Tool TS-2.2. (It just so happens to currently be on sale at JensonUSA too!) A lot of times people aren’t comfortable truing a wheel or just don’t know how but just like everything else, practice makes perfect. I would recommend hoping onto Youtube and watch several videos on how to do it. Truing wheels is easier than what it seams. I would recommend this truing stand to anybody!


Product Park Tool Professional Wheel Truing Stand
Stand Type Repair Stand
Miscellaneous Park's TS-2 Professional Truing Stand has been a staple in bike shops for decades because it's so reliable and easy to use. It accepts all common wheel diameters with and without tires. It?s made of heavy chrome-plated steel with nylon bushings at pivot points and can be bench-mounted, vise-held or attached to Park's Tilting Base (sold separately). The best feature is that this stand automatically centers rims over the hubs, which saves time repairing and building wheels. Also, installing the wheel and positioning the caliper for truing is quick and easy thanks to the stand's separate knobs for each setting. This is an awesome truing stand that will last a lifetime.
Price $223.16
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