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Park Tool PCS-9 Economy Home Repair Stand

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Park Tool PCS-9 Review

Rating: Featured Member Review
The Good:

Affordable, durable, simple, works well for most home mechanics

The Bad:

A bit tippy at certain angles, legs don't lock in place, does not fold down very small, heavy.

Overall Review:


Wrenching on a bike without a repair stand can be a pain and often makes the task way more time consuming and difficult, but repair stands cost a ton! Lower end stands tend to have plastic parts prone to breaking and creating a wobbly stand. High end stand are often shop specific and too expensive and heavy to move around or be in a home mechanics shop. Enter the Park Tool PCS-9 Repair Stand, which is billed as their “economy” stand for the home mechanic, and I’d say this is a pretty good gauge of what the stand was designed for. It is stable and has adjustability, but it is not going to be as heavy duty or as stable as the two bike Park Tool stands you see in most shops or as light as the stands you see in the pro pits. The PCS-9 however is made of a durable steel and has a nice “Park Tool Blue” color that looks pretty professional and this far has held up to being thrown around and sprayed down with water.

The clamp has a nice lever that allows you to change sizes quickly, but some that are used to the fancier clamping system found on the high end Park tool Stand may find it a bit clunky. I like the simplicity though and because i am using this on a number of different bikes, being able to easily change the clamping size is nice.

There is a lever on the back of the stand that when loosened allows the clamp to rotate 360 degrees, but on my stand this was super tight and made changing the angle near impossible. I took the stand apart and sanded down the friction surface that holds it in place and added some grease, less than ideal, but now I can change the angle with ease. This is something that is likely due to lower manufacturing tolerances on the lower end stand, but it also made the price reasonable and was an easy fix so i can’t complain.

As far as portability goes, the stand can fold up somewhat, but it is still about three feet tall and the clamp does not fold down. The other slightly annoying part is that the legs are loose whether folded up or not, this means they can swing around when carrying the stand and this usually happens in the worst possible time banging into walls and such. I fixed this with a bungee cord, but again locking legs would have been a nice touch.

As far as functionality goes when repairing bikes, this stand has been great, never failing me in any task. I have built bikes from the frame up, serviced forks, and of course completed simple tasks like tuning the derailleur and replacing cables.You can rotate the bike in the stand, but at certain angles will be a bit tippy. This is generally at extreme angles like having the bike vertical and not something I dealt with on a normal basis. The soft jaws did not leave any marks on my bikes and held the bike in place well without any slipping.

If you are a home mechanic who wants a cheap stand that will hold up well unlike other cheaper designs with plastic parts, this is the ticket. It may not be as light, stable or have as many bells and whistles as higher end stands, but it simply works. Professional mechanics who like to change the angle often or work on bikes at weird angles may find this stand to be a bit tippy and cumbersome, but I think for the average joe this will not be an issue. I would recommend this stand to anyone looking to start working bikes themselves or those who want a simple, but functional repair stand that will last.

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Great (Neighbor Inviting) Bike Stand

The Good:

price is right, does the job, folds up and stows out of the way, comes in blue and or blue, calls to my 80 year old neighbor

The Bad:

not made of carbon, costs an amount of money and it comes in blue, calls to my 80 year old neighbor

Overall Review:

I purchased this for obvious reasons, it's a perfect place to make sandwiches, ha no in all seriousness, it makes working on my bikes wicked convenient. I sometimes hang my bike from it by the seat, sometimes I use the clamp on the down tube and I have even used it to clamp onto the seat stay to hold the bike up (watch those brake cables). The clamp actually has a recess in it which I swear was designed to let a cable fit into without crushing it when clamped (one of those features you take for granted but when you think about it you are actually grateful for) good job Park.  The stand also seems to be in tune with my neighbor, his name is Bruce, he is like 80,000 years old and every time I have a bike in this stand it must throw out a signal or something that only he hears and then he comes over to shoot the shit.  It's odd, blinds in the garage are closed and you can't see it from his house but he knows.  Anyway, he is cool, like a father at this point.  Anyway, Bruce seems to like the stand, I like the stand, I am pretty sure you will too.  I am pretty sure I got mine from 

*edit, I forgot to add that the stand does have a lock for rotation, it is friction lock not indexed or anything so you can set it in any position that makes working on the bike easy for you. 


Product Park Tool PCS-9 Economy Home Repair Stand
Stand Type Repair Stand
Miscellaneous The new PCS-9 offers Park Tool quality in an entry level repair stand for the home mechanic. Three-point leg system creates stable base Height adjusts from 39to 57(99cm to 145cm) Screw type clamp adjusts to fit tubes from 7/8 to 3 (24mm to 76mm) Clamp rotates 360 degrees for easy access to any part of bike Adjustable clamping pressure prevents damage to thin-walled tubes Folds to 41 (104cm) for portability and storage Replaceable jaw covers (part #1185K) Made from powder coated steel tubing
Price $139.46
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