DVO Jade X Rear Shock

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Fantastic Upgrade from Air
The Good
- Excellent small bump compliance
- Excellent big hit absorption
- Lockout switch for climbing
- Trail switch for medium terrain
- Great price!
The Bad
- The weight...
Overall Review:

Put this on my 2019 Transition Patrol to upgrade the Rockshox Monarch air shock. I absolutely put that RS Monarch through the paces, with lots of sustained downhill runs and multiple large huck to flat hits.  My issue with it was that it would start acting like it would lock out towards the bottom of a run and I couldnt get full travel out of it.  I am sure its because the pressures were varying wildly inside from top to bottom as it started heating up, so I started looking at coil options. 

I picked the DVO Jade X for two reasons - 1) The piggyback on almost every other coil shock (including the old Jade) hits the frame on the Patrol at full compression, and 2) the JadeX has a full (and I mean FULL) lockout mode for climbing.   I knew going into it that the Patrol kinematics were deemed not progressive enough for a coil, but I felt I could overlook that in order to get the benefits of consistent performance top to bottom.

Right off the bat, I had issues fitting it to bike as the spacers on the Monarch didnt quite fit the JadeX.   So I called DVO and they picked up literally on the first ring.   They were super nice, knew exactly what I was trying to do, and told me how to fix it.  Within 15 minutes, I had the shock mounted on the bike ready to run.   A+ for service!

I had a tendency to run a lot of fast rebound on my air shocks, and I knew based on what I read that the coil would deaden how the Patrol felt - especially when jumping.  Imagine my surprise as I was immediately jumping much higher and farther than I ever did with the air shock.  I had to slow the rebound down to just 2-3 clicks in order to make it manageable, and even then the bike is still super playful.   There was a definite adjustment period of not pushing into the lips of jumps as hard, because it is very easy to overjump stuff.  However, even with a massive overjump-huck-to-flat-omg situation, this shock still has you covered.  When you land, it actually sticks to the ground instead of being a pogo and bouncing you up and over the bars.   

This shock has outperformed my expectations.  Not only has it given me the ability to do sustained fire road climbs easier,  it has great small bump sensitivity with a super consistent feel all the way back down the mountain.  It can handle the biggest of hits with ease, while still maintaining a the playfulness of bump-jumping off roots and rocks all the way down the trail.  The only -and I mean only- bad thing is that the Monarch was ~300g and the Jade X with spring is ~900g.  You do feel that weight when climbing, and I might switch out to a Light Steel spring at some point in the future to counteract it.  Otherwise, I feel this was the best upgrade I could have done - other than my Yari -> DVO Diamond Fork.


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DVO Jade X Rear Shock
Riding Type
Enduro / All-Mountain
Spring Type
External Adjustments
  • Coil spring preload
  • T3 3-mode (open, support, firm)
  • Compression lever
  • Low Speed Rebound
  • Available Sizes
    Standard Sizes (in inches):
  • 8.5x2.5
  • 7.875x2.25

  • Metric Sizes (in mm):
  • 230x65
  • 230x62.5
  • 30x60
  • 230x57.5
  • 210x55
  • 210x52.5
  • 210x50

    Trunnion Sizes (in mm):
  • 205x65
  • 205x62.5
  • 205x60
  • 205x57.5
  • 185x55
  • 185x52.5
  • 185x50
  • Weight
  • Spring options: LS (light steel) or regular steel spring
  • Price
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