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Cane Creek C-Quent Double Barrel Rear Shock (discontinued)

Cane Creek Double Barrel C-Quent Rear Shock
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First Look: Cane Creek Double Barrel C-Quent Rear Shock

Cane Creek's rear shocks have long lead the charge when it comes to adjustability, offering a wider range of control and knobs to tinker with than just about any other brand. Some riders love this feature, though the majority of riders have a "set it and forget it" mentality when it comes to suspension. In an effort to make things simpler, Cane Creek is introducing the new C-Quent rear shock. The shock is visually similar to the DBinline, but comes with a preset internal base tune to suit the kinematics of your frame, and a tool-free low-speed rebound adjuster and Climb Switch beyond that. The shock will only be offered as an OEM model at this time. Read on for more details in the press release, below.


C-Quent Shock Highlights

  • Damping: Twin-tube compression and rebound in two high-speed and four low-speed damping circuits
  • Adjustments: Preset internal base tune // Low-speed rebound // Climb Switch On/Off
  • Finish: Anodized and laser-etched
  • Lengths: 165x38mm (6.5x1.5”), 184x44mm (7.25x1.73”), 190x50mm (7.48x1.96”), 200x50mm (7.87x1.96”), 200x57mm (7.87x2.24”), 216x63mm (8.5x2.48”)
  • Can Sizes: Standard (all lengths)
  • Mounting Interface: High performance low friction bushing 1/2” universal axle
  • Manufacturing: Hand-built in North Carolina, USA
  • Weight: 295 grams (165x38mm shock without hardware)

Press Release

Cane Creek Cycling Components is proud to announce they are now offering a new rear shock to meet the demand for simplicity coupled with Double Barrel performance. Currently available only through bike manufacturers, the C-Quent is Cane Creek’s first Double Barrel shock built for the rider who prefers fewer tuning options and a tool-free interface. Cane Creek works closely with their OEM partners to determine a custom build that will provide optimum suspension performance. C-Quent has all of the capability that award-winning DB shocks are known for and comes pre-set with a custom tune. For minor adjustments, the C-Quent has a Low Speed Rebound (LSR) adjuster and a Climb Switch.

The primary goal of the C-Quent is user-friendliness. Each shock has an internal base tune which Cane Creek engineers have developed with each bike manufacturer through extensive ride testing and ten well-defined clicks of LSR to provide meaningful adjustment without risk of going too far. Cane Creek’s uber-adjustable Double Barrel shock line was first introduced in 2005. To make it easy for riders to have the perfect starting point, Cane Creek engineers began developing Base Tunes with their OEM partners. Over the years, Cane Creek has learned that many riders don’t change their Base Tune because they find it so well defined out of the box.

“Twin-tube technology in the DB damper affords the sophisticated tuner a broad spectrum of adjustment to ensure that any rider, on any terrain, can wring every last bit of performance from their suspension,” says Director of Engineering, Jim Morrison. “But for the many riders who don’t live and breathe force vs. velocity curves, the Base-Tune settings their shock arrives with feel really good and the adjusters may go un-turned.”


The damping mechanism on the C-Quent is a hybrid between twin-tube technology and a mono-tube design that retains the key benefits of twin-tube, less cavitation, more control, and damping consistency. Like all Double Barrel shocks, the C-Quent houses all of its low-speed damping circuitry in the valve body, allowing for the revolutionary Climb Switch to address both compression and rebound when engaged. Unlike other Cane Creek shocks; however, C-Quent controls the high-speed damping circuits via shim-stacks on the main piston. The extreme tune-ability of the DB is retained at the factory, giving rise to a lighter-weight, high-value Double Barrel with ultra consistent damping levels.

C-Quent was designed to serve those customers who want the performance of a Climb Switch equipped, twin-tube damper, but without the added weight and complexity of adjusters they’re not interested in using. Starting with a fully adjustable DB shock that has nearly limitless tune-ability, the development team analyzes frame kinematics and utilizes field-testing to produce precise settings that meet the performance goals and desired feel for the bike. Rear-suspension performance is all about how well the kinematics of the frame work with the damping and spring characteristics of the shock.

Double Barrel shocks have a wide-range of adjustment because they are intended for not just a wide range of riders, but also a wide range of range with different suspension kinematics and design philosophies. Once this base tune is determined, the C-Quent is assembled with High Speed Compression, High Speed Rebound, and Low Speed Compression fixed at the factory. Since the C-Quent is assembled specifically for each frame, the range and number of adjustments required for most riders is much smaller.

C-Quent is currently only available through Cane Creek suspension partners on their bike models that come specified with this shock. For a list of these bike models, please contact Cane Creek.

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Product Cane Creek C-Quent Double Barrel Rear Shock
Riding Type Cross Country, Trail
Spring Type Air
External Adjustments Climbing mode switch (on/off), low-speed rebound, air spring pressure
Available Sizes 165mm x 38mm (6.5" x 1.5”)
184mm x 44mm (7.25" x 1.73”)
190mm x 50mm (7.48" x 1.96”)
200mm x 50mm (7.87" x 1.96”)
200mm x 57mm (7.87" x 2.24”)
216mm x 63mm (8.5" x 2.48”)
Weight 0 lb 11.5 oz (325 g)
Miscellaneous Double Barrel (DB) Twin-tube independent compression and rebound in two high-speed and four low-speed damping circuits with preset/fixed internal basetune
OEM only (not for purchase separately)
Tool-free interface
Climb Switch (CS) technology adjusts both low speed compression and low speed rebound damping
Air volume adjustable via spacers
Anodized and laser etched finish
Norglide bushing 1/2" universal axle mounting interface
Price N/A
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