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Giro Hex (2012) Helmet (discontinued)

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A Lot of Helmet for $90

Rating: Featured Member Review
The Good:

Excellent Ventilation, Retention System works great.

The Bad:

The front pads create a channel for sweat to roll down onto your glasses. The Orange straps are a bit overwhelming.

Overall Review:

Initial Impressions

Shopping for a helmet is an interesting thing, You go to your LBS, you look through the stacks of helmets and find the one that you like the look of, and then try it on your head. It fits OK, looks good, hits the price point you are looking for, buy it. Familiar process we all go through every couple of years.  The interesting thing is once we put the helmet on our head we don't see it any more, but the helmet does become an identifying feature of yourself to other riders.  That is what my bright orange Giro Hex helmet has become for me.  It is not uncommon for other riders to say "I saw your helmet" when we are out on the same trail system.  Check the box for makes an impact on the trail.


The Hex has all of the features the modern trail rider is looking for, deeper coverage, and adjustable visor, and excellent ventilation.I live in Las Vegas and ride all year long so having a well ventilated helmet is key for me.  The  Hex has 21 vents and ample air flow.  The coverage is good but not as good as some other modern helmets.  I particularly like the visor.  It has a wide range of adjustability and stays where you put it.  Every since they started putting visors on helmets back in the 90's I have doubted their usefulness.  They were there to identify you as a mountain biker and that was it.  Not so with the Hex, when up it disappears giving you an unobstructed field of view.  But when you put it down it becomes an effective tool to use against the rising/setting sun. 

The straps are perhaps a bit wider than I like but the adjust to where you need them and stay put.  Perhaps my least favorite feature of the helmet is the color matching between the straps and the shell.  Bright orange shell along with bright orange straps, can be a bit overwhelming. 

The shell is molded to the foam and has a very clean appearance.


I wear a medium helmet and the medium Hex fits just the way I like.  Because I live in Las Vegas year round riding is a reality, but the summers are hot and the winters can present riding situations were you are riding in temps of the upper 30's.  I like to have enough room in my helmet to wear a skull cap underneath if necessary and that is the case here.  The Roc Loc 5 retention system fully locks the helmet down onto you noggin during the rowdiest descents.

The pads are comfortable but they create a channel at the front the helmet.  As you sweat, it all gets pushed toward this channel and then drips off onto your glasses.  With this I have to wear a seat band under the helmet to block the sweat from dripping onto my glasses. 

On the Trail

On the trail the Hex does what it is supposed to do, it disappears.  It allows air to flow through, protects your head, and stays where you put it.  In addition it provides a functional visor that aids your vision if you ride during sunrise or sunset situations.

Bottom Line

Here is the deal, $90 is the basement price for a decent helmet now days, but this helmet packs in a lot more performance than a value oriented helmet should.  After 10 months of riding the helmet is going strong.  Straps are sweaty, but the shell is holding up to all of the I leave my helmet in my Jeep all the time abuse like a champ.  I like the bright colors that Giro offers on this lid but I understand that others like the more boring stuff, but they have have those too.  I struggle to find something negative to say about this helmet.  If I were to need to purchase another helmet tomorrow, I think I would buy the green Giro Hex, just to change it up a bit.

I will add pictures to this review shortly.


Product Giro Hex (2012) Helmet
Riding Type Cross Country, Trail
Rider Unisex
Number of Vents 21
Construction In-Mold polycarbonate shell with EPS liner.
Adjustable Padding
Size S:51-55cm, M:55-59cm, L:59-63cm, XL:61-65cm
Colors Matte black lines logo, matte white lines, titanium/white seaglass, matte black/blue forrest floor, matte titanium/orange color blockade, matte kelly green/highlight yellow
Weight N/A
Miscellaneous P.O.V. Adjustable visor with 15˚ vertical adjustment, extra Large sizing option, Roc Loc 5 system, 21 Wind Tunnel vents with internal channeling.
Price $90
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