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Leatt DBX Pro Neck Brace (discontinued)

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Leatt DBX Pro Long Term Test

Rating: Vital Review

Last fall, I reviewed the Leatt DBX Pro. Now that I have been using the brace for the nearly a full year, my opinions haven't really changed much. It's still the best thing going at the moment.


Despite a few spills and normal wear and tear over the last year, the brace still looks practically brand new. The padding is easy to remove and clean (not having Velcro to deal with really makes everything easier to clean), so the white portions have retained most of their brightness. The spring loaded hinges are still working like they did right out of the box. In addition, the crashes didn't seem to impact the structural integrity of the brace, which is a huge bonus considering the cost.

I have mostly been running it without the straps because this design, when compared to the original brace, seems to stay put a little better. Stoked. Here's a quick vid of the brace in action:

In the end, the only downside to this brace is the price tag (can you put a price tag on safety, though?). The ability to purchase the lower-end models for much less makes it harder to justify spending the extra money, but the added adjustments, lighter weight, and improved padding make it worthwhile. You really are getting a quality piece of safety equipment.


What's The Bottom Line?

Overall, I feel like this brace is a big step up from the original design. Having ridden in the brace for a full year, I'm impressed with its durability and strength, and imagine I'll have this brace for several more years to come. The brace is comfortable and light enough that wearing it isn't a chore, which means I wear it all the time. I've been really happy with the brace, and would definitely recommend it. Protect your neck!

Great Neck Brace w/ Built in Tiger Repellent

The Good:

It does what it is supposed to do

The Bad:

a bit pricey but isn't anything that isn't free a bit pricey and can you really put a price on your safety

Overall Review:

I purchased this because I felt that I needed some protection, at the time the market for this type of thing was NOT flooded so options were limited, it was highly recommended by others. I would see racers and other riders at the park wearing them and they were all alive at the time so I imagined that the neck brace was doing it's job. I did not go out of my way to perform any extensive testing but I did have a couple minor spills and I am impressed with the neck brace, not only did I not lose my head (or neck) but I didn't get hurt either. I don't think they advertise as such but I am pretty sure it keeps tigers away too, maybe some sort of tiger repellent or something, all I am saying is when I am riding with this neck brace, I have never seen a tiger.  That being said, go buy one and see for yourself. 


Product Leatt DBX Pro Neck Brace
Price $695
Miscellaneous The Pro brace features a fully ventilated carbon-fiber chassis with completely redesigned, open-cell padding. The Pro brace is the lightest, most ventilated and most comfortable brace Leatt has ever designed and, like all Leatt-Braces®, is built around Alternative Load Path Technology. // Weight: 600g ± 50g // Anodized CNC spring loaded aluminium hinges // Open celled light weight Velcro-free padding is removable & washable // Engineered Collarbone cutout Greatest range of motion of any Leatt-Brace // Comes with harness system with quick-release buckles // Adjustable sizing // Brace bag included
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