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Rock 'n Roll Extreme Lube

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Short term review: Rock ‘n’ Roll Extreme chain lube

The Good:

Keep the chain quite clean, But i haven’t tested it in horrible mud bath.
works decent in dry few splashes and light rain, but nothing more.

The Bad:

Short nozzle
Expensive Compared to many other options. chain is dry too fast

Overall Review:


I wanted to try it, but I knew it might not be perfect, and I was right, it was not.

I was used to using lubes, I could use for two days of 4hour riding, but this lube did not offer this with the harsh conditions I rode in.

It cleans the chain very well, black stuff drops off, I can easily wipe off the grime, leaving a shiny clean chain, but it gets lubricated, but it does not last for long, I have to lube chain after every single ride, for multi hour rides you would need to have a bottle with lube with you, this isn’t acceptable for me.

If you soak the chain with Muc Off Wet lube it will result in dripping but not as fast, so pretty similar result, and I can wipe it off with a rage or toiled paper, but Rock ‘n’ Roll wet lube has very different consistency, drips like water.

There is not significant enough gain over the trouble Rock ‘n’ Roll Extreme lube will give me to stick with it.

I have been testing the lube most kinds of conditions, wet, raining, damp, deep snow subzero temperatures down to -10c. But I haven’t had the chance to test it in summer heat, but I don’t need to, a lube I use has to work in varied conditions, this lube clearly is not performing good enough for me.

After riding in subzero temperatures between 30m-1h or thereabouts, and rinsing the bike in off the the shower, the lube the chain was no longer as well lubed, there was still tiny bit, when I ran my finger along the chain, but not a lot, the chain became louder, but after I lubed it, the chain was smooth & quiet.

Worse performer than Muc OFF Wet Lube & Weldtite Wet Extreme:

After few days of riding in freez thaw cycle with some deep long rim and shoe deep puddles getting the drivetrain soaked in water & slush, Crashing in wet snow, I got the chain quite noisy, but this was far worse conditions for longer time than the Rock n’ Roll Extreme lube.

I have also had good results with Weldtite Wet Extreme which it’s a thicker lube.

First time testing summer & autumn:

I have been using cleaning bike and lubing after every ride, so here is how the chain looked like.

3 September 2017

12 September 2017
worn KMC X11 SL Silver -Rock & roll Extreme lube
worn KMC X11 SL Silver -Rock & roll Extreme lube
I have done longevity test of the Rock & Roll Extreme lube in I rode few short trips to the few minutes ride, for 2 days, I did not lube it, I went for a Mtb ride the start of the day was about -4c I ended up with about zero, rode some hard packed trails, I ride skitracks, The chain was almost completely dry and made hell of a noise.

Results of March 2018:

I have done testing of the Muc off wet lube over few days, here are the results: Gone over the numbers again: Rock N’ Roll Extreme lube: about 25.24km when testing Rock N’ Roll the weather was quite dry with sub-zero.

Muc Off Wet lube was 28.05 it made a slight noise, but I rode trough rim deep puddles and through slush, I also rode in – 4 to -7c yesterday, it got splashed at least 2 times trough huge the huge puddle, and few others.

Note that the numbers are not 100% accurate as my phone skipped few hundred meters, but the conclusion is clear to me, Muc off vs Rock ‘n roll = Muc off wins, but none of them are perfect, but Rock ‘n roll was horrendous.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Extreme chain lube – Not the king of lubes, as they state with their bold claim.
I ride all year, So I need a lube that can handle changing conditions, or I have to have different lubes that can handle the different conditions, But so far Weldtite & Muc Off have done this, I used them in dry conditions too, it was not too bad, but you have to be careful to not overdo it with the Weldtite extreme due to consistency of the lube, to avoid spider webs all over the drivetrain you have to wipe off the access.

But Rock ‘n’ Roll Extreme is a different type of lube, it cleans the chain and leaves lubricant, but it does not last long enough for me.

So the conclusion is, you have to lube it after every ride, or maybe having to have an extra lube bottle with you on those harsh long rides, So not good enough for me.

So so far Muc off & Weldtite Wet Extreme has performed the best, but I have not done a proper scientific longevity comparison test, but the testing I have done, showed they both lasted long.

so if you go for one of Muc Off Wet lube or Weldtite TF2 Extreme Wet Lube you get more for the money for sure.

Originally posted on my site.

I Put This Sh*t on Everything

The Good:

High Quality Product

The Bad:

Absolutely None

Overall Review:

Woo Hoo!! My first five star review! Before we begin let's get one thing clear... this is the WET lube from Rock N Roll. Rock N Roll makes two different types of lube, wet (blue) and dry (gold), this review is for the wet lube. Can you use the wet lube in dry conditions? abso-freaking-lutely, will it work as well as the dry lube? no it won't! This stuff is awesome, in wet conditions it keeps your chain dry and noise free, even in extreme mud and close to freezing temperatures this stuff rocks! why you ask? don't worry baby birds, I'll feed ya!   Because of all the wax! it coddles your chain like an over protective mother on a vegan rampage, protecting it from EVERYTHING! So if you ride in less than ideal conditions this stuff is a must! And while the cost is a turn off for some, it doesn't usually cost more then ~$12/bottle at your LBS so get off your tushy and go buy a bottle, you won't regret it!

Also.... I really don't put this shit on everything, it tastes awful!... but it works so well!


Product Rock 'n Roll Extreme Lube
Type Lube
Miscellaneous Rock 'N Roll Extreme lubricant is ideal for mountain bikes, due to its ability to shed dirt and dust.Includes: 16 oz bottle of extreme 2 dropper tips Applicator bottle
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