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Pedro's Bio-Grease

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Pedro's Bio Grease : good, natural assembly grease

Rating: Featured Member Review
The Good:

-Good consistency and thick enough to be applied anywhere
-Ideal formulation for assembly tasks

The Bad:

-It hardens in cold weather use (not ideal for shifter/brake cables and cup and cone hubs).

Overall Review:

I was happy to find eco-friendly grease a few years ago when I stumbled on this Pedro’s bio-grease and I started to use it on everything right away. Threads, headset bearings, seat posts, cup and cone Shimano hubs, etc… I was glad to find something that wouldn’t harm nature (as much) as the other products on the market. After all, I enjoy riding bikes in part because of the contact and lower impact on nature, so why not use eco-friendly products ?


Right away, the texture was very grease-like (thick and creamy), and there was not much oil separation, like what happens on natural peanut butter. It happened a bit a after a while (like other natural greases I’ve tried), but the product was very homogenous and easy to apply anywhere. Even in small recessed spaces like hub bearing cavities, where I sometimes need to apply grease with the tip of a small object. 


It was after a few months in the winter that I started to see this grease’s flaws. Being made of biodegradable products, its natural products content would thicken/stick/harden in the wintertime. This isn’t a big deal on a seat post or bolt threads, but on cup and cone hubs or shifter cables it was a bit annoying as the grease would harden and stick. Shifters didn’t shift properly, and my commuter’s v-brakes didn’t retract as quick. 


Unfortunately, for winter riding I would use Slickoleum or Slick Honey for shifter and brake cables, since both are petroleum-based but keep cables sliding very well. I have also used the well-functioning Orontas plant-based grease made in Toronto, Canada, but I can’t find it locally anymore, and it suffered the same problems in cold weather. Maybe I’m pushing my luck a bit too far as Pedro’s mostly recommend their grease on threads or for parts assembly, but at least I’ve tried it on the whole spectrum of uses.


There is a new alternative made in Whistler, Canada from the people at Whistler performance lube (WPL) and this is what I will try once my Orontas tube is done. I’ve had good experience with the WPL chain lube and fork oils, and they are completely made of plan-based ingredients. Pedro’s bio Grease is still good on bolt threads or other component interfaces, just not in winter or in bearings or places where there are fast rotations like hubs. 


Product Pedro's Bio-Grease
Type Lube
Miscellaneous Pedro's Bio GreaseOnly Pedro’s can offer the quality you’ve come to expect from syntheticbicycle grease in a non-toxic (per ASTM non-toxicity standards),biodegradable formula. Wont break down under load Made from the finest ingredients
Price $8
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