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Boeshield T-9 Lube

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Boeshield T9 Lube Review- A great all purpose lube

Rating: Featured Member Review
The Good:

Repels water well, cleans chain/ components, lasts a long time

The Bad:

Can attract dirt and dust, but wipes off easily

Overall Review:

Finding the right lube for the place you live and the conditions you ride in can be tough. If you ask 5 cyclists what they use and why you will likely get 5 different and very opinionated answers. Working in a shop though allowed me to test a wide variety of lubes and figure out what worked well for me, and T9 was definitely at the top along with the gold Rock and Roll lube.

T9 works well as a chainlube, but also has a variety of uses. I used T9 to free up a sticky shifter, to lube derailleur housing, and even to silence a squeaky saddle. One of the main benefits to T9 in my opinion is that it not only repels water and lubricates well, but that it also cleans whatever you are applying it to. I noticed that after I applied this lube and wiped away the excess I had a much cleaner chain than with other lubes. A cleaner chain is a quieter chain and a chain that will last longer. I did notice that if you did not wipe away the excess lube well, dirt would stick to the chain, but it did wipe away easily. Just something to be mindful of. I did notice that unlike most waxy lubes, T9 seemed to last longer and did not require application quite as often. T9 is a great option for those that want a lube that can work on housing, shifters, etc. and still perform well on the chain too. It does a great job of cleaning the chain and repels water pretty well. I think this is a good option for those that ride in moderate climates that aren’t super gritty and wet, but not too dry and dusty either. As long as you wipe off the dirt that sticks to the chain after a ride, the lube should last a while and keep the bike nice and quiet.


Product Boeshield T-9 Lube
Type Lube
Features T-9 Stays Liquid Long Enough to Permeate Metal Crevices and Seep Deep Inside Assembled Components to Leave a Durable Protective Coating that Lubricates and Protects -- All Without Dismantling Your Equipment.

T-9 Dries to a Clean, Waxy, Waterproof Film that Won't Wash off in Rain, Puddles, or Mud. You Can Rinse Away Sand, Dust, and Grime with Water While Leaving the Lubricant Intact.

Apply T-9 to Any Metal Surface and Let It Dry. One Simple Step Gives You a Thin, Penetrating Film of Durable, Waterproof Protection and Lubrication that Endures, Month After Month, Mile After Mile.

Use T-9 on: Drive Chains, Derailleurs, Control Cables, Brake Cables, Shift Cables, Caliper Pivots, Pedal Pivots, Seat Posts, Spoke Nipples, and Inside Frames.
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